Report: Browns close to re-signing Travis Benjamin


No one knows who the Browns’ quarterback will be this year. But we could soon know who one of the Browns’ unknown quarterback’s receivers will be.

Tony Grossi of ESPN Cleveland reports that the Browns and Travis Benjamin are “close” to working out a new contract.

Benjamin, a 2012 fourth-round pick from Miami, is due to become a free agent on March 9. Appearing on PFT Live from the Super Bowl, Benjamin expressed a desire to return to the Browns, but a willingness to look elsewhere if need be.

He apparently won’t have to look very hard, if the Browns indeed wrap this up sooner than later.

The Browns likely will be cutting Dwayne Bowe, and Brian Hartline could be gone, too. Josh Gordon could be reinstated, and new coach Hue Jackson could make a play in free agency for Marvin Jones and/or Mohamed Sanu, whom Jackson coached with the Bengals.

13 responses to “Report: Browns close to re-signing Travis Benjamin

  1. Would be a good first step. Get Schwartz locked up next. These players aren’t world beaters, but the Browns need to stop creating extra holes for themselves – got plenty of other things to fix even if they retain their better free agents.

  2. Gordon, Benjamin, Barnadge and Jones with Johnson and Crowell out of the backfield…That’s a nice young crew for a rookie QB to come in with. I’d like to see them pick up Wentz, he could be the next Newton. Big, strong runner with a cannon arm, the only difference is he doesn’t throw high, show off when he win’s or pouts when he loses.

  3. I am simply amazed at the eternal optimism of the Browns fan. It’s kind of like the old Brooklyn Dodgers fans. Come February Browns fan actually begin to believe again.Things like four first round draft picks wasted and the total unwillingness to give any QB time since they don’t ever seem to have any weapons, they are either hurt of suspended.

  4. RG-3 to Josh Gordon just like at Baylor. Throw in Travis Benjamin and Sanu and they could really move the ball big time.

  5. I thought the media has already succeeded in ejecting Johnny Football from the Browns with “reports” that Hue Jackson will not want to have anything to do with Manziel. It probably means those reports have been greatly exaggerated as there is no sign that the Browns is cutting or trading him. The Browns supposedly can save $2 million by cutting him. But what good is $2 million in cap space compared to a quarterback who got 2 of your 3 wins the previous season while spending most of the season on the bench? He was recently voted the ninth best quarterback in Brown’s history, and that history went all the way back to Otto Graham. The media may not like Johnny Football, but the fans do.

  6. Thank god he won’t end up in New England. He’s the type of guy that they would sign under the radar (i.e. Jabaal Sheard last season) and then Brady and him would proceed to torch the entire NFL all season long.

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