Report: Cromartie open to Jets return for less money

Getty Images

The Jets released cornerback Antonio Cromartie to save themselves money under the cap for the second time in three years on Monday, but it seems their decision wouldn’t have a negative impact on Cromartie signing up for a third tour with the team.

Darryl Slater of reports that Cromartie is “expected to be willing” to re-sign with the Jets for less than the $8 million he was slated to make before being released. Cromartie expressed his happiness being back in the area several times over the course of the season and, per Slater’s source, loved playing for coach Todd Bowles.

It’s not a great surprise that Cromartie would be open to a return. His 2015 work isn’t going to earn him $8 million on the open market, so sticking with a familiar defense while playing on a similarly discounted contract has appeal.

The Jets would have to want Cromartie back too, of course. Given Cromartie’s willingness to play for less, the fact that they cut him now rather than work toward a different resolution suggests they’d be OK if he’s not on the roster next season.