Von Miller thinks Johnny Manziel’s problems are in the past

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The Dallas cops are still investigating him, and the Browns are apparently done with him.

But Von Miller is sticking with Johnny Manziel, and believes his fellow Texas A&M product is going to make things rights. The two didn’t play together, but they have become close over the years.

“I’m not worried. I feel like Johnny’s taking care of business,” Miller said, via the Associated Press. “He has adversity. Everybody has been here with adversity. I’ve been here with my own personal adversity. The support that I’m giving him is the support that he’s given me in the past.”

The Super Bowl MVP said they text and talk, and he wants to be there to support Manziel. But he also thinks the quarterback’s troubles are in the past, saying: “I truly believe he’s on the right track now.” Miller himself has come back from a substance abuse suspension (and a torn ACL), so he knows something of adversity.

But Manziel’s own parents didn’t share that optimism earlier this month, with his father saying he was worried for his son’s life. But other than a few police statements, all we’ve seen from Manziel was an appearance at former teammate Mike Evans’s wedding.

36 responses to “Von Miller thinks Johnny Manziel’s problems are in the past

  1. If by “past” you mean “still yet to come,” then you’re correct.

    I’ll give Miller credit. He seems to be a good dude who sees the best in folks and wants to help out the troubled. Guess he sees some of what he was in Manziel. Be that as it may, this cause is lost.

  2. Sometimes friends know more than family. We will see in due time if that’s the truth or not. I have no other opinion on this topic but sure the rest of it it will be full of the usual hate.

  3. He may think his problems are behind him or he is taking care of business but it won’t matter in none of the NFL teams will go anywhere near him. Johnny Fratboy is going to somehow have to prove that to get another job.

  4. Everyone here who thinks that Johnny Football will be clean and sober and law abiding for the rest of his days, raise your hand…

    *eye roll*

  5. Because of those glasses he looks smarter than he really is.

    I’m really getting sick of the “overcoming adversity” shtick. Beating cancer, keeping your house after getting laid off, heck, even getting back on the field after a linebacker shreds your knee – these are all overcoming adversity. Self created difficulties like Manziel’s to my mind are not adversity – it’s stupidity.

  6. I think maybe Von “Einstein” Miller meant to say something more like Johnny is “facing” adversity. Not that he “has” adversity. I didn’t think you could possess or OWN “adversity.”

  7. I’m w/you Von…media blows everything JFF related out of proportion. Let him get out of the factory of sadness, and wash the stench of of himself, and he’ll be back to throwing up the money sign.

  8. Emotionally… Johnny never graduated from High School, let alone college.

    He’s never caught up to the adult world around him.

    He plays a game… that’s never turned into business for him.

    The young man lacks mature seriousness and needs serious help to find it.

  9. Johnny is the epitome of someone with Millennial Affluenza & Arrogance Syndrome, plain and simple. The cure is not found in being enabled or coddled. He has to hit bottom, which in his case is taking all his money away, let him fall, scrape his knees, bloody his nose and come to the realization that “throwing up the money sign” fell in to the category of just one of his many “as stupid does. ”
    I hope and even pray that he gets help, accepts it and recovers. But I don’t see it happening. Help coming from those advocating to stay clean during the season and party otherwise is not help. He has to recognize that he is the one who is fortunate for having been given everything he has and not the other way around. Until then, he’s not taking care of no business.
    I’m just saying.

  10. If by “past” you mean less than a month ago, then, yes, you are correct, Von. Manziel hasn’t gotten in trouble in the last month. Take off those stupid glasses. They don’t make you smarter.

  11. Johnny’s “adversity” is of his own making. And as far as his problems being in the past, technically true since he hasn’t gotten in trouble today.

  12. Miller is right. Yes, he’s currently under investigation in Dallas but the police have admitted they have yet to make a case against him. He and his ex-girlfriend signed a mutually agreed protective order so she can’t cause him problems as she had been doing. He was already cleared once and it appears the DPD has nothing to charge him with. Contrary to popular belief, he was not out with Crowley and her friends that night. What police got out of her and what she put in her statement are not in agreement. The Browns statement was issued before they had any information about the Dallas/Fort Worth incident. Yes, his father made a stupid statement but he said essentially the same thing to a reporter in 2013.

  13. “But Von Miller is sticking with Johnny Manziel, and believes his fellow Texas A&M product is going to make things rights [sic].”

  14. “There’s an old saying in Tennessee — I know it’s in Texas, probably in Tennessee — that says, fool me once, shame on — shame on you. Fool me — you can’t get fooled again.”

  15. Von Miller, shame on you. There is one thing to do drugs and fail the test or do PED’s and fail the test, however, to try to circumvent the whole process by buying off the urine collector to deliberately take fake samples and to have done it year after year before being caught, it being worse than a cheater. Miller is a cheater, a liar, and a scumbag. This is they guy who I will take advice on who is and isn’t breaking the rules. Losers, losers and more losers who have the world in their palm and they can’t stop lying cheating and doing drugs long enough to participate in the NFL season. Stupid, ignorant dopehead.

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