Bruce Allen: RGIII should have choice of a couple of teams

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Quarterback Robert Griffin III isn’t officially on the open market yet, but there isn’t anyone that expects him back in Washington for a fifth season in Washington.

The Redskins have been circumspect about their plans for Griffin, but neither they nor anyone else is going to pay him more than $16 million for the 2016 season and everyone knowing that makes a trade a long shot. In an interview with Dan Sileo on The Mighty 1090 in San Diego, team president Bruce Allen said that he expects to see Griffin land with another team of his choosing.

“I see Robert getting an opportunity with another team,” Allen said. “We’ve heard from some teams that are interested. I think he’s going to have a choice of a couple teams that will let him excel in the future.”

The question then is when the Redskins will cut Griffin loose and let him start working on that next stop. That should come in the near future since placing the franchise tag on Kirk Cousins has to happen by a March 1 deadline. Whether they use the tag or sign Cousins, the team will need to reorganize under the cap ahead of free agency and Griffin’s departure will be a big part of that.

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  1. I think Robert, is going to a solid NFL player, who got undermined and not supported by Gruden. Sitting this year, hopefully made him a better player, as he saw the NFL doesn’t resolve around him.

    Allen, Gruden and Cousins are married to each other. Zero wins vs teams with a winning record and playoff teams, is not going to cut it, for them.

    Lets wait a couple a years and see how this all shakes out.

  2. I don’t see why he can’t be successful still. 20 touchdowns to 5 INTs and I think he had like a 60% completion percentage his rookie year is a good season and an amazing season for a rookie. Honestly I would take RG3 for 8 mill a year over Sam Bradford at 15. RG3 might not be worth the picks they used on him but matt casell won 10 games with the pats and obviously this wouldn’t happen but if he for some reason started this season instead of tom Brady I would still have the patriots in the playoffs. Rg3 will not be the greatest of all time but If I told you he signs with the Rams and goes 9-7 would you be suprised? Imagine defenses dealing with tavon Austin, gurley and Rg3s legs. A solid team with a solid coaching staff to build the offense AROUND HIS SKILLS and they could compete

  3. stinkymcmulligan says:
    Feb 23, 2016 12:15 PM
    Outside of Manziel, RG III is the most overrated player in NFL history.

    What rock were you living under in 2012 stinky???

  4. unlike manziel who couldn’t keep quiet even when he said nothing rg3 has at least stayed clean in terms of not talking and being a supportive teammate (at least inside the locker room as portrayed by many reporters) he is a good kid clean and while maybe overrated not necessarily done…if the right team picks him up he has a chance where manziel seems to be very toxic at least rg3 is not sending up nearly as many red flags

  5. acgonzales says:

    Most overrated in NFL history? Um, does Tim Tebow ring a bell?

    Tebow had a winning season and a playoff win in his only season starting.

  6. This from a Steelers fan, no trolling intended.

    I think the Browns should go after him. With that recent resigning of Benjamin, and especially if Gordon comes back right where he left off, they’ve got a good shot at putting together a better than average receiving corps. It might be great a sign of faith for offensive linemen Thomas and Mack as well. I think it looks good on paper, but can they both do it and make it work is another thing entirely though.

  7. “I see Robert getting an opportunity with another team,” Allen said. “We’ve heard from some teams that are interested. I think he’s going to have a choice of a couple teams that will let him excel in the future.”

    Then why not get something in return for him, even if it is only a bag of kicking tees, instead of cutting him outright?

  8. Nobody is going to trade for him when they know he’ll be cut and they wouldn’t have to give up anything.

    I have doubts about his suitability for the NFL but at least he is a solid citizen as opposed to Manziel. My guess is that some NFL team will sign him, not as a front line QB. But if he wants guaranteed playing time he probably should look at the CFL. What he really has always needed is an excellent NFL QB coach to help with general basics: notably, footwork. And he needs to open up his mind to accepting coaching, which, if you believe media reports, has not always been the case.

    Not sure why the Redskins are holding onto him until the absolute last day they can. Clearly they’ve thrown their lot with Cousins though I have doubts about Cousins, too. And the head coach. They had a marginal season almost in spite of themselves.

  9. So you’re admitting he won’t be on the team? Then why not just set him free now? If you really like him as a player and person, let him go now before free agency starts so he can have more say in where he wants to go. Oh yeah….because he could go to Philly and thrive

  10. RGIII will never EVER be what he was his rookie year. Without the threat to run, he doesn’t scare anyone. Now he’s trying to learn the basics for a drop back QB… Keep crying Bomani Jones . ha ha ha

  11. The RG3 trade used and abused the Redskins. The loss of those picks still continue to haunt the team. He was an outstanding athlete but not a good QB. Yes, he had great stats his rookie year but that was due to the scheme the team was running and the newness of his style of play in the league. Once everyone had film on him and the injuries slowing him down he lost that special something that made him the Rookie of the Year. He could never read defenses and he was always a run first, pass only on the first receiver he locked onto QB. I hope he does get a second chance somewhere in the league but he’ll never be a long term starting QB. Second worst NFL trade ever!

  12. I’ll take him.. The kid has talent and NOBODY was going to win with that circus… Gruden is a fool as is the management top down…His numbers and film don’t lie

  13. He would be a huge upgrade for the Doplhins, Jets, Bills and Bengals. And after watching Newton run away from his own fumble to guarantee victory for the Broncos in the SB I might add the Panthers to that list too.

  14. If he goes to the rams that means he and the redskins 3 other 1st round draft picks can all play together. Wow does that look bad on the skins management.

  15. Hopefully riding the pines deflated his ridiculous ego a bit. He seemed supportive of the team and Cousins after his benching. Hopefully all of that “build a brand” and listening to his dad more than his coaches is behind him.

  16. RG3 going to Denver makes too much sense to me. All those boot action their coach loves to run.

    I know Elway is someone he grew up liking. Oh, and didn’t he grow up in Denver as well?

  17. yyc2phx says:
    Feb 23, 2016 1:12 PM
    I’ll take him.. The kid has talent and NOBODY was going to win with that circus… Gruden is a fool as is the management top down…His numbers and film don’t lie


    I respect where you’re coming from and he could turn it around,,, but I think the fact that he got benched for the player that actually gave them the best chance to win is evidence that the circus has left town.

    The ‘Skins finally brought in a real GM for the first time under Snyder last offseason and there was less circus than I can ever remember in DC all season long. The national media would occasionally make some comment about RG3 but there was no controversy in town.

  18. A trade to the team that RGIII wants? Willingness to renegotiate that $16 mil and guarantee he goes where he wants? Better than cut and be forced to sign for, perhaps, league minimum to whatever team finally gives him a second chance? Business decision, folks.

  19. Maybe the kid needed a little humility and a break from the heavy expectations. This might actually work out in his favor especially if he goes to a team that fits his skill set. I hope he does well.

  20. A team isn’t trading for him with his $16 million dollar price tag. The teams of interest are looking to get him around 6-8 million per.

    The Rams seem like it could be a nice opportunity, a fresh start. Hopefully he learned enough about balancing team and personal life to handle all of the opportunities that will come his way by being the QB of the returning LA Rams.

    He might have been perceived as a Diva but hopefully he is humbled now to appreciate another opportunity. With all of the characters in the league that teams support , giving a good guy a second chance can be applauded.

  21. If you are enamored with the idea of a slightly undersized mobile QB who is injury probe then RGIII is the obvious choice.

    He does have some upside. He has won in this league and when healthy showed mid-range arm talent.

    The downside is he doesn’t seem to be football smart, was incredibly self-centered and relies on his legs too much.

    I think there are a number if teams he could join as the backup at a reasonable rate non-garraunteed to see if he has learned how to be a good team player and to find out if he’s willing to work hard enough to have another shot.

    He’s certainly infinitely better than Manziel and has a better arm than Tebow.

  22. 49ers, Browns, Eagles, or Houston are his best shot to be a starter.

    Dallas as a backup makes sense too, but their coaches don’t seem to adjust to their talent well. They rarely throw to Dez until they are behind, and always get cute around the goal line for failed opportunities.

    He was solid his rookie year, then got banged up and never had time to go through an offseason routine. Kid is tough and will bounce back.

  23. Don’t forget the Rams on that list of possible suitors, they would continue their recent spell of going from Not having a quarterback to still not having a quarterback if they sign Robert.
    Just makes for good storylines considering how many picks Washington gave up for him and to end back with same Franchise who received picks that led to Washington taking him.

  24. Could see him landing at either Houston, Cleveland, St Louis, or San Francisco to get a second shot at starting, and plenty of other teams as a back up.

  25. jdthemd says:
    Feb 23, 2016 1:29 PM
    He HAS to go down as the biggest bust in NFL history. All those picks for that?

    He had one of the best rookie seasons in NFL history and followed it with an “ok” season. Was he a bust for the Redskins? Sure. Biggest bust in NFL history though? Na. Look at Ryan Leaf. Look at how the Bengals turned down the Saints entire draft to select Akili Smith. Plus Griffin’s story is still being written. Honestly I think the Skins could’ve shown a little more commitment to him. It didn’t help that they were constantly looking to bench him thanks to the fact they drafted another QB they liked (Cousins) right behind him.

  26. Answering some questions…

    1. No team will trade for him because to do so, they would have to pay him 16M this next season. Nobody is going to pay that for RG3.
    2. Yes the Skins could keep him but they would have to ay him 16M. Refer to point #1.
    3. Sure the Skins gave up 2 #1s and a #2 and swapped #1s to pick him. Those thinking that it’s great for the Rams to have all those picks and RG3 and how dumb the Skins were. The Rams with RG3 and all those picks will still have been to the playoffs 2 less ties than the Skins have since the trade after next season. The Skins lost the trade but in effect both teams lost that trade.
    4. RG3 is a talent but most of the people point to the numbers from his rookie season where the offense was the read option. Once the offense changed to more of a west coast style, RG3’s production fell off considerably. He doesn’t read defenses very well and his injury in 2012 robbed him of being a running threat. At this point, you are signing a guy that has a lot of question marks which is why the Skins can’t trade him and why nobody will be paying him 16M.
    5. From all the reports this year, he is a good teammate and a professional. He took his demotion with class and if he carries that attitude into his next employer, he might have a chance to succeed. If he reverts back to 2013-2014 RG3, he’s not long for this league.

  27. I see some folks again blaming the front office for RG3s play on the field. Have these fans of other teams seen him play? He can’t read defenses. He can’t slide in the pocket. He doesn’t understand situational football. He takes too many sacks. His footwork is extremely poor. He just was a good college QB that is not good enough for the NFL. It happens.

    The Skins went from 4 wins to 9 wins. That is not marginal improvement. Some people don’t understand football on this site.

  28. Bruce Allen just can’t seem to keep his mouth quiet. Scot McCloughan playing the game on the one hand by saying, yes! he could see a way they could possibly keep RG3 on the team and Bruce says he’s gone. smh. Scot was doing the smart thing and Bruce as usual speaking out of turn against what his own GM is doing.

    The skins are setting themselves up for a huge disappointment. No one is going to care what the press said about Cousins and his salary if he is a bust next year. They are going to say the skins about faced on their own direction (to develop a team around RG3 upside and skill set) and went and took a huge risk on a first time NFL HC, first time NFL OC, never won before DC and a turnover machine of a QB who had 7 good games all against bottom of the barrel defenses. A QB who even with a much better offensive line and 2nd year in the system with a system tailored to his skill set could not beat a single team with a defense that was ranked above 17th place. A QB who folds under pressure time and time again. A QB who is so full of himself and his stats that he refuses to launch the ball into the end zone on 4th down in a playoff game because he would rather take a sack than risk an incompletion or another interception on his records. You fairy tale lovers just don’t know what you are in the midst of doing!!!!

  29. Skins have had two division titles and two playoff games after that trade. Rams have had none. No question Rams “won” the trade but their management and coaching is more inept than Redskins. They drafted good ayers with the picks but the Rams still haven’t managed to achieve anything.

  30. RG3 to Bruce Arians and the Arizona Cardinals. And to think, Bruce Arians was available when the skins (Bruce Allen) hired Jay Gruden. Just think Dick Lebeau and Wade Phillips were also available to the skins and Jay choose hire a DC who has never won in the NFL.

    Imagine if the skins had given Bruce Arians the job and hired Wade Phillips and brought in Scot McCloughan……….

    The skins would most assuredly have been playing deep into the playoffs this very year. Bruce Arians would have known how to build a system around RG3 who has greater upside than Cousins. Cousins and Gruden both are quite one dimensional. Dink and dunk masters. But, it also makes cousins a sitting duck against better defenses. Gruden has no run game and has brought so many promising skins players stock down it just shows you he does not know what he is doing.

  31. Now it comes to light. Allen and Gruden vs Scot and Dan. What sense does it make to tip your hand to Kirk? Bruce I’m sorry but you don’t sign the checks anymore. You don’t bring in the talent anymore. I’m not even sure what the hell you even do in the home office. There’s definitely a divided house at Redskins Park.

  32. Why do people keep mentioning the Rams? Nick Foles is under contract for 2016 and it’s almost $14 million. There’s going to be a market for RGIII and it seems they’re out of the bidding war before it even begins.

    Also, Philly is not a logical landing place. Doug Peterson is very much a WCO guy, so it’s a bad fit.

    Finally I agree with people trashing Allen. If it was as simple as he’s claiming, RGIII would be gone. Besides, who breaks Redskins news to a San Diego station?!! Not a fan.

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