Chargers plan to target downtown multi-use stadium site

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At a time when the Chargers were believed to be focused on trying to build a new stadium at Mission Valley, the team has issued a statement that makes clear that the preference is to build a downtown venue.

“Our goal is to win voter approval in November 2016 for a downtown multi-use stadium/convention center facility and to facilitate the best possible community uses for the existing Mission Valley site,” the team said in a statement released Tuesday. “We will deliver regular reports to our fans and to the community about the progress we are making.”

Local politicians apparently had been touting Mission Valley. The Chargers respectfully disagree, explaining that “[a]ll of our research demonstrates that voters are more likely to approve a multi-use facility that would generate economic activity on hundreds of days per year, including by attracting major sporting and convention events that San Diego cannot now host.”

“We believe that a downtown multi-use facility will attract broad support from throughout our entire community,” the team said. “And we hope that, as our downtown proposal is developed and as the campaign for passage begins, those who have supported the Mission Valley site will keep an open mind and consider supporting what we believe is the best way to secure a permanent home for the Chargers in San Diego.”

Whatever the location, it won’t be easy to sell the voters on approving public money for a new stadium. But if the new stadium can serve the public in ways beyond hosting 10 NFL games per year, maybe the chances of getting it done will be enhanced.

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  1. It’s funny San Diego gets to keep their team another year and possibly work out a stadium deal, but STL loses its team despite having a stadium deal already in place.

  2. @sfmo73:
    There isn’t anything funny about it. Kroenke really wanted to leave St. Louis and Spanos really wants to remain in San Diego.

  3. Maybe they can share the stadium w SDSU like ARI and ASU share Phoenix Stadium.

    The city should also look at all the economic growth from hosting extra conventions, concerts, events etc in this possible new venue to offset the initial outlay.

  4. They’d most likely make more from a renovated/expanded convention center for ComicCon yearly than cash generated for a whole NFL season in a new stadium. The convention center and events could be the key for voters…..

  5. The cards and the sun devils do not share Univ. of Phoenix Stadium.

    I think you are mistaken of the talk for the Yotes and Sun Devils hockey to share

  6. Chargers & Raiders roaming the wasteland of California looking for a home just like Mad Max! Thanks StanK & Goodell! LOL

  7. I know people resent Spanos for applying for relocation to L.A. But he is giving San Diego one more chance to make this new stadium happen. I believe his first choice is to stay in San Diego.

    San Diego is up at the plate in the bottom of the 9th with two outs and two stikes. If the YES votes win November 8th, San Diego keeps what it has and is improved for the future. If the NO votes win, we lose the Chargers and a whole lot more.

    The Charger fans, Aztec alums, and Comic book collectors all have to get the YES VOTE out and get this thing done! Stop being afraid of progress. Let’s do it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. @ontboltfan Maybe they can share the stadium w SDSU like ARI and ASU share Phoenix Stadium.

    Um…they have been sharing a stadium for decades.


    @maiphatdong downtown san diego is a dump, and tons of homeless

    Downtown Diego is nice. Let me guess…you came through here in the Navy in the 70s? The homeless that are in Diego are the smartest homeless in the country. At least they’re smart enough to not call Buffalo home.

  9. The Cardinals and the Sun Devils used to share a stadium. But it was at Sun Devils Stadium. So the Cardinals rented it from the University.

    SDSU already plays at Qualcomm Stadium. The new staxium will probably have the same deal.

    Chargers home games 8
    SDSU home games 8
    Pointsettia and Holiday Bowl 2

    Then Monster Supercross and other events.
    Its not like it will not have atuff happening.

  10. Trying to make it a downtown complex with Petco & the convention center is something many of us have been pushing FOR YEARS.

    And as much as I hate to admit it, Spanos is correct in that if it were just a stadium vote for Mission Valley, it may not pass. But wrap it up with expanding the Convention Center (which needs to be done) and it will get more votes.

    The shocker here is them working with Donna Frye. When the Chargers spoke of a new stadium years ago, she was against it. Now she’s working with them.

  11. Everyone keeps forgetting that these teams are business entities in which these owners will try to attain as much profit as possible just like every business out there. StanK wanted to make more money with his business so he moved it to a possible more profitable location. Companies across America have left our shores and set up in Third World nations due to the cheap labor. Spanos and Davis want to go were they believe will be more profitable to them.These teams throughout all the sports leagues do not belong to the fans. They belong to the rich 1% who will use any way possible to make more money. It’s the American Dream!

  12. Don’t forget San Diego people, even if you pay for your rick owners office building he’ll still also be taking your money for upkeep! Don’t forget the thousands of dollars for PSL’s! Your boss and his other cronies will be the ones watching the games at the new office building in the good seats…..paid for from his expense account.

  13. Donna Frye and everybody else had better get on board, unless you want your team moving here to LA!

    The Downtown SD stadium in conjunction with expanding the convention center makes perfect sense. Put a retractable roof on it so that you can host the NCAA’s Final Four, conventions and more.

    Just as the Inglewood stadium had to sweeten the vision to more than “just a football stadium,” that is what the SD stadium has to do.

    St. Louis offered to build a football stadium along the river, but hardly anything else with it. The monster that’s getting built in Inglewood is going to be a new benchmark of multipurpose stadiums. A Disney World of sports stadiums!

    So, SD, make it happen so you can expand ComicCon and any other convention. It’s time to get out of the canoe bay and go where the BIG BOATS are; where the aircraft carriers roll!

    Go Navy! Go Chargers!

  14. Pretty transparent distraction ploy aimed at ensuring that Chargers move into GronkeWorld stadium in LA, instead. Spanos doesn’t want to be in San Diego any longer. He knows that adding additional unnecessary complexity helps to ensure his desired outcome.

  15. The raiders will always be the team should be in LA. Not the Rams,but what’s done is done. I’ll be happy when the Chargers and Raiders finally get a home for their fans. Good luck.

  16. This downtown deal sounds a lot like what Charlotte went through with the Hornets at the turn of the century. The selling point on a downtown arena was that it would host a lot more than just 41 Hornets games a year. But by that time, everybody in town hated George Shinn and wouldn’t vote for anything he would benefit from, and the team moved to New Orleans. Once the NBA said they wanted to put another team here, the city went ahead and built the arena anyway. To this point, the arena has delivered as promised. It’s in use, on average, every other day. We are the permanent home of the CIAA basketball tournament (oldest athletic conference of HBCUs), plenty of concerts, NCAA tournament slots, and now we have next year’s NBA All-Star Weekend. I think San Diego should go for this.

    If nothing else, the 1 billion comic book geeks that will show up to the convention center every year will pay for this entire complex within 5 years.

  17. I walked around SD 2 days ago and noticed numerous Raiders gear on people.

    What I didn’t notice was any Chargers gear on anybody.

    Just sayin.

  18. Jeremy Meyer says:
    Feb 23, 2016 8:54 PM

    Chargers home games 8
    SDSU home games 8

    That would be tough to accomplish since neither team plays 8 home games.

  19. I’m sorry, but the Chargers need to be sold, moved, change their name, and given a chance to start all over with a new fan base and a new city. As presently constructed, they are a train wreck. And for those of you who still hate Eli Manning for not wanting to play for San Diego, maybe now you know why.

  20. I hope SD gets the stadium deal done. Cant wait to see the look on the face of The King Of California when Mark Davis and the Raiders show up in LA like cousin Eddie. How do you think that will turn out ?

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