Bears “actively and aggressively” negotiating with Alshon Jeffery

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The Bears sound like they’re prepared to use the franchise tag to keep wide receiver Alshon Jeffery, but they’re hoping they don’t have to.

Via Dan Wiederer of the Chicago Tribune, Bears General Manager Ryan Pace said he’s hoping to be able to reach a deal with Jeffery before he has to use the tag by next Tuesday’s deadline.

We’re actively and aggressively negotiating right now,” Pace said. “And the deadline is Tuesday for the franchise tag. That’s an option. We have until Tuesday to make that decision. And right now, that’s kind of ongoing.”

Of course, if the negotiations don’t bear fruit in the next six days, they can always squat on him for a year, and it’s clear that’s something they’re willing to do to keep him from getting away.

“I sense he wants to be here,” Pace said. “We’re the team who drafted him. He loves the city of Chicago. He’s comfortable in the offense and I sense he wants to be here.”

They’d like him to be more durable — he missed seven games last year and was a regular fixture on the injury report — but they also lack targets and can’t afford to let one get away.

17 responses to “Bears “actively and aggressively” negotiating with Alshon Jeffery

  1. Homer comment, but…

    …damn, I’d love to see him suit up opposite Benjamin in that Panthers offense. Gettlemen has done a near improbable job getting the team to where it is given the cap constraints that Hurney left him. Now with tons of money to play with, he needs to finish the job off. Don’t let this window slip away.

  2. I hope they write in a bunch of incentives for conditioning and games played. The amount of time he missed last season was ridiculous.

  3. I think he was nursing his injuries last year because it’s his contract year. If anyone thought the Bears would let him walk that would be a Chip Kelly move.

  4. ** readers,

    what would you realistically want your team to pay Alshon Jeffries??

    Anything over $10 / yr seems crazy to me

  5. They need to. He’s a true #1 WR, and they have no idea what Kevin White actually is yet. This seems like common sense.

  6. Offer him a deal similar to TY Hilton and AJ Green. $60-$65 mil with about $30-$35 mil guaranteed over 5 years. That is extremely fair for a player who has shown durability issues. That’ll make him about the 4th or 5th highest WR in the league. They have the cap space so lock him up.

  7. myeaglescantwin says:
    Feb 24, 2016 12:14 PM
    ** readers,

    what would you realistically want your team to pay Alshon Jeffries??

    Anything over $10 / yr seems crazy to me
    I wouldn’t pay Alshon Jeffries anything. But I would offer Alshon Jeffery about $35 mil over 5 years guaranteed.

  8. His numbers are really good considering how average the Bears offense is. They don’t want to make a mistake like they did with Cutler, paying him only to watch him underproduce, but sometimes you just have to roll the dice.

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