Bears expect Kevin White to be “full speed” for offseason work

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The Bears are in hot pursuit of a new deal with wide receiver Alshon Jeffery and bringing him back isn’t the only development that the team is looking forward to at wideout.

They’re also looking forward to having 2015 first-round pick Kevin White on the field after he missed his entire rookie season due to a stress fracture in his shin that required surgery. He returned to practice briefly late in the year and General Manager Ryan Pace said Wednesday that the team expects to have him all systems go when the offseason program gets underway.

“He’s training on his own,” Pace said, via “He’s progressing well. He’ll be full speed for the offseason program. Really excited about him and I know he’s got a lot of confidence and a big smile on his face and ready to show everybody what he can do.”

Bears coach John Fox said on Wednesday that quarterback Jay Cutler was one of the team’s “brightest spots” while turning in a strong 2015 season. That work came without White and with Jeffery in and out of the lineup because of injuries. Getting both back and healthy for 2016 should be a good step toward getting another successful year from Cutler.

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  1. I don’t think this team has hit rock bottom yet. They keep pretending like they don’t need to rebuild but it’s obvious to anyone with a brain. If white doesn’t pan out (history says he wont) and cutler goes back to the dumb mistakes it’s going to be a 3 or 4 win season

  2. spiffybiff:
    You don’t follow football much, do you. They fired Emery and Trestman after only two years together, dumped a lot of the team and that will continue this year.

    It’s obvious to anyone with a brain that they ARE rebuilding.

  3. Cutler did play a lot smarter last season, I think Fox has the team heading in the right direction, andif White can take the field this season, it will almost feel like they have 2 “1st round picks”.

    The big question even though he can be at full speed is can he produce at the NFL level. 2 other WRs that had great speed and were drafted 7th overall like White were Troy Williamson and DHB. I don’t think anyone should pass judgement on the guy yet, we will have to wait and see.

  4. Hey Shaggy,

    How can you tell they’re headed in the right direction. Because they don’t need Forte?

    There is a reason that Denver said good-bye Fox and look who won the Super Bowl.

  5. They are heading in the right direction, because the defense played better, Cutler played better, they weren’t getting blown out as much.

    Denver did win the SB. The Broncos are MUCH just look at the record… and it isn’t like Fox didn’t have them in the SB a few years ago….Fox is great at building young teams especially the defense like the Panthers that he helped take to the SB.

  6. White was a wasted draft pick…….he played in zero games, contributed nothing but some drama. He took cap money and a draft pick that could have been utilized for a player who actually would have helped the Bears. Just think if they had kept Marshall and had drafted a defensive player they might have finished ahead of the Lions. White was drafted as somewhat of a project—-now he is still a project going into his second year.

  7. They had a nice draft not including White, and if he pans out, maybe this Pace/Fox situation will turn out well.

  8. spiffybiff says:

    “I don’t think this team has hit rock bottom yet. They keep pretending like they don’t need to rebuild but it’s obvious to anyone with a brain.”

    The Bears just fired Emery and Trestman a little over a year ago. They have a completely new coaching staff, a completely new front office. They just let go of their best player from the past 8 years. They have nine (9) draft picks (after trading B. Marshall and J. Allen) and they cut Bushrod. The Bears have the third highest cap of 60mil for FA. The whole team is being completely rebuilt.

    Do you have a brain?

  9. If White doesn’t have a solid performance as at least a #2 receiver this year, it will be another wasted first round pick for the Bears.

    If Bears don’t go at least 9-6 next season Pace needs to go.

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