Bruce Arians: Dolphins screwed up when they didn’t hire Todd Bowles


When Bruce Arians became head coach of the Cardinals, his highest-priority hiring was Todd Bowles as defensive coordinator. But Arians thinks Bowles never would have been available to him if the Dolphins were smarter.

Arians said today at the Scouting Combine that Bowles, now head coach of the Jets, should have been hired by the Dolphins in 2012 after finishing the 2011 season by going 2-1 as the interim head coach in Miami.

“Miami screwed up a long time ago. He should have been head coach there when he was interim coach,” Arians said.

Arians made those comments as part of a longer statement about how much he loves working with Bowles, whom Arians coached at Temple in 1986.

“Ever since Temple, whatever that was, 30-some years ago, watching him grow as a coach, it was fun. It really was. And then to be able to have him on the staff and do what he did, all you need is opportunity,” Arians said. “Brilliant young man, and he’s a great teacher. It’s not what you know, it’s can you teach it? And he can teach it.”

Arians believes Bowles has a long, successful career ahead of him as head coach of the Jets. Bowles may just make the Dolphins regret not hiring him when they had the chance.

90 responses to “Bruce Arians: Dolphins screwed up when they didn’t hire Todd Bowles

  1. Bowles doing what he did with a Jets squad that has been a laughing stock in recent history, you have to think Arians might be right.

  2. “Dolphins screwed up when they didn’t hire Todd Bowles”


    just add it to the list

  3. That Miami screwed up is not surprising.
    That the Jets got something right could be a sign of the apocalypse

  4. chadsmith013 says:
    Feb 24, 2016 3:28 PM
    how many playoff wins does Bowles have?

    In one full year as a head coach he has the same number as the Dolphins have in the last fifteen

  5. “Wait a second, I was pretty good…” said Joe Philbin from an uncleaned corner of an Indianapolis Subway restaurant.

  6. It’s not about the football product for Ross. He thinks all of the distractions are what bring fans to the games.

    You put a winning product on the field consistently, price tickets at an affordable price( 400 level is garbage in any stadium unless it’s Row A) and people will come to a game or two each season.

  7. Eh, as a Dolphins fan, my fellow Phins gotta take this one on the chin, and not just because Bruce Arians is a proven and respectable coach.

    Fact is, none of us thought the Jets would even be on the map this year, so for them to get as close (which was closer than the team with Ndamukong Suh and the “franchise quarterback” did) as they did to the playoffs we have to take our caps off to the guy who developed Reshad Jones, Vontae Davis, Sean Smith into Pro Bowlers and at least made Nolan Carroll, Jimmy Wilson and Chris Clemons into professional contributors.

    The latter three might not be the best out there, but he helped them get to second contracts, which is amazing for guys who were considered throw-away 5th and 7th rounders.

    He also did put together one of the best secondaries in the league with Patrick Peterson, Tyrann Mathieu, Tony Jefferson and Justin Bethel in Arizona.

    We messed up. We could have had him, but we took Joe “Schmoe” Philbin. Sometimes you have to admit when you were dead wrong, and we didn’t just drop the ball, we blew up the Wilson factory.

  8. chadsmith013 says:
    Feb 24, 2016 3:28 PM

    how many playoff wins does Bowles have?


    In his one year of being a head coach, he has the same number as the Miami Dolphins organization does in the last 15 years.

    And a better season record than the Dolphins have managed in the last 7 years.

    Any other questions?

  9. In addition, Joe Philbin retained most of the staff under sporano, a staff that bowles was a part of. Would bowles have changed much? its not about 1 coach, its about a staff. If the majority was the same staff, would the results really be much different? Bowles has already poached staff from Miami’s defense, so I think it would’ve been much of the same.

  10. ganzendofstory says:
    Feb 24, 2016 3:38 PM

    Doesn’t this moronic blowhard ever shut up?
    Comment is in the wrong article. Doesn’t it belong in the article on Rex Ryan says Bills defense was “terrible,”???

    Arians is on the opposite end of the “moronic blowhard” spectrum.

  11. chadsmith013 says:
    Feb 24, 2016 3:28 PM

    how many playoff wins does Bowles have?


    How many do the Dolphins have, recently?

  12. Arians might have a good point, but pointing out another organization (the dolphins) screwed up… might not be a good point. the dolphins didn’t make the playoff last season: yes. the cardinals didn’t win the sb… either. so there you have it.

  13. As a dolphin fan I would agree. We missed on Arians too and Harbaugh and Manning but boy we nailed it with Suh………………..Not.

  14. Hindsight is 20/20, but in this case, I think most Dolphins fans wanted to see Bowles hired at the time.

    Another good one that got away……..

  15. I for 1, would like to personally thank the Dolphins for beating New England in the last week of the regular season.

    As for the Article, had the Dolphins hired Bowles:

    A.) Their record would be better
    B.) Maybe a playoff berth
    C.) New England might not have come in week 17 and been ready to play.

    So, for now, I too am glad they didn’t hire Bowles!

  16. Who asked you? Did somebody ask that specific question? Why does this guy think he needs to comment on every franchise? I think he could give Brian Billick a run for “smartest guy in the room” syndrome.

  17. Coaches win if they have good players, they lose if they bad players. Bowles would have been fired by now had he gone to Miami. Arians is getting pretty sassy these days because Steve Keim has provided him with a talented roster. Arians is a good coach, but he’s winning because he’s got a more talented squad on Sundays 90% of the time. I wasn’t born yesterday. Rex Ryan sounds good when he’s winning too.

  18. Not a Fins fan by any stretch, but I feel for Miami fans given the incredible ineptitude Ross continues to display at every turn.

  19. With that motley crew in management, maybe the Dolphins just decided to do Bowles a solid.

    I bet Philbin is wishing they had extended him the same courtesy.

  20. “how many playoff wins does Bowles have?”

    When’s the last time Miami even went to the playoffs? I’m asking. I really don’t know.

  21. Funny how a dysfunctional football team like Temple could produce 2 very good NFL coaches. He even had a runner-up Heisman player while at Temple. Spring forward 30 years and Temple football has exploded unto the national scene the last several years. They even beat a mediocre Penn State team this past year. Will build a new on campus football stadium in Philly. They currently play at the Linc and the Eagles hold them for a million dollars a year ransom for six home games. Part of the stadium was state financed. Go figure.

  22. The Dolphins have been lost ever since Marino and Shula left

    Yes, their Super Bowl record is impressive.

  23. Why don’t we let Bowles prove he can even get to the playoffs first, before we make him into this great coach. Even Tony Sparano got us into the playoffs.

  24. Why does Bruce Ariens think he knows what the Dolphins should
    and shouldn’t have done? I don’t think it’s any of his business at all. Just keep managing your own team, and mind your own business.

  25. tindeaux says:
    Feb 24, 2016 4:13 PM

    “the dolphins didn’t make the playoff last season: yes. the cardinals didn’t win the sb… either. so there you have it.”

    You’re not REALLY equating not making the playoffs with not winning the Super Bowl, are you?

  26. I agree with Arians (though I still see him as one big ego…Arians that is, not Bowles). Bowles would have been better than Philbin for sure. But if it turns out Adam Gase is really what the Dolphins needed, then all this is moot. (Could Bowles do what Gase is supposed to do for Tannehill? I doubt it). Further, can Bowles develop a QB if Ryan Fitzpatrick is not resigned (or, as when Fitz was given a huge extension back in 2011 and then proceeded to suck the rest of the year leading to the Bills releasing him)?

    As for why Miami didn’t sign Bowles, it was either because he’s black or because they wanted an offense guy, knowing they were going to draft a QB in round 1 in 2012.

  27. “Why don’t we let Bowles prove he can even get to the playoffs first”


    He needs a QB first. FItzpatrick ain’t gonna cut it. It’s amazing they did as well as they did with him.

  28. That Miami screwed up is not surprising.
    That the Jets got something right could be a sign of the apocalypse

    It was divine intervention via a shot to the jaw. They are still the same underlining team. BA wants to crown them go ahead. As if his team has never had players or staff do well elsewhere or any team for that matter.

  29. Who has more playoff wins, Ariens or Bowles?? Neither, they both choke when it matters.. Bowles qb throws 4 picks biggest game of life, and cards were overrated…

  30. “thanks for the bulletin board material in February.

    see you in miami this fall.”

    That would be a challenge coming from many teams, but the Dolphins will already be playing for a top 10 pick by then.

  31. Arians is spot on as Bowles seems like a good coach so far, but, is there a rule against tampering with a coach?

    Seems like there should be.

    If so, this is fairly blatant.

  32. The Dolphins blew it by not demanding to be moved to the AFC South instead of the Colts. Had they done so, they would have had a string of division championships and the Colts would have none.

  33. As a Dolphins fan are you kidding me?? that is the mistake you wanted to point out? i have about 30000 bigger mistakes the dolphins have made but sure that ones on the list

  34. Yeah yeah… So he didn’t end up in Chicago… All the what ifs. Get over it. He was out coached when it mattered in the playoffs. Period.

  35. Bruce, you need to worry about your own team. Yes, Dolphins get many things wrong, but so do most teams around the NFL.

  36. The Dolphins screwed up when they hired Bill Parcells. Yeah, they played in one playoff game, but that was because Brady was out the whole season and Chad Pennington fell into their lap. Also, their schedule was one of the easiest in the league that year. Parcells led to Ireland which continued the horrible drafting of players. Now Tannenbaum will continue the ride in the bottom of the league.

  37. annes22 says:
    Feb 24, 2016 6:15 PM
    What did Bowles win last year? Had a chance to go to the playoffs and blew it all,

    10 games, coincidentally the same number Miami LOST, two of which were to the Jets. Guess it would have been easier on the psyche to go the Fin’s route and basically know you’re out of it before December.

  38. playedthegame32 says:
    Feb 24, 2016 3:44 PM

    How does Miami hire Tannenbaum as the head of personnel ad HES NEVER HAD SUCCESS AT ANY OF HIS PREVIOUS STOPS?!?!?!?! The guy who drafted Jamrcus Russell? SMH
    That guy would be Al Davis (da raiders). Tannenbaum did draft Darrelle Revis however. SMH

  39. Seventeen teams screwed up when they didn’t draft Flacco. Every team screwed up when they didn’t draft Tom Brady in rounds 1-4 including the Patriots. We can play this game all day long.

  40. Might want to let Bowles win a playoff game first before you knock another team. Remember Mangini and Rex were the next Lombardi how’d that turn out And lose the hats!!

  41. As a dolphin fan I would agree. We missed on Arians too and Harbaugh and Manning but boy we nailed it with Suh………………..Not.


    I like Gase but he is not a head coach. Watch we will see. NO DOUBT. I wanted Bowles, BAD! I know i am just a fat fan that drinks beer and not in the front office but I even saw that one. Good one Ross.

  42. Curious how that came into conversation, but never the less, he is right. Bowles as the interim was good, and we wouldn’t have to deal with “Weekend at Bernies” (Sparano) or Philbum. In all honesty, I would like to know who in the Green Bay organization actually thought Phibum was going to come down to a dysfunctional team, with his type of personality, and right the ship ? I guarantee if you ask them all GB coaches and their anonymity was maintained, none of them would have thought they would have been successful. Heck, Ben Macadootle or whatever his name up in NY didn’t give Philbum a job and they were “partners” in GB.
    Being a Miami fan is like watching Scott Norwood’s kick over and over again. Every year you just get kicked in the nuts.
    I, personally, as a Dolphins fan hope Bowles does well because he was long overdue for a head coaching job when clowns like Mularky has had multiple chances and shouldn’t even put his name plate on his desk at his new gig because he will be fired again.
    Just another Miami failure. The said thing is, as a fan of Miami, they can’t say the typical “I know we missed here, but look at this move (meaning it was great!) For every 10 bad moves, they may make one.
    Sorry, end of rant. I hope Gase is there for awhile and at least makes them competitive.

  43. Arians is right.
    Bowles is a talented coach. And a seemingly likable yet quiet guy.
    When Bowles was in consideration for the HC job in Miami:
    – Had 10 yrs experience as only a secondary coach before joining in ’08
    – No pro experience at a defensive coordinator level.
    – in 2011 Miami was rated 25th against the pass with Bowles as secondary coach (3rd against the run) with a unit he had 4 years of influence and coaching on.
    – in 2011 Miami started off the season 0-7 with Bowles as the assistant head coach to Sparano. Then Miami went 4-2 before Sparano was canned. Bowles finished out the season 2-1 to complete a 6-10 record.
    (29-32 as Asst HC in 4 years with Miami)

    Not a glaring resume at that time.
    I’m sure the last few years as the Cardinals DC helped groom Bowles into being a stronger, better prepared coaching candidate.

  44. Wow. The dolphins are being trashed by the media this offseason.

    Think about it, This was over 4 seasons ago.

  45. What nobody in NY is talking about is if NYG got rid of Coughlin a year earlier (which many many fans asked for) then they would definitely have hired Bowles and Bowles defininitely would have chosen NYG over NYJ job.

  46. This is a fun game , Bruce.

    That’s like saying the Browns and Jets screwed up for not keeping Bill Belicheck as their coach… (as if he was ready at the time).

    Or that the Jets screwed up because they didn’t win the AFC championship game when they had Parcells as their coach, Belicheck as their DC, and Charlie Weis as their OC.

    some coaches, like QBs, need to learn their craft over many years (see Bill Cowher)

    (incidentally, Tannenbaum was on that Jets staff and orchestrated the poison pill contract to get a HOF running back from the Pats…so all is not lost Miami fans …sans the Sanchez debacle).

  47. If Bowles is so great why didn’t he unseat a terrible coach in Philben when he was there? Does seem like a good coach but for Arians to bash the Fins over a guy that hasn’t won anything yet seems dumb when Arians had just as much a chance to hire him when the Jets hired him.

  48. I guess not only the bullying scandal was based on race. someone needs to fire ross, he’s a rich moron.

  49. doggeatdogg says:
    Feb 24, 2016 8:51 PM
    Seventeen teams screwed up when they didn’t draft Flacco. Every team screwed up when they didn’t draft Tom Brady in rounds 1-4 including the Patriots. We can play this game all day long.
    Sure…..but the Dolphins continue to screw up season after season…..with truly no end in sight

  50. Soooo……Bowles wins with Rex Ryan-picked defensive players. We need to see more time with him to see what he does with his hand-picked players.

  51. let’s cool out jets over bowles…had he lost that game in his 4th year instead of his 1st he’d be gone.

    don’t forget that clown shoes rex ryan beat him twice.

    so, again, way too early to praise bowles..the jets were 5-1 & 9-5 & missed the playoffs so let’s hold off on the canton bust just yet.

    also (jets head coaching records 1st season)

    1997 Parcells: 9-7
    2000 Groh: 9-7
    2001 Edwards: 10-6
    2006 Mangini: 10-6
    2009 Ryan: 9-7
    2015 Bowles: 10-6

    for whatever reason the jets have absurd records with 1st year HCs so again, waiting to be impressed

  52. Wasn’t it Arians coaching his Cardinals against the Panthers in this years playoff? It was like 40-0 Carolina in 3rd qtr. And he’s talking Bowles and the Dolphins.

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