Cowboys prepared to sacrifice immediate impact for a quarterback


Usually, having a quarterback you trust prevents you from ever being in position to take another one of similar status.

But after Tony Romo missed most of last year with a broken collarbone, the Cowboys realize that picking fourth in this year’s draft means they have to lean toward taking another quarterback in the first round, something they haven’t done since Troy Aikman.

“I mean you have to look at it,” executive vice president Stephen Jones said, via Clarence Hill of the Fort Worth Star-Telegram. “You’re not naive to it but if you have the opportunity in this league, in our situation, to get a potential franchise quarterback, then you have to make the investment. You have to have the patience. You sacrifice maybe that opportunity that maybe is impactful right now.”

They could clearly get an impactful player for the short term with the fourth overall selection, filling a need such as a pass-rusher or cornerback. But if Romo is well, they might not get a chance to land a high-caliber passer to eventually replace him, such as Carson Wentz or Jared Goff.

Jones said that Romo “may play three of four more years,” which would ostensibly keep the Cowboys out of the top of the draft order. So the opportunity to get one now may be something they can’t pass up, regardless of how long they think he might play.

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  1. I’m sure there is a plan of some kind, but a big name early rounder just may not be what is needed. A close look at Chris Hackenberg will only cost them a little time. He could be what is needed. Just my thoughts ….

  2. There is NOTHING wrong with that, the Packers when Favre was winding down his time in GB (and Romo is no spring chicken) they took Rodgers, a lot of fans were frustrated, because it felt like the Packers weren’t trying to win RIGHT now. I feel that a QB on the bench can do really good things, like it did for Rodgers, and Rivers.

    It also shortens the growing pains. They can be more effective in their first year as a starter instead of trying to work all kinks out, look at Matt Ryan, Cam Newton, and Andrew Luck They started right away some of them looked good early, and now teams don’t know what they should do…. the Panthers were waiting and waiting on Cam and now he is the MVP, another benefit to drafting a QB high is then you don’t have to go trade for a Matt Cassell or ask Weeden to start.

    I think a safer play would be to go best Defender in the 1st round and the best QB available when they are in the second, but their GM doesn’t always make the most sensable choice.

  3. if the cowboys cant trade down and get an extra pick out of the deal before taking a QB, get the best defensive guy available

  4. There’s no doubt in my mind that the Jones boys will not take a QB. The D line is in shambles they will be drafting a DE. With that pick. They may move back in the draft so a real QB needy team will step into the 4 hole.

  5. There are reasons that the Boys are drafting #4 and they all aren’t Romo.To spend the best draft pick you have had in decades on a guy you don’t figure will even play for 3 years is insane. Indianapolis thought that all they needed was a QB too and got the best of a generation and still did not do much.

  6. I think we’d all like to see what happens if Manziel gets access to a Cowboys party bus.

  7. It’s not really an issue. With Romo there, they’ll be picking in the top 10 for the next several years.

  8. This is nothing but a smokescreen. There is no QB in the draft with a criminal record, so Dallas would not be interestested.

  9. This team is pretty young I say go for the QB this year so we r competitive for the next ten years instead of going for it all next year this team is not one player away from winning it all anyway!

  10. I think they realize they don’t have a Superbowl team even with a healthy Romo, so look to the future.

  11. Draft a corner back or wide receiver with that 4th pick don’t do the qb wait tell next year trade up. Get the kid from Clemson. Drafting a qb this year will be a waste of a great pic.

  12. “I mean you have to look at it,” is not the same as …
    “Cowboys prepared to sacrifice immediate impact for a quarterback”.

  13. .
    It’s a QB driven league, so if there is someone the Cowboys think is Romo’s heir apparent they should take the plunge . If they want, they can always flip a young, name brand QB to another desperate team down the road. That is unless the guy is a Manziel style bust.

  14. I think they should go with the qb at the 4 spot. It’s not like Romo is known for taking care of his body anyway. I doubt he will last 4 more years. Also, he hasn’t exactly been leading the team to Superbowls when he has been healthy.

  15. Once the old dinosaur JJ rides off into the sunset like Jared Allen, the Boys will have a chance to be competitive.

    Please, JJ, don’t make that ride.

  16. The problem with this is that Dallas needs a backup QB upgrade immediately. And unless you draft an Andrew Luck, you can’t count on a rookie QB to be an upgrade over a less talented veteran. So drafting a QB now wouldn’t even address that need (whereas “franchise QB” is NOT a need, because Dallas has one).

    If Romo were to play for 3 or 4 more seasons, drafting a QB now would be the dumbest move possible. Dallas will have an elite OL for years to come, meaning it can protect a rookie QB very well…and that’s the recipe for rookie year success at the position. So Dallas should wait until Romo is known to be done before drafting a rookie to replace him, and then reap 4 years of lower salary (thereby allowing the team to keep more players who are in their primes).

    Otherwise, Dallas will end up like Washington this season, only getting a single value season from a young QB before having to pay him out the nose (and given the lack of track record, not even being sure that said young QB is the long term answer). No immediate backup upgrade, no medium-term salary benefits, AND no long-term assurances? What the heck is the point of taking a QB then, other than to maybe increase your odds of ending up with, say, Joe Flacco long-term by maybe 25%?

  17. This is roughly the same roster that last season was being touted as a Super Bowl contender. If ever you are going to use a top pick on someone to ride the pine, that time is now. With a competitive roster and opportunities to fill holes later in the draft and via free agency, if you think the guy that will lead your team for the next decade is there, grab him and polish him up.

  18. At 4??? Terrible idea. If there was a stud that was ready to produce right away then maybe. But there is not.

    If they can trade down and get picks and a QB late 1st round or early second then that may be a good idea.

    If Romo goes down, last year showed a different QB is not going to win games on that team. Especially not a starter ready rookie. So what is the point? May as well tank if Romo goes down and wait until next year to see if any studs are available.

  19. How ANYBODY thinks Johnny Football is worth a shot, is absolutely insane. He will never be any good, ever.
    Funny how a lot of people think the Cowboys are years away from contending for another Super Bowl…they completely overlook what the team did two years ago, basically the same team they have now. Football is a game of inches, and this past year proved that. As badly as they played at times, they were so very close in numerous games. Next year they could very well dominate the NFC and make a deep run into the playoffs. Who thought the Bronco’s would win it all this year ??
    Put aside your hatred for the team, and take a good hard look at the Cowboys…they are absolutely capable of going to the Super Bowl next year, just depends on how healthy they are, and if they can stay focused.

  20. The only difference between the Browns and the Cowboys is Romo, who might very well retire if he goes down again this year. Both teams have a strong O-line and next to nothing elsewhere so drafting best player available makes sense for both teams.

  21. I’d take the best player on the board at 4 and then take Dak Prescott in the second round. He’s virtually guaranteed to be there and I think he is a potential Cam Newton type with a much better attitude.

  22. That would be stupid; with Romo at QB they are almost certainly a lock to win the NFC East (and I’m a Giants fan, so by all means waste that pick on a QB) – it would be foolish not to take someone that can help you THIS year.

    Just like NE taking Garropolo 2 years ago. That guy is going to hit FA without ever starting a game. It’s not unreasonable to state an O-Lineman drafted in ’14 in place of Garopolo might have put NE in the SB this year.

    Worry about QB when you need to worry about QB. None of these guys are sure things.

  23. Lots of problems so little cap space and dead money. This team is built to fail and once again I feel confident the will find away to do so. This has been my position for years and I have taken some heat over it from the blind Cowboy faithful but it is still my position. Can’t find enough bad teams for them to play to make it very deep into the play offs if at all and a Super Bowl appearance would require lady luck and a act of God.

  24. I would take Flacco over Romo any day of the week. At least he can win a SB. And that’s playing against the Steelers and the refs, Brady and the refs, Manning and the refs.

  25. That kind of thinking has bit them on more than one occasion. They don’t need to wait until they need a QB to try and draft one, it’s not like they always have the opportunity to draft a QB that has real potential. The time to find Romo’s replacement is now, so he can watch Romo and learn from him.

  26. Brilliant! Practically the whole league is willing to sacrifice short term impact for a good QB! QB is the most important position on the field of you don’t have one you will suffer until you get one!

  27. Do people really believe that Romo may last 3 or 4 more years? Do people really believe that if Romo plays in ten games next year that should be enough to win the division?


    Jerry really does live in fantasy land. I enjoy watching him wane poetic on his organization after games……

  28. What if Romo by chance is healthy for the next couple of years? A 4th round pick is going to eat up the salary cap for someone who will never take a snap in regulation and could then become a FA without every playing a down. Romo or any backup is going to need help from the D like another team did….Denver Broncos…need I say more? Dallas needs D. Btw, do you think your new backup QB could move the O without a Dez Bryant and throw for over 400 yards in a game? Maybe..but probably not, only 7 qbs did that last season, and they all had their star receivers. Dallas has a guy that did that. His name is Kellen Moore.

  29. Sitting a guy completely for three years, or throwing him out there totally unprepared to learn on the job are both foolish, unnecessary extremes.

    Dallas has the perfect situation for any hot prospect rookie: he’s going to have probably right about three years to sit behind a respected, UNselfish veteran with a lot to offer and a love for teaching, AND virtually assured a few games each season in real competition, with Romo helping enormously from the sideline.

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