Hue Jackson on Johnny Manziel: “Our organization is going to take a stand”

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New Browns coach Hue Jackson talked a lot before he had a chance to address Johnny Manziel, and once he did, it became clear that the former first-round pick’s time with the team will be short.

Jackson opened his 15-minute stint on the podium with a solid six-minute filibuster, extolling the virtues of the roster he inherited, the team’s new organizational chart, and the Combine in general, without saying all that much.

But what he said about Manziel when finally asked around the 10-minute mark was clear: “I knew that question was coming. We made a statement two weeks ago about Johnny Manziel and I’m going to stand by that. . . . That behavior will not be tolerated as we move forward. Our organization is going to take a stand.”

Manziel’s still being investigated in Texas for the latest incident with his girlfriend, and the Browns put out word the week before the Super Bowl that they had effectively washed their hands of him.

Now the only question is about the timing, as Jackson’s eventual position left little room for interpretation.

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  1. The NFL is entertaining for skill and strategy and ultimate athleticism. The Browns are entertaining for all sorts of other reasons.

  2. winning means so much in the NFL that someone will give him another shot. I just haven’t seen anything that would make me think that opportunity will end differently.

  3. As Tevye says, as the Good Book says, “as a dog returns to its vomit, so too does a fool repeat it’s folly.”
    Seems like Hue Jackson is making it clear he ain’t no fool.

  4. All together … he hasn’t been arrested, which seems to be the fallback position for Manziel, Manning and a score of NHL and MLB players, who for some strange reason escape charges, common to other pro jocks.

    Jackson would have been safe to pull a Belichick, but then he would face the scorn reserved for his kind. He can’t be curt with the press. He’s not old enough to get that call, like the ref told Cam.

    Anyway, I hope they are serious about sending Manziel packing.

  5. Hue probably knows this is his shot. If he can pull this off, he’s hero in CLE and will have clout and $$$ to go with it. Man likes a challenge…Oakland, Cleveland and Andy Dalton.

  6. If I’m say, Jared Goff, Carson Wentz or Paxton Lynch, the second Cleveland even glances in my direction I start running.

  7. Not a Browns fan, but I like Hue Jackson a lot. Could be the magic man to turn things around for them, but Only if the Owner butts out and stops screwing over his own club.

  8. Easy decision when the talent is marginal at best. Let’s see how they react when it’s someone who adds tremendous value to the team.

  9. Wow, really seems like nobody did their real homework on this guy. Or if they did, he was hiding some things pretty well.
    What an out of control kind of dude he turned out to be.

  10. People act like Manziel is the biggest problem with the Browns. Yes he’s a total mess, no argument there.

    Was Johnny responsible for the disaster that is the Browns like the Monday night game against the Steelers where they literally lose the game on the last play.

    The problem with the Browns starts right at the top. This is the exact reason somebody like Manziel not only got drafted but got drafted with a first round pick.

    Manziel has always been a spoiled rotten brat, his issues are known, but the man with all the power in the organization who can overlook all that and still pick him is why the Browns are the Browns.

    You get rid of Manziel, you fix nothing that continues to create these messes.

    Browns thrive on a culture of losing. As an Ex-Charger fan I’m quite familiar with incompetent ownership.

  11. ninjapleazee says:
    Feb 24, 2016 12:29 PM
    Johnny welfare

    Uh, you do realize he comes from a wealthy oil baron family in Texas, right? That’s why he was allowed to get away with everything in Texas: Affluenza. Johnny doesn’t need the NFL paycheck though the spending money is nice. He craves the celebrity from being an NFL player.

  12. As a Titans fan I REALLY wanted Hue Jackson as our head coach. I think he will do well in Cleveland if given enough time.

  13. I got a laugh about Hue Jackson talking about the talented roster. They have one of the least talented teams in the NFL. No quarterback unless you think Josh McCown is the answer.

  14. chargerdillon says:
    Feb 24, 2016 12:44 PM

    People act like Manziel is the biggest problem with the Browns. Yes he’s a total mess, no argument there.

    Yeah, well, the Browns gave him every tool to succeed, clearly. What kind of QB wouldn’t want to come into a situation where the new HC doesn’t want anything to do with you, never intends to give you a legitimate shot, and the only thing resembling a real weapon on the team is so high he doesn’t even know what year it is?

  15. poiuyt7 says:
    Feb 24, 2016 12:28 PM

    So would he tolerate the behavior if it was Gronkowski?


    I hear this a lot, and I think it’s apples to oranges. Sure, the behavior is similar, but Manziel’s includes domestic violence. Plus, you’re comparing a first ballot HOF’er and a nobody.

  16. mlzehnder says:
    Feb 24, 2016 1:01 PM

    Plus, you’re comparing a first ballot HOF’er and a nobody.


    And you’re comparing the Patriots with the friggin’ Browns. NE actually knows how to run a football team.

  17. doesn’t matter what Hue says or does, if he doesn’t get the browns into the playoffs within 2 years he’s gone… that’s the culture in cleveland and unfortunately Hue isn’t gonna change that.

  18. “Johnny doesn’t need the NFL paycheck though the spending money is nice.”

    Does anybody REALLY know that is true? Daddy being rich doesn’t necessarily mean Johnny is still getting a big allowance. He got caught up in that autograph scandal at A&M which he absolutely SHOULDN’T have needed to do if money was totally an afterthought. Johnny strikes me as having extremely expensive tastes that any parent would eventually get tired of funding.

  19. Why do people compare him to Gronk?
    Johnny is a immature punk that blows he money and a career , not that I care.
    Gronk is crazy young man that plays a helleva game very very well. I heard Gronk only spends his earnings that he gets from commercials and appearances.(p.s. he has a job)


    -Broncos fan

  20. Little room for interpretation? How so? Looks like an enormous amount of room.

    “That behavior will not be tolerated as we move forward. Our organization is going to take a stand.”

    All that says is that they won’t accept any more of this in the future. That could mean he’ll be cut, that could mean they want to trade him, or it could mean they’ll keep him as backup and see if he improves. There’s nothing at all in Jackson’s comments that mean he’s definitely cutting Manziel.

  21. Jimmy Garappolo is as good as, or better than, any QB you’re going to find in this year’s draft. We’ll gladly hand him to you for that #2 pick. Plus he’s had a couple of years learning from BB & TB12.

    All you need to do is pick up the phone.


    Pats fans

  22. When are you going to take a stance on winning? That doesnt seem like a major priority for Haslam and the Clowns and Hue Jackson is a joke.

    Hes such an offensive genius that he managed to coordinate the Bengals with weapons galore to a whopping 6 pts vs the Texans at home and only scored 1 more TD than Johnny did in Pittsburgh with garbage weapons.

    Most overrated Head Coaching hire.

  23. All you people saying “Johnny – burger-flipper, johnny -insurance salesman, etc.” I understand that you are merely trying to convey that his football career is over, but those occupations will never be filled by him. He’s a trust fund baby, and it has shaped his entire character. His whole “thing” is that he’s filthy rich with or without football. It’s been that way all his life, and it always will be… it’s all been handed to him – so he’s going to do what he wants to do… and that’s it. I guarantee it will NEVER involve blue collar work.

  24. Johnny Trust Fund – who needs football when your daddy’s rich. Even without the domestic violence, drugs, alcohol, this guy was never going to make it in the NFL. A little boy trying to pay a man’s game.

  25. So…one week after allegedly beating up his ex,he’s partying in Cabo. He will never be an NFL quarterback or have a job. Yes,he comes from money,which may keep him out of jail,but it can’t save his life. This guy is on a really bad path to self-destruction.

  26. You are “taking a stand” the first time something happens. Not the thirteenth time. That’s called “putting our head in the sand”.

  27. You all forget that Johnny comes from money in Texas . . . even if he professionally falls flat on his face (which it appears it has) he will face plant on a feather pillow with a silk cover on it. No Insurance or Car Salesman in his future . . . instead he’ll become the Owner’s son wreaking havoc on the other employees’ future security.

  28. Um, coach, that ship has sailed. The example has been set by not just Billy, but others. Unless you plan on buying the team, nothing will change. You got two, maybe three years. At least you got paid.

  29. I like that Hue is clearly showing he will run things his way and isn’t afraid of the owner or GM. Pettine didn’t want Manziel but didn’t have the power or guts to dump him.

  30. hrmlss says:
    Feb 24, 2016 12:06 PM
    If they take him back, they are officially the worst organization EVER, in the the entire history of the NFL.


    Manziel is a terrible human being. But the NFL isn’t exactly full of choir boys. In the age of social media, we are just more aware of how bad some of them are. The teams of the 70s, 80s, and 90s are full of coked up wife beaters.

    It’s clear he needs to go and not kicking him to the curb would cause me to look down on them, but worst ever? Nah.

  31. It’s about time, Browns. You should have taken a stand long before this, say before you drafted Johnny Busto.

    Manziel is a creep and any NFL team which even looks at him is foolish. Because not only does he not have the talent to be a good QB in the NFL, he’s an arrogant little punk who thinks he can do whatever he wants with impunity.

    Manziel belongs on the scrap heap with all the other Heisman winners who were busts in the NFL.

  32. Everyone gives Eli Manning crap for power playing away from SD. Would you blame Wentz, Goff or Miller from doing the same thing? Potential hundreds of millions are on the line. If I represented them, I’d tell Cleveland don’t bother drafting my guy. With all due respect to their poor fanbase, that is where young QB careers go to die before they ever have a chance.

  33. justintuckrule says:
    Feb 24, 2016 5:09 PM

    Everyone gives Eli Manning crap for power playing away from SD.

    Actually, they give Archibald crap for that nonsense.

    Eli just went along with what daddy wanted.

  34. It’s one think if you’re a good QB and you’re goofing off, but Manziel only has the talent to be an average backup at best. Your backup QB has to be the most focused player on the team. This was not a match made in heaven. This was a pick made by an “ex-GM”.

  35. It doesn’t take much in the way of brain cells to figure that the Browns are much better off without Manziel. In fact the ex-HC Pettine wanted to get rid of him, Haslam refused and Pettine wound up getting fired. Brilliant.

    And I’m sorry to say that adding an egomaniac & head-case like Hue Jackson as HC will add just as much (if not more) dysfunction to the Cleveland organization as jettisoning Manziel will remove.

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