Mario Williams “definitely” open to finding a way to stay with Bills

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A parting of the ways between the Bills and defensive end Mario Williams has been widely presumed for months thanks to Williams’ complaints about the team’s scheme, complaints from the team about Williams and the nearly $13 million in cap space that the team would recover by releasing the veteran.

No move has been made yet, though, and Williams told Josina Anderson of that he’s still open to finding a way to make things work in Buffalo. Williams referenced his earlier comments about the defense, saying that he thinks “the guys who get after the quarterback can get more opportunities to do that” and that he believes there’s middle ground that can be reached.

“Yes most definitely,” Williams said. “I love my team. I love my teammates. Everything has been fine. It’s just a matter of if there can be a better understanding of being able to do what we least meet half way. That’s all, meet halfway.”

Williams suggested he’d consider a pay cut from $11.5 million to facilitate staying with the team. He said it “all depends on what is happening,” but that his desire to stay with the team is “bigger than just numbers.” The Bills need cap space as they work to re-sign tackle Cordy Glenn and guard Richie Incognito, although it remains to be seen if they want it and Williams or just the cap space.

25 responses to “Mario Williams “definitely” open to finding a way to stay with Bills

  1. Hed need to take a heck of a pay cut. The Bills need all of that 12 million to keep the offensive line together. And the offensive line is playing better and complaining less than Mario.

  2. Take the pay cut , play every down, and have Mario rush the QB ! That’s what he does! I hope Rex stops putting players in positions that doesn’t work for their ability.! He’s right what he said about his roll on the D.!

  3. If the Bills cut him, it’s $7 mil in dead money. The way Mario played no one is paying him $7 mil, might as well take a pay cut in Buffalo, then everyone wins. Except the Jets

  4. If “meeting halfway” really means cutting that $11.5M down to $6M, then I would keep a 31 year-old Super Mario, but if he’s just blowin smoke, I’m moving on and getting ready to pay Tyrod Taylor.

  5. elevandoo says:
    Feb 24, 2016 1:29 PM
    Rex Ryan defenses never generate alot of sacks. Not surprising Marios numbers are down

    Plus Ryan gets too cute for his own good thinking that he’ll fool opponents. But having Williams drop back and cover Gronk or Edeleman is stupid. Good coaches put their players in position to make plays, not trying to show everybody what a genius they are.

  6. Look, they’ve got $7 mill locked up in guarantees anyway. If they redo the deal to make it palatable and put another year or so on the contract, why not keep a solid player and save money?

  7. That $11.5M is just his base salary. He still gets a signing bonus, roster bonus, option bonus and workout bonus.

    His actual salary and cap hit for next season is $19.9M. So it’s safe to say he would need to take a Massive pay cut.

  8. This is interesting. He only has had one bad year for us and it wasn’t just him, the whole defense was inconsistent. I’m fine with keeping him if he restructures, he is a beast when his mind is right.

  9. From the time he came in… all the hype.. what has he really done??

    10 years… 145 games vs. possible 160 games

    10 years… 96 sacks or .66 sacks per game. or 96 games with one sack—–49 games no sacks

    10 years….. 308 tackles or 2. 1 tackles per game

    4 pro-bowls

    1 first team all Pro year

    ranked 37th out of 42 players with 90 sacks or more.

    I mean I get it he is a good lineman… but 11+ million????

    nope don’t see it.

  10. Bills need to cut this lazy whiner and draft someone who wants to drop into coverage, the dude was a statue all season and started complaining at training camp.

    A Bills fan.

  11. Ugh, I hate this time of year. Of course nobody wants him now, whose going to spend 10+ mil on a guy when they can find a younger cheaper replacement in the draft. If Whaley was smart, he would get him to take a pay-cut, wait until day 2 of the draft, see who wanted a DE and didn’t get one and swing a trade. At worst, your stuck with a guy who averaged 10 sacks his first three years here at half the price. The biggest problem is Rex’s scheme, and that really isn’t his fault either. When he went to the Jets, they already ran a 3-4 under Mangini, a similar scheme to what Rex already ran. Then he brings in Bart Scott to instill the philosophy. Buffalo, in the last 10 years before Rex, has had a 3-4 scheme twice. It wouldn’t be a bad move to keep Mario, but it also wouldn’t be a bad move to cut him either. However, the $$$ they save can make or break this team, in all honesty.

  12. Another balls up with Rex’s fingerprints all over it. “Well heck he’s good at this position so let’s drop him back and put him in this one! It’ll work!” Then wondering why his schemes boondoggle.

  13. Rex is Only saving his own job and rob’s. He also thinks the pulse of the fans is defense. Well buddy!….not any more. We need to move up in the draft and get a stud QB… period. Score 40 points a game and that will give us a good defense. Unless teams score 50 points on us. Kim and Terry i.m an old coach in football with the younger kids in the past. This is not rocket science. GET the Quarterback at all costs.

  14. Mario Williams 19 15 4 5.0 those are his stats, I remember there was a game where he played like 80+ percent of the snaps and did not register a stat. Unless he is willing to take like a 90 percent pay cut. I am sure there are backup players on teams with better stats. He can be as good as he wants to be or as bad as he wants to be.

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