Tom Benson fires back at “ungrateful” heirs


Saints owner Tom Benson scored another win in court on Wednesday against family members hoping to overturn Benson’s decision to change his will to bequeath ownership of the NFL team and the NBA’s Pelicans to his third wife, Gayle.

Via the New Orleans Times-Picayune, the Louisiana Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals upheld a judge’s ruling that Benson was mentally competent to alter his will. After the ruling, Tom Benson issued a statement that took aim at those in his family who sued him: his daughter, Renee Benson, and her children, Rita and Ryan LeBlanc.

“I am grateful that the 4th Circuit Court of Appeal has affirmed the ruling that was handed down in the Civil District Court by Judge Kern Reese in this case where my daughter and two grandchildren attempted to have me interdicted,” Benson said. “This continues to be a very sad and trying time for me and my wife Gayle. I am hopeful that the 4th Circuit’s Opinion today will end this litigation.

“Last week, I signed the documents to settle the Shirley Benson Trust in Texas – a trust that I established, managed and successfully grew for the benefit of my daughter and grandchildren over many years. That settlement had my complete consent and authorization as the assets in that trust were left to my daughter and grandchildren in my former wife’s will. I saw no further need to manage those assets for those who have demonstrated such ingratitude toward me over the course of the last year.

“I am hopeful one day soon that all of their ungratefulness will end and I can continue to enjoy my work with the Saints and Pelicans without further interference.”

That probably won’t be happening soon. Benson’s estranged heirs have the right to appeal the decision to the Louisiana Supreme Court. Via the Associated Press, Benson’s heirs recently filed paperwork with the Louisiana Supreme Court aimed at unsealing some of the court records from the case regarding Benson’s mental capacity.

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  1. So I did some quick research. Appearently Rita Leblanc, the one who was apparently in line for the inheritance, decided that having a cozy job with her Multi-Billionaire adoptive Grandfather’s Saints wasn’t enough and proceeded to try to take control. Man. I know the political sphere talks about sense of entitlement lately, but it’s got nothing on this.

  2. It’s going to be sad when he eventually dies and they file another lawsuit challenging the will, forcing his wife to have to go through this all over again.

    I can’t fathom being such a terrible person that I would do this to someone who raised me. My parents have nowhere near as much money as he does, but if they came to me tomorrow and said that they’re giving every last dime to charity when they die, I wouldn’t care. Relationships are so much more important than money.

  3. I get the kids side of it, thinking why is his third wife getting his money and not his children, but at the end of the day, its his money, and youre not entitled. Besides, who would mess w these people after hearing that they sued their dad to get in his will?

    I usually hate when rich people win, but this dude deserves it. Leave your fortune to whoever you want bro, Merica.

  4. The man voted to stop football during the lockout and was complicit in Goodell’s attempt to defame the team. That alone should have him declared incompetent.

  5. Rita is the biggest, most ungrateful wench on the planet.
    She once fired someone for saying ‘good morning’ to her…16 assistance in 12 months…complete trash and has never done a damn thing in her life.

    Keep her away from the Saints or the other owners will force a sale…she is that awful.

  6. Funny is the kids sueing Benson are his step kids from his second wife trying to prevent the third wife from controlling the teams.
    Just like when that old Texas guy’s stepkid fought Anna Nicole for the money.
    I have to say it’s easier to get used to more money than get used to less money.
    Work your way up people. You’ll feel better.

  7. Congratulations Gold Digger #3, Gayle Benson! Back in 2004 you married a strapping 76 year old man and successfully turned him against his family to make sure you got as much of his money as possible. Wow, does the man upstairs have a special spot for you one day!

  8. In related news,
    Renee Benson makes Greta Van Susteren look like Cindy Crawford.

    For those who haven’t been following, Tom Benson gave his family plenty of opportunities to “learn the trade” after he was gone, and they preferred to be lazy and ride the lottery ticket they’ve been handed.

    Ostensibly, Benson wanted someone he knew he could trust to run his interests with the same care he applies today.

    One look at Rita LeBlanc and you know she would eat her own children. Ryan LeBlanc is an overweight Mr. Clean. I hope they lose at every level of justice.

  9. Sad story. However, I can’t blame the kids for trying. The wife, Gayle is a gold digger. She married Benson simply bc he was rich. What, u mean to tell me she loved him, was attracted to him??? U can’t convince me otherwise. His faculties are slipping and Gayle is slowly changing things. Too many things to mention here that has changed since Gayle married Tom. She is securing her retirement. I can’t stand her. It’s sad tom wanted to write his children and grandchildren out of his will. That’s truly sad. Who does that??? Gayle does.

  10. Yeah they are crazy for fighting for something that was there’s for 4 decades but is now going to be left to some bitch who married him at 75. Why does she want control so bad? She didn’t marry for
    Money? Now the team will leave family control? Who wouldn’t fight?

  11. Good for him…… Those ingrates don’t deserve a dime after dragging an elderly man through the mud.

  12. We can all sit here and say that Benson’s kids are only out for the money, and we would be right in saying so.
    However, as the kids, they should expect something, instead of the senile old man leaving everything to some woman who is not the kids’ mother.

  13. Its a lose/lose situation… On one hand you have greedy, ungrateful kids and on the other hand you have a gold digging wife that’s been known in the past to be a money hungry… These are facts!

  14. No fact is (to the people hating on Gayle) she was already rich and was raised damn near like a nun. This lady been loaded way before she got with the guy doing real a state and other endeavors. and thats a fact as much as the fact that she sould be able to look after these teams alot better then the step kids.

  15. Gayle Bensen has played the NO fans like a fine fiddle. Anyone that has been through a marriage like this can see the signs. She has completely cut him off from all the people that used to be in his life. Family, advisers, even hired help. There is only one reason people do that, cut the weak one off from the herd so the herd can not provide protection.

    Assuming one side in such a dispute is “good” just because the other side looks “bad” is a classic mistake. Both Gayle and his kids are turds.

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