Tom Coughlin is back in Indianapolis, even without a coaching job


As he’s done so often, Tom Coughlin flew to Indianapolis Tuesday to get ready for the Scouting Combine.

But unlike 20 of the last 21 years, he’s not working for a team this time.

Via Ralph Vacchiano of the New York Daily News, Coughlin was on the same flight as Giants coach Ben McAdoo yesterday, heading to the Combine to help with the league’s Madden Committee of former coaches who advise the league’s competition committee.

Coughlin has admitted he’s not adjusting well to not coaching, and interviewed for vacant jobs in Philadelphia and San Francisco after he and the Giants parted ways.

His former team has offered to bring him back in as a consultant — which fits with their keeping most of his coaching staff in place around McAdoo —  but so far Coughlin hasn’t taken them up on the offer.

So for now he’s hanging around on the periphery, as he did in 2003 when he visited a number of training camps when he was between his former role with the Jaguars and the Giants job, doing nothing to kill the perception he wants to stay in the game.

14 responses to “Tom Coughlin is back in Indianapolis, even without a coaching job

  1. Coughlin was at the Combine in ’03. Folks walked by and shook their heads and asked him why he was there, because he didn’t have a team. His answer? I will.

    The Titans should have hired him, but, you know, Titans…he could have trained up that young team and served up a cold dish of revenge against my Jags twice a season.

  2. I can totally identify with Coughlin’s passion for his career and his work ethic but come on. You have worked so hard your entire life for this moment coach. You have won multiple Super Bowls and you have millions in the bank. It’s time to experience the other side of life. Spend time with your wife,kids, and grandkids. Get some hobbies and enjoy your life coach. You certainly deserve it.

  3. Good for him. Less than 1% of people on the planet truly enjoy their jobs. He’s the kind that will coach til he drops. Hope he finds a team soon

  4. Coaches … like players … can never admit when it’s over. Last 3 years … 7-9, 6-10, 6-10.

  5. Kind of sad that he hanging around, wasn’t he full filled with the career he had. Some will say that he is still dedicated to the game, most will shake their head and ask what is it that he is trying to prove

  6. ……..the man has two Super Bowls under his belt….it’s amazing he wasn’t hired by the Eagles, Dolphins, Browns, or the 49’ers. This is ONE re-tread coach who’s worth the hire.

  7. .
    He may not get a head coaching position, but he could certainly help some team in a ” special assignment” role. More likely than not, he’d be better off in the AFC away from the Giants.

  8. Anyone who says Coughlin should retire and “enjoy” life has not experiences a work ethic like Coughlin has. Retirement would kill him. He is the same age as Trump.

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