Brandon Allen’s hand-stretching worked, his hands are still teeny though

Getty Images

OK, we promise, as soon as we finish with this one, we’ll be done talking about hand size. At least until the next hand-size story that amuses us.

But the drastic measures taken by Arkansas quarterback Brandon Allen have worked.

According to Bruce Feldman of FOX Sports, the massage therapy Allen received seems to have done the trick, as his hands which measured 8 1/2 inches at the Senior Bowl have grown to 8 7/8 inches when measured here at the Scouting Combine.

Getting an extra 3/8 of an inch of hand size in a month is impressive, regardless the technique.

Although the quick turnaround also brings to mind more questions. Has anyone heard from the Guyer Institute, since we’re here in Indianapolis? Was his masseuse using any special oils, such as deer antler velvet spray?

And if Allen’s drafted by a cold-weather team, will he experience shrinkage? Or does the Ideal Gas Law apply to fingers?

These are important questions, and we vow to get to the bottom of it.

Either that, or realize that the guy who was measuring at the Senior Bowl might have some questionable hands of his own.