Chiefs would like to keep Chase Daniel “at the right price”

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Chiefs General Manager John Dorsey came to the Scouting Combine without his coach, and he might not have his backup quarterback with him much longer.

Dorsey sounded like a man who was resigned to losing quarterback Chase Daniel in free agency, as Alex Smith’s backup looks for a chance to start elsewhere.

Asked Thursday if his backup quarterback was on his roster at the moment, and Dorsey could tell what was being put to him.

“I do. I know what you’re getting with here, you’re going with Chase Daniel,” he said. “We’ve had Chase here for three years. I think Chase is a very competitive player. I think we were very lucky to have him as our number two quarterback. Just a couple hours ago, I had discussions with his agent with regard to see where they were with the process.

“At the right price, I would try to retain him, at the right price. I understand the business of the game of football, and he’s going to want to be able to see if he can start. I do believe he’s capable of doing that, so that process will be ongoing. It will take a couple weeks here before we sit down and talk with his agent some more.”

There are people — including former Chiefs coordinator and new Eagles head coach Doug Pederson — who think Daniel can be a starting quarterback in the league.

And with Washington’s Kirk Cousins expected to get a franchise tag, there aren’t that many options in free agency that are clearly better than Daniel, who has two career starts and 77 pass attempts in six years in the league.

If he leaves, the Chiefs will be down to Smith and 2014 fifth-rounder Aaron Murray and Dominique Davis on their depth chart.

16 responses to “Chiefs would like to keep Chase Daniel “at the right price”

  1. I don’t see why chase Daniel can’t have success like tyrod Taylor and Kirk cousins did this year. I don’t see him ever being more than Alex smith but j thought the same thing about Andy dalton and this year he looked reborn. I wouldn’t pay him more than 8 a year and would probably rather have him over rg3 just based on the health factor.

  2. Chase Daniel has been one of the highest paid backup QBs for the last three years in the NFL. Three point eight mil. is a steep price for any back up, including QB. Under two mil and he stays. But I believe he can start with more than a few teams, and he should get that chance.

  3. I think KC will go with Aaron Murray or Tyler Bray as the #2, however don’t be surprised to see RGIII as the number two.

  4. Chase Daniel played well in all the pre-season games he played in New Orleans, playing better with each passing year. Seems like he would be a great fit as a starter for the Texans, Jets, or Rams. He’s studied behind one of the best in Brees- I think he’ll be a welcome surprise for any team that is smart enough to take him!

  5. He’ll be gone if he wants to start, but I doubt he gets a true chance to be a true franchise QB. I could see a team (like Philly if they don’t resign Bradford) drafting a QB, and singing this guy to come in and start for a season to give the young guy a chance to get ready.

    I highly doubt someone gives him starter money, and more than 2 years. But I could see a team that has a 1st round QB on a rookie contract giving him 18-20 mil for 2 years easily.

    I’d have to think he’d jump at a chance like that. As much as he may like KC, 6 years is a long time to not play. He has to be itching to get at least a realistic chance to start somewhere.

  6. So Daniel goes to Philly and Bradford moves on. Pederson already said Daniel could be a starter. Eagles continue to be the new Cleveland Browns, but Howie is happy.

  7. Time for him to go. Too much money 10 mil + 3 mil bonus is insane for mediocre talent, pee-wee player smallest guy on the field, 5’8 at MU but 6′ with Cheifs… C’mon, horrible under pressure. Tyler is ready for #2 job, 690k contract, 6’6 and a n impressive arm. The Daniel deal will go down as the worst deal in Chiefs history. 10 million for a quarterback who had never played a meaningful snap in the NFL… Pioli damn

  8. They’ll be fine with Murray and Bray as backups provided Bray is finally healthy. He spent 2014 on IR and 2015 on NFI. Anybody know if he’s projected to be ready by camp?

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