Chip Kelly: Never been a question about having Kaepernick on team

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There was a lot of discussion heading into the offseason about what the 49ers would do with quarterback Colin Kaepernick, who is due to have his salary for next season guaranteed on April 1 after a season that saw him struggle on the field before heading to injured reserve and having three surgeries.

There were also reports that Kaepernick didn’t want to remain with the 49ers, but General Manager Trent Baalke let the air out of the balloon on one front Wednesday. Baalke said that Kaepernick will be on the roster beyond April 1 and that he will compete with Blaine Gabbert to be the team’s starting quarterback.

On Thursday, coach Chip Kelly said that Kaepernick “wants to be here” and that he never wanted to come to the 49ers in order to get rid of the quarterback.

“I don’t know what the narrative is that, ‘Is he on the team? Is he not on the team?’” Kelly said, via “It’s never been a question. I’m excited to work with Colin. I’ve never thought that, ‘Hey, I’m going to go to San Francisco and he’s not going to be there.’ I don’t know why everybody else looks at it that way, either. … Kap’s really good. He had the ball on the 5 yard line, taking the team in to win the Super Bowl. You can just look at the tape and know how talented he is. Our job is acquiring talent, not getting rid of talent.”

Kelly said the important thing for Kaepernick in the short term is to get healthy so that he can put forth his best effort in both getting the offense down and competing with Gabbert. At his best Kaepernick has looked like a good fit for what Kelly wants from his quarterbacks, which should make that competition one of the more interesting ones to watch play out in the spring and summer.

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  1. Since entering the NFL, Kelly has had one mobile quarterback – Michael Vick. After a spectacular debut against Washington, Vick performed poorly and was replaced by Nick Foles. Morale of the story is that a QB in Kelly’s offense needs to be a good decision maker first and foremost.

  2. Kap has experienced success in this League and under the right coaching can do so again.

    His attitude/persona has earned him few fans outside of the Faithful (rightfully so) but after last season’s debacle I at least want to see us be competitive again. If Baalke wasn’t our GM I’d feel even more competent but so it goes.

    If we can bolster the O-line and add some LB/CB to our defense getting above .500 is certainly possible. Not lofty goals but with the Boy King York in charge you have to lower your expectations.

  3. “Our job is acquiring talent, not getting rid of talent.” – Kelly

    Just like in Philly, right?

  4. Our job is acquiring talent, not getting rid of talent.”

    then what the hell do you call the dumpster fire you left in Philadelphia?????

  5. Kap was fun to watch when he was playing under Harbaugh. We should throw out last year, when he was being coached by a former D line coach who was somehow promoted to Head Coach. Hopefully Kap can rebound under a new HC who should know a little more about offense.

  6. “Our job is acquiring talent, not getting rid of talent.”

    Apparently Chip was charged with a different task in Philly.

  7. I gotta admit, its going to be an uphill battle for Chip in SF. very little talent on that team. I’d almost think Hue jackson has as easier job. At least he knows his division having coached for Balt and Cin. Plus he’s just a better coach.

  8. “Our job is acquiring talent, not getting rid of talent.” – Kelly

    Um Philly? Destroyed the team

  9. Kap excelled under Harbaugh because he was not asked to do a lot. The 9ers were one of the top rushing teams and best defensive teams in the league. He did not have a lot of pressure on him in that system.
    Now, under Kelly he will be asked to be a big producer with his arm. Everyone knows Kap is not an accurate passer. I can’t see him beating out Gabbert for this reason alone even though he’s more talented.

  10. Gabbert is not the better QB. He can’t even throw for 1st downs. He was Captain Checkdown last year. Kaepernick at least has the physical tools to make all the throws, unfortunately not the mental capacity. Hopefully Chip can call the right plays for Kap to succeed. 49ers were dead last in Offense last year. I don’t see that happening with Chip and Kap. Improvement for Hyde will be important also.

  11. “Our job is acquiring talent, not getting rid of talent.” – Kelly
    OMG !!!
    Desean Jackson, McCoy, Maclin, Trent Cole, Mathis
    were not very talented?

  12. Kaep wanted out, didn’t get it.
    gm says that him and Gabbert will compete.
    Niners say they won’t cut kaep, paying his 12 mill guaranteed.
    What if gabbert beats him out? 12 mill for a backup qb is the plan?
    chip says he’s not getting rid of talent, but implies its possible to bench Kaep.

    Glad everyone in charge is on the same page. Chip will be gone shortly. Thanks for everything york

  13. sorry chip but youll never win with sir tats-a-lot. his body art shows that hes a poor descision maker which u cant have as a qb. he also lacks worth ethic and grit, just not a student of the game. kinda crazy that he can be viewed as a starter when a player with all the intangebles, tim tebow, cant even find a job. sad

  14. Kap doesnt need to make decisions with Chip running the show.

    He just need to have a fast release. All of Chips play are designed for simplicity. His receivers are going to be open, he just has to time is right.

    Kaps advantage is if his 1st and 2nd read arent open, now he will run. The longer he holds the ball looking for an open receiver, the worse his production will be. Chip is going to train him to snap, read, react, and run/pass at a very fast pace.

    Kap might have an excellent situation ahead of him he is buys into Chips program. The tough part will be keeping Kap upright and healthy, while maintaining talent up front for blocking.

    Chip doesnt value winning in the trenches.

  15. Smokescreen is all this is. Chip is only allowed to say what Trent and jed allow him to. Don’t be surprised when rumors again flare up about him on the trading block. Chip and Trent will set this team back another decade.

  16. I wonder if they are just saying this to try and increase his trade value. From the information that has been released it looks like they do not want him and he does not want them.

  17. Look at all these haters. Us 49er fans have barely even commented on OUR own article. #Goniners #Nobodhasitbetter #KapwillbringusSIX

  18. In this system Kaep should flourish !! Mark Sanchez was a very mobile QB in high school and semi-mobile under Chip and threw some bombs downfield. Kaep “does” have a cannon as witnessed by the Manning boy’s camp prior to the draft. Given time to develop and some pass blockers and Kaep should be alright. Don’t hate the guy for getting paid !!!!!

  19. If there is one thing you can ALWAYS count on when it comes to a Kap article here, SeaTrolls will always be on here ragging on him. Fine. I get it.

    But what if, Kelly is the key to this guy and he shreds you this coming season or the next? What if he becomes good at shredding you? Remember the 2014 NFCCG when he WAS shredding that vaunted D in its prime? He ran all over you guys and passed all over you when the game was on the line. He was going in to win that game but didn’t, throwing the pick instead.

    As Kap was driving in at the end of the game, not one of you homers weren’t squealing in your britches.You were all doubled over in agony trembling that it was all going to come crashing down and Caroll would lose to Harbaugh yet again.

    But the narrative worked out in your favor and Kap went totally south. You have owned him the last few years true.

    But you would never be able to show your face here again if he tides turn and you have to suffer through him embarrassing your beloved squad. It could definitely happen if Kelly’s offense runs the way he needs it to with a true zone read threat.

  20. Will the GM/owner force the Chipster to play Kaep and his $12 million contract, assuming the Niners are telling the truth he will be on the team come April 1 -April Fools Day? Benching Murray and his $8 million contract got the Chipster benched.

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