Dallas PD refers Manziel case to DA for presentation to grand jury

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The Browns have made it clear in recent weeks that quarterback Johnny Manziel won’t be part of the team in 2016 and it seems unlikely that anyone else will be clamoring for a chance to bring him to their team while he still faces possible criminal charges for allegedly assaulting and threatening to kill his ex-girlfriend last month.

The status of the case took a step forward on Thursday when the Dallas Police Department released a statement announcing that they have completed their investigation into what went on.

“The investigation of the domestic violence assault involving Jonathan Manziel, which occurred on January 30, 2016, has been completed. Today, a Class A misdemeanor Assault/Domestic Violence case has been referred to the Dallas County District Attorney’s office for presentation to the grand jury.  The Dallas Police Department will not release any details of the investigation while it is pending grand jury presentation.”

There’s no timeline for when a grand jury might hear the case or when a decision about moving forward with charges could be expected. In Texas, Class A misdemeanors carry penalties of not more than 1 year in a county jail and/or a fine of not more than $4,000.

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  1. If they return an indictment that could be the end of Johnny Goofball. Then he can drink and act stoopid as much as he wants and won’t have to worry about denying it by putting up fake tweets regarding his location. I’m sure his daddy has enough money for him to live on after he spends all the money he got paid for being a knucklehead on the Browns.

  2. Wait for it. At the eleventh hour, Texas Governor Jerry Jones will grant Johnny a full pardon of his crimes provided he signs a 3 year minimum contract with the Dallas Cowboys. Johnny will party hard with the Cowboy cheerleaders in celebration of his great news.

  3. All of a sudden, Dallas isn’t a safe place anymore with the professional football players who are prone to violence running wild! Not all of the players…some of the players…many of the players from around the league who call Dallas home.

  4. This kind of makes me wonder why the NFL continues to allow underclassmen to enter the draft. If some of these kids had to a) graduate OR b) be at least 4 years out of high school you might increase the odds they behave like adults. This may not change Johnny, Hardy, Vick, etc. but it might help others.

  5. Dallas PD is such a tease. How can they do this to Jerry? The thought of a grand jury indictment coming through is just too much for Jerry to handle. Get the attorneys fired up to write an exclusive COWBOYS contract for Johnny Alcohol!

  6. In Texas, Class A misdemeanors carry penalties of not more than 1 year in a county jail and/or a fine of not more than $4,000.

    A $4,000 fine is no problem or deterent for Johnny. As a first timer and having a high priced lawyer, I doubt he’d get jail time.

  7. Football aside, facing real consequences for his actions for the first time in his otherwise charmed life may be just what he needs to seek help.

  8. Don’t get drafted to the Browns, kids. This is what happens.

    Wentz, Goff, Lynch, stay the hell away.

  9. When it comes to DV, a case could go “up to the grand jury” for almost anything. I have no idea what he did or didnt do but I already know he’ll be indicted because thats just how it is in 2016. He will eventually plea out to a couple of years probation and maybe some anger management classes. Luckily for him he has no kids with this woman because if he did he could say goodbye to them for a while.

  10. The case was referred to the DA with the recommendation it go to a grand jury because the DPD didn’t find the evidence necessary for a charge. Basically, they punted. Now its up to the DA to recommend it go to a grand jury or drop the case. What this means is that Crowley’s allegations have not been substantiated. Incidentally, she is also under investigation. This case was in Dallas but she attacked Manziel in Fort Worth and Fort Worth is investigating.

  11. Amazing that Dallas PD initially let him go with no charges due to incompetence, star struck, or affluenza. Now that the case made headlines and the press exposed them, they did a real investigation

  12. The DA had plenty enough to charge him. This is obviously BS. Kick the can down the road, it looks like we did something.

    Even the proposed charges are bogus. He beat that girl up, broke her eardrum and threatened to kill her and is charged with a misdemeanor.

    Throw away the key. He’s an embarrassment to all decent men.

  13. If the possibility of indictment by a grand jury doesn’t scare this guy straight,then nothing will. Then again, one week after he allegedly shattered his ex-gf’s eardrum,he’s partying up a storm with his “boys” in Cabo San Lucas. All the booze,drugs,girls and condoms they could handle…that doesn’t sound like someone who’s going to clean up his act. After he blows through his NFL money,if he hasn’t already,his family should cut him off.

  14. Since it is a misdemeanor if the DA wants to charge him then they can file it by Information without going to a Grand Jury. If they take it to a Grand Jury expect it to get no-billed. That is what a DA in Texas does when they don’t really want to pursue a case but doesn’t want the political heat for doing nothing. They can say they tried and blame it on the Grand Jury.

  15. Once the Grand Jury decides there is no reason to charge Manziel and the Cleveland Browns release Manziel as expected, the Cowboys can claim him. Manziel will be in a Cowboys uniform on opening day and will be the starting quarterback once Romo is injured.

  16. How I wish it were up to me. I would throw him in for a year. Not that i care but it might save his football career not to mention his life. That much time of reflection might produce an actual adult from this child.

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