Elway hints at middle-class contract for Osweiler


While Broncos G.M. John Elway waits for a final answer from quarterback Peyton Manning, Elway needs to have a plan in place for quarterback Brock Osweiler.

Appearing on Thursday’s Pro Football Talk on NBCSN, Elway was asked about the difficulty of gauging Osweiler’s value.

“Well, I think that’s the hard part,” Elway said. “When you look at where the salaries are on quarterbacks, either above $15 million or below $5 [million]. There’s no middle class of quarterbacks. So that’s where you hope you could get a fair deal with Brock’s people and his representatives. And I think we’ll be able to do that, you never know, but that’s the toughest thing, Mike. Putting that value on that and obviously sometimes what we think the value is and what their value is, is different, but we’ll see if we could come together on that.

Elway then was asked whether he has the impression Osweiler would take less to stay in Denver.

“I think as a quarterback, and I tell you looking it as a quarterback and not looking at it as Brock, and I’m not looking at it from being a G.M. of the Broncos,” Elway said. “But if I look at Brock Osweiler, if I’m in his shoes, I look at a place where I could be successful and in a system that fits me. And I will tell you this now, and I’m putting on my G.M. hat, I think we do have a system that fits Brock very well. So for Brock to have continued success, I don’t think will be, this won’t be his big contract, but this will be a contract where he’ll be able to make very good money and be able to prove himself that could lead to that next big contract.”

That answer means there’s no way the Broncos would use the franchise tag on Osweiler, since it would be the gateway to “his big contract.” Instead, it looks like Denver will offer a short-term deal in that middle-class market and hope for the best.

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  1. Thank goodness; if someone else is willing to overpay for him let them but he still needs to prove way more before he get a big contract. #GoBroncos

  2. Not quite a ringing endorsement from Elway, but I agree with him. Brock is pretty good. But if we learned anything this year, it’s that Florio could play QB and the money spent on the defense could carry this team. If Brock signs a $15m/year deal, it will cost them multiple valuable players on defense (probably Malik, Ware, and/or Trevathan) and ultimately could cost them another championship.

  3. I look for $8 mill base per year with incentives that move it up to $12 mill.
    But to get those incentives he’ll have to beat out Trevor Siemian, which will be tougher than one thinks as Siemian has a better arm, far better and consistent mechanics (both arm footwork), and quicker thru progressions.

  4. I wonder what AJ McCarron would fetch in a trade from some of these QB less teams. NO QB = NO CHANCE. He had a decent showing at the end of the regular season and the playoff game. I say a high second rounder from Cleveland – thanks Hue.

  5. The Nick Foles contract is your bogey – 2 years, $24 million. That’s probably “market value” for Brock.

    If I’m Brock, I’d want possibly a three year contract for around $40 million but if I’m Elway I want a fourth year for that money.

    Will be interesting to see where this goes. He’s good enough to keep, but not great enough you want to pay him into $18 million+ a year category that the established starters now get.

  6. .
    This seems easy. Give him a middle class contact with additional benchmarks in case he outperforms the original.

  7. Brock is going to make a lot of money in endorsement deals if he can succeed in Denver. It’s worth it to take a little less money up front and win. Even if it doesn’t work out, another team will give Osweiler another shot and the money to go with it. Seriously, all he has to do is do better than old man Manning. Don’t throw picks, score once in awhile.

  8. Not a Broncos fan, but Elway shouldn’t try to be cheap here.

    Cleveland, Houston, and LA could easily throw a 12+ million a year contract at him.

    If he low balls him, I hope he’s ready to ride with RGIII, Bradford, or a rookie under center.

  9. Forgot to add. Houston is a QB away from competing. If the Broncosame offer $10 million per year and Houston gives $15 million per year who do you think Brock signs with?

    Even if Denver is Brock’s preferred choice he would be an idiot to not test the market first if he’said not franchised or if the Broncos don’t make an offer that blows him away.

  10. If Brock was the guy he would not have been benched. Plus many argue that any QB can have success in Denver because of the defense, then why not draft a QB and start him and keep the defense intact?

  11. I wouldn’t count on the Broncos having this caliber a defense for very long…. they were not very good in 2014 or 2013 and seemed to catch lightning in a bottle for a year. If Malik Jackson leaves, and with Ware, Ward and Talib getting a year older I’d be pretty hesitant to bank on Osweiler winning a ton of games. He wasn’t bad but he wasn’t much better than Peyton.

  12. Wouldn’t be surprised if the Broncos let him walk. Elway is too smart to pay this guy a huge sum of money. He did steady the ship down the stretch but also played so bad the last week Kubs had no choice but to pull him. So why sink franchise money on a backup QB.

    The best offense for Denver is to keep as much of the. Defense together as possible.

    Northwestern kid is awesome he will get the nod. Broncos version of Tom Brady

  13. Elways in dream world. There’s a dozen teams that would pay him 15M just because he’s much better than their crummy alternative.

  14. The Broncos and their fans sound like Seattle from two years ago. They talk as if there is some magical loophole in the salary cap that will allow them to keep everyone. Or, failing that, their players will all take hometown discounts.

    Then again, considering Denver’s past shenanigans with the cap, maybe there’s hope of their schemes panning out.

  15. I think it’s funny fans don’t want Brock to be paid basically leaving Denver without a legitimate QB yet they want to pay a overrated Malik Jackson who could be easily replaced in the draft.

  16. Here’s another clown that his bad kharma dealings is going to bite him hard.

    Look at his salary cap situation. I’m waiting on him to mortgage it.

    You have Kubiak, who didn’t have a say-so with his team he inherited. Once he does? Houston Texans, my friend.

    Now you’re ham-n-egging Osweiler? While back-hand complimenting Manning this season? lol.

    Chump. I hope Manning strings you along just so you get your just desserts early.

    Amateur Hour, Part II. With .50 wing night and $1 long necks. Pull the people in with your cheapshot tactics, they’ll soon realize, there’s not a great place to go pee.

  17. I’ve only seen this vindictiveness one other time in a SB winner, Michael McCaskey of the 1985 Bears. We’re still losing because of his “genius” moves.

    You saw here recently where his Mom finally grounded him.

  18. Elway is negotiating from a position of power with Osweiler. Denver just won a super bowl with a God-awful offense; particularly the passing offense. Any starting quarterback in the NFL (and many back-ups) could have won a SB on this team. Brock’s agent would have a tough time playing hardball here.

  19. It’s truly remarkable how many people commenting on something that happened (salary cap violations) 17/18 years ago. Really? That’s all you have after Denver wins…..?

  20. The Sunday GM’s on here are hysterical. As a Broncos fan I feel disgraced by some of my fellow fans. Too many believe that the Broncos can keep the defense intact, which is unrealistic but also they don’t realize that what happened this year is a rarity, a phenomena which happens only now and then. No defensive juggernaut has won back to back championships, not since the 70’s.

  21. Problem is… his agent knows that there are enough QB needy teams out there that will be willing to offer better than medium level contracts for a promising young QB.

    If Elway is hinting at a shorter term deal – to allow that next big contract – then why wouldn’t he listen to better imediate offers? Unfortunately, I see the franchise tag being used in this situation, which means the Broncos had better get Miller signed longterm.

  22. I wouldn’t let that guy walk. He totally proved himself when Peyton was out this year. It is so difficult to find QBs, he learned from the BEST, pay him and be done with it!

  23. Osweiler’s price will not be set by Elway’s wishful thinking, but by looking at how much cap space the several QB-hungry teams have and are willing to pay him. Rams might be called desperate for a QB upgrade to make a good first impression in LA, and have a Trump-like HUUUGE amount of cap space to throw money at him, on the order of $10M or more in year one would not be surprising due to several teams competing for his services. At some salary point, the Broncos just won’t be able to stay in the game due to their smaller cap space, so it will be interesting to see where this goes.

  24. The Broncos are only keeping Manning in play to make them appear less desperate to keep Osweiler, but that’s only a temporary ploy that will be rendered moot when the other QB needy teams join the party. Osweiler just needs to be patient and let the bidding war begin to find out his real value league-wide. So in the end, who will be more desperate? Seems like the Broncos would be up a creek without him…maybe Kubiak can strap on a helmet and help out…

  25. I agree with Elway but what this means is Denver will have no quality QB next year because someone will offer Brock a “Upper class” contract and the kid will take it in a heart beat!

  26. I am sure Brock just LOVES being referred to as “middle-class”.
    Look for him to take his ego and go to another team that will pay him more than “middle-class”.
    I don’t see him giving a hometown discount after that comment.
    I’m not saying he is worth more but in a QB needy league he will get more.

  27. If other teams with less superlative defenses than Denver’s think Brock will lead them out of the wilderness, they’re mistaken. He would be an upgrade for the Texans, but so would a lot of other QBs.

  28. @burfictisabeast says:
    Feb 25, 2016 7:20 PM

    I wonder what AJ McCarron would fetch in a trade from some of these QB less teams. NO QB = NO CHANCE. He had a decent showing at the end of the regular season and the playoff game. I say a high second rounder from Cleveland – thanks Hue.
    Many would say the Broncos won the SB without a QB, to refute your comment.

  29. He will end up getting a Kaep/Dalton-like contract somewhere. Inflated total numbers to make the agent happy, reasonably low cap the first two years, but good guaranteed money, escalators based on success, and probably some kind of “make or break” jump in salary in year three where the team either cuts him or he is worth the investment and the deal gets re-worked.

  30. If I’m Osweiler, I sign a short contract and then see where the market is. That said, he shouldn’t take ANY hometown discounts from Denver. GMs are supposed to try to underpay players, so anything horseface says is just PR negotiation tactics.

  31. So Elway is trying to lowball him with a range of 6-14 million a year, which is likely 10 million dollar a year offer? Also… how many years?

    Depends on Osweiler. He could probably get more from somewhere else. Both per year and total years.

    Denver may offer 3yr/30 million, and a QB desperate team might offer 5yr/75 million.

    Plus whatever team can tell him that he’s their guy, something the Broncos didn’t with Osweiler. Given Elway’s lying traits, Osweiler shouldn’t trust him.

    Remember when Tebow won that playoff game and Elway said his performance deserved a starting role next year?

    Yeah, probably not… because they then went out and signed Manning a few months later and he was gone.

    Now the best thing MIGHT be to stay with the Broncos, but whatever they might sign him for, they will already be looking for the next guy. He may turn down a bunch of money AND still not see the end of whatever shorter contract with less money Elway offers. He should beware.

  32. Smart. Let him earn more if he proves it, by end of contract…escape clause out of it, if he doesn’t turn out to be franchise qb by year 3.

  33. I’ve not seen anything special about Brock Osweiler. If any team wants to throw $10MM plus at a guy who’s started a half dozen games I think Elway will have no problem letting him walk. Ryan Fitzpatrick, or heck even Mark Freaking Sanchez, could give you the same productivity at $5MM a year or less.

    A fair deal for Brock would be around 2 years/$15MM, or maybe 3 years/$25MM, with incentives for production to either boost the pay or void the final deal. Let him prove that he can actually start for a full season before you throw monopoly money at him.

  34. Dear Haters:

    Your obsessive infatuation with Denver’s salary cap violation 18 years ago amuses us. Denver was fined a whopping third round draft pick. Was the violation intentional? Who cares! Two rings baby, will do that every time! Carry on haters. Wake me when your team makes the playoffs. LOL!

  35. While Brock showed some flashes of greatness, and flashes of inexperience in his five starts, they are after all, only five starts. As much as I’d love to keep him, he is NOT worth $15 million. He still needs to be seasoned, and can learn to live on $7 to 8 million if he decides to drive a Dodge, instead of a Porsche….

  36. Dear lord so they will insult him? How about giving him a Dalton type deal. Houston should be all over him. So should LA. He would have the same dominate defense in LA and have a dominate running game as well.

  37. mrwalterisgod says:

    Feb 25, 2016 9:14 PM

    I wouldn’t count on the Broncos having this caliber a defense for very long…. they were not very good in 2014 or 2013 and seemed to catch lightning in a bottle for a year. If Malik Jackson leaves, and with Ware, Ward and Talib getting a year older I’d be pretty hesitant to bank on Osweiler winning a ton of games. He wasn’t bad but he wasn’t much better than Peyton.


    Really.. Hmmm I’m pretty sure the Broncos have had a top 5 defense for the last few years, even under Del Rio/Allen. Wade Phillips just took them to the next level.

  38. This will be really interesting to watch play out. I think it will take Denver around 11 to 12 million to have Brock even consider staying.
    Some team will definitely offer him even more then that.

    Brock is definitely in the drivers seat. so does he bet on himself and take a little less and stay in Denver, or does he grab every nickel he can.

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