Jaguars don’t “expect much” to come from NFL review of Dante Fowler video


Jaguars defensive end Dante Fowler released a statement earlier this week saying he was “embarrassed” about the release of a video showing him watching two women fighting in a Florida apartment building.

Fowler stood back as the women, reportedly Fowler’s girlfriend and the mother of his child, fought for a while before stepping in and helping bring it to an end. He said in the statement that he took “100 percent responsibility for everything that happened” and the NFL issued one of their own saying that they would look into what they termed a “disturbing” incident.

On Thursday, Jaguars General Manager David Caldwell said that the team didn’t “expect much” to come from that review. That’s a reasonable view because, ugly though the fight may have been, there wasn’t much to indicate that Fowler had broken any law that would have opened the door for the league to step in.

Fowler, the team’s first pick in the 2015 draft, is recovering from a torn ACL suffered in rookie minicamp last year. Coach Gus Bradley updated his status this week.

“As far as his treatment and his injury, he’s been really, really good,” Bradley said, via WTLV. “During the season, we had him involved quite a bit, as much as we could in meetings and in treatment. After the season now, he’s really amped it up and I know a lot of his testing has come back and they are really, really good numbers.”

If all works well for Fowler, his next set of headlines will come as a result of on-field exploits rather than the less rewarding ones he’s made so far in his NFL career.