John Elway: Peyton Manning decision not holding up Von Miller talks

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The Broncos have business to do beyond their once and future quarterbacks.

And team executive John Elway said Thursday that anything to do with Peyton Manning isn’t holding that business up.

Elway said he’s talked to Manning in the last few days, but that the quarterback hasn’t yet made a decision on his future. The Broncos will need to do something before Manning’s $19 million salary becomes guaranteed on March 9, but they have other big numbers to deal with beforehand.

He said that he’s exchanged proposals with outside linebacker Von Miller on a long-term deal, sounding a positive note about that.

“We feel good about it,” Elway said of the Miller talks. “We’re very hopeful we’ll be able to get something done.”

But with defensive end Malik Jackson also on the verge of becoming a free agent, they have plenty of work to do.

And even though Manning has yet to declare his intentions, the Broncos are proceeding with other matters, which are frankly more important to their future.

17 responses to “John Elway: Peyton Manning decision not holding up Von Miller talks

  1. Sounds like Manning is willing to take paycut to come back. I wouldn’t be surprised if they go back to back SB wins. They need to shore up that offensive line though because last year it was bad and if they lose Mathis and Vasquez it will be even worse.

  2. Nothing he does will remove the stench of being a habitual sex offender. I bet even Elway gets the creeps around him.

  3. I would think that Osweiler would want to be sure he would be the starter next year before signing a long term contract just to have Manning come back and be the starter. Don’t think he wants to sit on the bench for another year.

  4. Ossweiler’s forehead isn’t big enough to be a starting QB yet…. Elway will send his wife to the Guyer Institute to remedy that….

  5. Manning isn’t coming back. Denver has the perfect face saving out. Peytons contract has a stipulation to pass a physical before salary is guaranteed. It was put in there with his neck in mind, but still. There is no way they pass him. That way if he wants to return thry can say “we love you Peyton, but we have to release you because we can’t give you a clean physical”. Everybody can move on. No hard feelings. No drama.

  6. There’s no scenario in which Manning comes back to Denver. Elway wants him out if he doesn’t retire. Money, and the fact that he’s physically a shell of what he once was make this a certainty. You can pay other people much less to hand the ball off.

  7. Elway is a proven cheater as player and no as GM, but anyone believing anything Elway says, is pretty stupid.

    of course Gomer’s 21 million dollar salary in 2016 is holding up negotiations.

    Even if he retired, Elway doesn’t have leverage on all of their FAs.

    They’re finished.

    Osweiler sits in the driver’s seat.


  8. I would love to see Payton back with Denver at a reduced salary. He still has some ability and the head and passion. Denver needs to help him and get Clady healthy and an improved offensive line. I really love all the Pasties fans on here. You have nothing else in your life.

  9. I too hope Manning returns to face PED suspension, Roger has stated PED use is a 4 game suspension. After all it’s about integrity according to Roger, though Roger himself has none.

  10. Is the drive-by sports media finished with their fun of smearing Peyton Manning’s reputation or is it just on hold for a bit? It seems the wall-to-wall coverage is nowhere to be found all of sudden.

    It’s back to normal football coverage like contracts and retirement. Perhaps they’re just on vacation.

  11. Peyton Manning should have used the Super Bowl victory stage to go out in fairytale style, then head to Disneyland. What a scene that would have been!
    He missed his golden opportunity.

    Instead, he continues to hang on, when in reality he looked so awful early in the season, some thought he’d retire midseason! Had it not been for an injury to Brock Osweiler, there’s no way Manning would have been the SB QB. If so, it would have been unfair.

    Give up the ghost Manning. It’s been an illustrious career. You’re already going to have to answer to the Tennessee accusations at your retirement press conference~unless you do it like Jarred Allen and ride off into the sunset. But if you come back, prepare to be nailed to the cross! Inquiring minds will want to know if you did what you’re accused of doing? And how did it lie dormant for so long! It’s like revealing Elvis is still alive!

    Don’t make the Broncos cut you. In the lyrics of the song, “Frozen,” “Let it go. Let it go…”

  12. Wow, Pats fans define trolling. Just to remind you losers, you have to cheat to win Super Bowls. Three clean rings in the Mile City.

    Who cares if Peyton dropped his nuts on some chick’s face when he was in college? Word round the campfire is it wasn’t the first time, just the first time he did it in front of a group. Hos been hos for a long time. Plus, we’re almost all of us disrespectful towards women at some points in our lives. When I say all of us, I mean all people, including women, are at times disrespectful towards women. Stop being hypocrites. Oh wait, that’s asking the impossible of Patriots fans. . . you just keep doing you, trolls. Maybe Billy Cheats Alot and Tommy Two Face will get you another tainted ring next year so you can spend your time denying and then admitting and trying to reason why you guys always have to cheat to win. By the way, I’m all for it. I love a good story, but I’m glad my franchise just wins Super Bowls and puts a quality product on the field for their fans to support.

  13. Cut Clady, and DT. Did DT even suit up for the play offs, because if he did, he wore an invisible uniform. Keep Ware, and Jackson. Miller and Ware were able to dominate the NFL best passing attacks because Jackson, and Wolfe stopped the run. No run equals no pass. Frankly Peyton needs to hang it up. He got his 2nd ring, and with a 2nd team. That’s never been done before, and I’d hate to see him make a Farve like farce of the end of his career by staying too long. We love you in Denver Peyton, but it’s time to hang up your cleats, and go out the winner you really are.

  14. To whodatin hollywood: You are going to get your wish! PFM won’t come back! What for? He has all the stats, two rings, and 255mil in the bank! He also owns 25 pizza joints and who knows how many other investments that he has made throughout the years! What does he need to prove anymore?!! He’s a smart person and knows that his time is over and he needs to move on and give the next QB the spotlight. I hope that he lives a great life after all this BS that was only brought up after he won SB50. Must be money I smell!

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