Kaepernick’s agents tell reporters they’ve asked for a trade


The 49ers say they want to keep Colin Kaepernick. Colin Kaepernick apparently wants otherwise.

More specifically, Kaepernick’s agents are now telling people that Kaepernick wants otherwise.

Multiple reports have emerged, both from NFL Media and ESPN, that Kaepernick’s agents have asked for permission to seek a trade. The reports are most likely (if not undoubtedly) coming from Kaepernick’s agents.

The 49ers have not yet responded to a request for comment from PFT, and it’s unclear whether either NFL Media or ESPN requested comment from the 49ers. Now that the Scouting Combine-related media availability of 49ers G.M. Trent Baalke and coach Chip Kelly has ended, there won’t be a quick and easy way to ask them about the reports until next month’s league meetings in Florida.

On Thursday, Kelly told reporters he’s convinced Kaepernick wants to play for the 49ers.

Whether Kaepernick’s agents have actually requested permission to seek a trade or have simply told reporters that they have, the cat is now out of the bag — if it wasn’t already. Before the Super Bowl, the New York Daily News reported that Kaepernick wants out, and that he’d like to play for the Jets.

More recently, NFL Media reported this: “Even if Kaepernick has trust issues with the organization, he’s not pushing for a trade.”

With or without permission for Kaepernick to seek a trade, potentially interested teams now know there’s a reason to make a phone call to the 49ers, despite the fact that the 49ers have spent the last two days trying to create the impression that all is well.

103 responses to “Kaepernick’s agents tell reporters they’ve asked for a trade

  1. The 49ers should have kept Harbaugh who miraculously masked that Kap is a horrible QB. But since they didn’t, Kap shouldn’t have been such a horrible QB or he’d still be starting. Take a long, hard look in the mirror buddy.

  2. Screw it, trade him and get as much as you can from it. I don’t blame him, this organization has earned a reputation that seems to want to mirror the Browns.

    So long Kap, thanks for the good memories, work on those reads, layoff the Twitter.

  3. Even Harbaugh couldn’t get Kap past the dancing feet and deer in the headlights affliction…no one doubts his physical skills but unfortunately thinking under pressure is a major issue.

  4. Teams wanting Kaep should bid low to start with… like offering a good groundskeeper. Then adding in a practise team player or so if need be.

    But there will be some teams who didn’t watch tape on Kaep playing last year, who may give away as much as as 7th round draft pick.

  5. I hope this isn’t true. I’ve been a Kap supporter the entire time, he has undeniable talent that I believe Kelly will exploit. All you people that keep saying Kap is horrible are most likely the same idiots that said Alex Smith was horrible & booed him for years, then loved him when Harbaugh showed up & pretended that you loved him all along. However if this story is true, ship him out, if you don’t want to be here get out.

  6. He joins the exodus of players leaving this sorry franchise because of their idiotic insistence on keeping Baalke and/or wanting to get away from York who is clearly not his uncle when it comes to knowing anything about football and how to run a team.

  7. When a talentless, narcissistic @asshat like Kaepernick wants out, you know your franchise is a dumpster fire…

  8. I can’t think enough steps ahead. Why would an agent essentially say his player doesn’t want to play for a team? When he ends up having to play for that team what would his teammates think?

    I’m not one who thinks the QB has to be the leader but he better not be disliked.

    Seems like a bad move.

    By the way, why to most players have an agent but Kap has agentS.

  9. That “contract” that the 9ers fans were touting as recently as August of this year is going to make trading Kap an impossibility. NO ONE is going to pay franchise money for a guy who can’t read a defense and fit balls into tight windows.

    Kap and RGMe = two peas in a pod. Both backups after both are cut.

  10. The only reason the timing of this makes sense from the Kaepernick camp’s side is if he really wants to get to one of the teams that he feels are the right fit with his current contract intact before they go another route and he is no longer a viable option for them. The irony is he’s probably a better fit for Kelly’s system than he would be for the Jets or Texans but if it doesn’t work out with Kelly and NY or Houston (the 2 places the rumors mention most) fill their needs long term then he will have missed his chance to land on his feet with a more competitive team than he probably feels SF will be for the foreseeable future.

  11. Hopefully my Vikings make a good offer and land Kap. After that playoff appearance and noddle arm Teddy’s 2nd year we clearly need a QB that can throw the ball downfield and make a big play. We won’t get anywhere by a decent defense and kicking FG’s all day. Teddy is a huge Bust in this die hard Viking’s fan mind!

  12. Trying to run away from the one coach who actually who may make him look like a decent NFL level QB???….totally makes sense.

  13. Clearly, the 9’ers will be drafting a QB, likely with their 1st round pick. Never thought I’d say this, but it’s looking more and more likely that Blaine freaking Gabbert is the starting 9’ers QB going into next season. Admittedly, he looked better than I ever thought he would last year, but let’s not get too excited. Gabby’s prolly just keeping the seat warm until the yet-to-be-drafted QB learns to fly.

  14. He can get permission to seek a trade all he wants, they’d still have to find a taker willing to pay him almost 12 million dollars and give some form of compensation back to the niners that they would deem acceptable.

    That said, Jeff Fisher just said Case Keenum will be his starter at the combine, which is what he said about Bradford shortly before he shipped him out for Foles last year. He like mediocrity seems like Kaep would be just his kinda guy

  15. If they are willing to keep him to his contract he should FIRE his agents NOW.
    He will never see that kind of ca$h on the open market if he is WAIVED instead of traded.
    Come on now.

  16. As much as the narrative about Kaepernick being a perfect fit for Chip’s offense has been pushed, I don’t think that Chip himself feels that way. I think that Chip wants a guy who is going to run his offense the way that it is designed, and make the decisions that he has scripted. Is headstrong, freelancing Kaep going to do that? He has yet to show that kind of discipline, and I don’t suspect that he will now. I believe that Gabbert is actually a better fit, a smart guy with understated athleticism and something to prove. So, I expect that Kaepernick will be gone, and I suspect that that is exactly what Chip wants.

    I don’t have a dog in the fight really. I have no allegiance to the 9er’s, Eagles, Kelly or Kaep. I just see what I see. As much of a physical fit as this guy might be, he seems to be the exact opposite of what Kelly wants mentally. Mariota is supposed to be the prototype Chip Kelly guy, and while the two have physical similarities, their mental make up’s aren’t at all alike. So, the talking heads can keep pushing this as a great fit, but I won’t believe it until I see it on the field.

  17. Is his agent inexperienced or not very bright. I wouldn’t trade for him on the principal that his agent went to the media, smart GMs wouldn’t want to do business with his agent, he’s too stupid to understand the unwritten rules. Plus, he sucks, he’s not even worth trying to acquire.

  18. If the 49er’s are smart and get an offer more than a buck fifty, they take it and run…

  19. Kap lost the Alpha Dog competition to Blaine Gabbert.
    There’s no unwinding that truth. I think the 9ers knew very well this situation would come to pass, but now they’re in a stronger position from a PR perspective, and in dealing with other teams.

    Kaepernick has a better career completion % and passer rating than Cam Newton. Far better winning % in regular season and playoffs. He is every bit as good an athlete and they came out of the same draft. So, yes, he will have trade value, and it will surprise a lot of people when it happens.

  20. Kaep is not very intelligent, some of you havent figured that out yet. I knew it was over the offseason he was wearing the Miami Dolphins hat. He spends all his money on shoes and clothes. Even Marshawn Lynch is smarter than this kid. Harbaugh didnt want to fire Roman or trade Kaep. He basically came in as the coach and pulled a mutiny by taking all the power out of Baalkes hands. Kaep and Harbaugh sealed their own fate. Harbaugh is a college coach, too rigid for the NFL. Any of you who think Kaep is a decent QB need to check yourselves. He got big and injured and lost his speed. If you watched any of his games last year even the ones he won you would know. I watched him run out of bounds last season with no chance of being hit before the line of scrimmage instead of throwing it away, that is not even acceptable in high school. He cant read a defense….he cant. He is a terrible QB and not cerebral enough to play the position.

  21. I understand him, he needs to salvage his career in another location. Wasn’t that team dropping hints about a new QB or QB competition in the latter part of the season.

  22. his agent may want to tap the brakes…if hes not traded and gets cut, NOBODY is gonna give a guy who cant read a defense or throw from the pocket $12M next yr…

  23. I wanted to see him and Chip but if he wants to go, let him. Save the money. Plus Blaine Gabbert didn’t do a bad job last year. One or 2 lineman and a PLAY MAKING WR and he can do some things. Guy was a top 10 pick for a reason he’s got some game with him…. Defense is another story.

  24. Don’t just look at Kaepernick. Look at all the players that ran for the exits as soon as the 49ers chose Baalke over Harbaugh. These football players put in a lot of hard work and effort. They want to win. The 49ers organization does not put winning at a very high priority and everybody knows it.

  25. Good to hear others on this site that see it. as I do – how is Kap a good fit for Kelly’s system? The system that requires quick reads and some touch passing. When Chips system is humming the QBs almost function like Pt Guards – that’s not Kap!

  26. Just like any millennial, kraplypick wants something handed to him without earning it (starting job) so he wants out. Although Im not sure you can make trades to Canada.

  27. Jets would be insane to choose this guy over Fitzpatrick. And not terribly smart to pick him up as a backup, either.

  28. If he wants to go, let him go. But if he goes, his career is toast. At least with the 9ers, Chip can do something with his skill set. He’s not going to get that with the Jets.

  29. If you took the top 30 Qb’s in the NFL, how many of them are as tatted up as Kap….or anywhere close? At that position, those are warning signs.

  30. That guy suggesting he be swapped for a groundskeeper actually has a great idea. The Niners need one more than they need an overpaid, scatter-armed QB who can’t throw from the pocket. They actually NEED a competent groundskeeper.

  31. Chip was never going to turn Kaep around. The only QB that looked good for him in Philly was Foles that first year when they were leading the league in rushing and nobody had figured his offense out yet.

  32. I love how so many people question what value he has because he isn’t a “franchise QB.” He won games, and did so despite the pundits who said he couldn’t. Maybe you can’t rely upon him to do so on his own. But, he can do his part. He shouldn’t be paid as if he will be the team’s MVP. But, he can be an important part of a winning team.

  33. Nobody will ever top the sacrilege of the Albert Haynesworth contract, but that isn’t gonna stop Colin from trying.

    Grossly overpaid.

    This is about to get REAL funny in SF.

  34. I hope he goes to a city like NY or PHI that will eat him for lunch in the media. He has proven himself to be very weak emotionally.

  35. barrymichaels61 says:
    Feb 25, 2016 11:49 PM

    Miami media reporting Dolphins 49ers will swap QB’s.
    Kap for Tannehill.

    On the upside, he would already have a Miami hat.

  36. The guy doesn’t necessarily fit within Kelly’s offensive system, which may be why he wants out and why the team did the obligatory “we want to keep him” statement before trading him. Then again, my team went through all this crap with AP last year and everything turned out okay.

  37. Colin Kaepernick signed a 6 year, $114,000,000 contract with the San Francisco 49ers, including a $12,328,766 signing bonus, $61,000,000 guaranteed, and an average annual salary of $19,000,000.

    No one in their right mind is going trade for this guy with
    that contract!! $61 million guaranteed! hahaha

  38. I will never argue for a player that does not want to be with the 9ers. From this point on he is an outcast. Even if he can’t find a trade partner I still will not trust him. Cut him.

  39. I think they’ll get offers for him. Teams like Cle, Hou, Phi (would’t cost more than Bradford, and Kaps contract has outs for the team), NYJ (depending on if the staff likes Fitz as much as Marshall), and Stl (If they would risk trading him in division) would all if not be clearly upgraded, at least have a higher upside with Kap than they do with any of their current QB’s

    But, I don’t think those offers will be for all that much. After all, most of those teams are drafting high, so may look to go QB in the draft. Plus you can get a guy with the same risk/reward on a contract that will probably be 1/3 of his, without giving up anything (RG3)

    So that list of 5 or so teams will get cut down fast. At least one of Fitzpatrick or Bradford resigns. Anywhere from 1-3 of those teams draft a QB in the 1st (and wont’ have much interest in a placeholder making franchise money), and that list of teams willing to make a deal for him dwindles to 1 or none real quick. I think that is why this rumor is getting floated now. If they don’t get it done before those teams make moves and fill those spots, he may find he has nowhere else to go…especially with his current contract

  40. The REAL vikingforlife does not want anything to do with Kap. Seriously folks, whoever gets him, gets another head case. vikingf0rlife, yes you, with the ZERO in the middle, please get your own handle and stop saying stupid things about Teddy.

  41. Kap owns the Packers! Still can remember him running and throwing all over them in their house, in the cold at the hollowed grounds of Lamblow. Good luck Kap, you have a home as a backup in Mn if you need it.

  42. We will take kap send him to the jets..we will give S.F. S.Richardson for kapp and a 5th Rd pick I think the jets could really use kapp and I think he would return to the old kapp under todd bowls and with the jets wr Corp he needs a change of teams.. this guy can return to the old kapp that we seen a couple yrs ago. If you get him out of S.F. and in the right situation. .

  43. He understands that he’s the fall guy like Lee Majors in that organization and rightfully wants out. His team friendly deal actually helps him in that it’ll be easier to trade. They set him up to fail and are only giving lip service to how much they want him back to increase his trade value. Can’t accuse the guy of being dumb.

  44. jets4everandever says:
    Feb 26, 2016 6:35 AM

    We will take kap send him to the jets..we will give S.F. S.Richardson for kapp and a 5th Rd pick I think the jets could really use kapp and I think he would return to the old kapp under todd bowls and with the jets wr Corp he needs a change of teams.. this guy can return to the old kapp that we seen a couple yrs ago. If you get him out of S.F. and in the right situation.

    You are obviously not a Jets Fan, probably a Pats or ‘fin fan in disguise.

    Maccagnon, Bowles and Chan want no part of the Head case from the Bay. They want a QB who has a brain and knows how to use it, Kaep doesn’t qualify. Never will.

  45. If you’d like to suggest that Kaep is a poor quarterback because he can’t read a defense well, doesn’t have touch on his passes, has poor pocket presence, is too quick to scramble, doesn’t spend enough time studying film, or is inaccurate while under pressure, that is totally fair. If you want to suggest that he is a poor quarterback because he has tattoos, that is just silly.

    This kid had his head blown up by having a season of running wild on the NFL because teams didn’t have the tape they needed to shut him down. Jaws was talking about how he could be an all time great and just about everyone was talking about how he (and RG3) would revolutionize the way the position was played. Too much fame without enough accomplishment is a terrible thing for the development of a QB.

  46. This whole thing is so confusing. They get rid of Alex Smith who seems to be happy in K.C. and make Kap their man. What happened?????

  47. He may want to change representation. Kelly may be the ONLY NFL coach that may know how to utilize Kaepernick. Without Kelly, he may not find a place in the league.

  48. These are the same “agents” who let Kaepernick sign an extremely team friendly contract 2 years ago which basically gives SF most of the leverage with his career. Why he would let them have any say so in his career now is mind numbing. Get your butt out there and compete for the QB job against Gabbert and make your $12M. It’s the best deal you’re going to get

  49. San Francisco 49ers head coach Chip Kelly told reporters Thursday that embattled former starting quarterback Colin Kaepernick has no interest in playing for another team.

    “He wants to be here,” said Kelly at the NFL Scouting Combine in Indianapolis. “He’s never expressed to me that he doesn’t want to be here. He expressed to me that he was excited about getting healthy and getting going. And we’re excited about him getting healthy and getting going.”

  50. He made it to a Superbowl and the NFC championship game the next year. I would like to see him get another chance with a team with talent like the Rams, Jets, Philly, or Houston.

  51. It is interesting that he wants out of the only situation in the league that MAY have a chance at accommodating his skillset.

  52. WOW. When a QB would prefer NOT to work with Chip Kelly, that cannot be good for Chip. Eagles, Rams, Cleveland are the only other starting QB openings for 2016. Despite current injuries/game play/lack of game play, Kap has the most experience of all available QBs, having played through post-season into a Super Bowl.

  53. Crazy. He could play for Houston, Rams ,Cleveland, Denver, Phil., maybe Arizona. New Orleans will need a QB soon. He needs to get out of SF. He could be a steel. Someone will give him a chance to play . There are not enough QBs to go around.

  54. Actually Cleveland may actually be one of the few places he could fit. Hue worked wonders with Jason Campbell in oakland. Had him on a decent run for the playoffs before he got injured. kaep needs a solid D though be successful. If he’s smart he’ll go to the team with the most talent. But he’ll probably chase the dollars and end up in Philly or houston or as a backup. i just dont get why these guys turn away millions (12 mil to be exact) to see if the grass is greener elsewhere. I understand its a trade he’s seeking but the 9ers could just outright release him if no one calls.

  55. Kaps agent gonna cost him money. He has the chance to have his salary guaranteed for around 12million for the upcoming season. But if the 49ers decide to cut bait and just release him i don’t see anybody giving him more than 10mil. Maybe in the 5-8 range for a season. I don’t see why anybody would also trade for him. If im the 49ers i say cut him loose.

  56. tindeaux says:
    Feb 26, 2016 11:49 AM

    whatever happened to “who’s got it better than us?” I don’t know.

    York and Baalke happened.

    They made two of the most disastrous personnel decisions in history when they fired Harbaugh and promoted Tomsula.

    The third most disastrous personnel decision in history might be the hiring of Chip Kelly, but that remains to be seen.

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