Panthers G.M. trying to get a deal for Josh Norman before tag deadline

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The Panthers have no intention of letting cornerback Josh Norman hit the free agent market.

But General Manager Dave Gettleman said he’s going to work in the next few days to try to keep Norman without using the franchise tag.

Gettleman repeated his intention to hang onto the emerging cover man, who earned All-Pro honors this year.

“I told you guys that I don’t believe in drafting and developing players for other teams,” Gettleman said. “We’re going to have the conversation and we’re going to do the best we can.

“We’re going to try to get a deal done and if not there are options, and maybe the tag gets used.”

The former fifth-round pick has downplayed contract talk all season. And even though this is Norman’s one real chance at the free agent market, Gettleman wasn’t worried about him pouting if he gets tagged prior to next Tuesday’s deadline.

“No, Josh is a pro,” Gettleman said. “He’s a pro and, . . . . No, not at all, because I’m not.”

The problem with finding the appropriate value for Norman is that he’s only been playing at a consistently high level for about a season and a half, having bounced in and out of coach Ron Rivera’s doghouse prior to that. And he’s also 28 years old, which has to give Gettleman pause when considering how to do the back half of the deal for an aging player.

11 responses to “Panthers G.M. trying to get a deal for Josh Norman before tag deadline

  1. Very good corner, but not a great one. Definitely benefitted from the front seven. Panthers could end up overpaying here.

  2. 28 years old, only played great in his contract year, got burned for big late game TDs by the Giants and the Seahawks, short and didn’t make any plays in the Super Bowl. Pass on giving him the big money.

  3. Oh man, the hate is so real right now. Yall scared already.

    Norman is ELITE. And just bc he didn’t scream it in Erin Andrews face, doesn’t mean he’s not the best corner in the game.

    sb44champs: the super bowl RUN was fantastic. The actual game…not so much. But where does a SAINTS fan get off criticizing Carolina’s D? You shouldn’t be worried about our SB, you should be worried about how the hell you’re ever gonna beat us with a broken qb and the leagues worst d.

  4. Seriously when great QB’s wouldn’t even throw in Norman’s direction. What opposing fans are wanting is to be like the Panthers and dominate. Josh Norman is the real deal and again opposing teams are drooling that Gettleman can’t get a deal done. So as Panthers will say for the 2016 season is like a song ” You Ain’t Seen Nothing Yet”.

    Just go watch Gettleman’s presser at the combine and you will see why .

  5. As a man that just turned 46 last week, I have to laugh at a 28-year-old being referred to as “aging.”

    I think this is a mindset based on the notion that elite CBs are only elite CBs because they can run a minute in 30 seconds. That is a component, but actually covering the receiver has something to do with it too. Norman isn’t the fastest CB in the league; that’s never been his strongest attribute. He is able to jam people at the line and stay on them, not to mention his ability to get in people’s heads (see Beckham Jr., Odell).

    I have no problem with giving him a 5-year, $70 million contract. He’ll be shutting people down at age 33, just like he is now.

    Keep Pounding!!!

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