Philly DA’s office: Report of no McCoy charges “utterly wrong”


The Philadelphia District Attorney’s office is refuting an earlier report by Vic Carucci of the Buffalo News that said Bills running back LeSean McCoy won’t face charges stemming from a Super Bowl Sunday nightclub fight.

District Attorney’s Office Spokesman Cameron Kline told Joe Buscaglia of WKBW in Buffalo that report is “utterly wrong” and that the investigation is ongoing.

McCoy and former NFL running back Curtis Brinkley were involved in an early-morning Philadelphia nightclub fight that ended with off-duty police officers being hospitalized.

McCoy was scheduled to meet with the district attorney earlier this week.

The NFL began investigating the incident immediately after news of it emerged. The Bills have said nothing beyond a standard team statement that they’re aware of the incident.

35 responses to “Philly DA’s office: Report of no McCoy charges “utterly wrong”

  1. C’mon, we all know the copS started it. That’s why they aren’t charging Shady with assault. They are trying to decide if they can get him for mischief or disturbing the Peace. They are working hard to make something stick, so the off duty cops don’t look like complete d-bags!

  2. Well, there is the nail. No turning back now. The defenses legal team had better be top-notch or somebody is going to have egg on their face. Well, for all of the haters, there will be charges. Whether or not they actually have a leg to stand on is a totally different story.

  3. I’m a bills fan, but i hope he doesnt pay to get out of this scott free. Im tired of seeing athletes getting out of trouble. He was in a fight, based on the videos- he could have 100% avoided it.

  4. I kinda want this case to go to trial just to hear under oath what motivates 40 year old low level cops to buy 1000 bottles of alcohol & brawl at 3am.

  5. Well, I guess there will be something.

    Maybe what McCoy’s people heard was that there would be no felony charges. That’s what the FOP was pushing hard for.

    Either that, or the DA’s office wasn’t ready for that piece of information to leak and now they’re scrambling after getting a number of angry phone calls.

  6. Why don’t they just charge him with something simple like disturbing the peace & get it over with. Boys will be boys… I’m sure those Cops were just innocent bystanders.

  7. I’m a Bills fan, and I was wrongly arrested one time. The cops and the DA are more crooked than any criminal, and will fabricate anything to protect one another.

    I hope Shady walks free.

  8. If I am right, prior to this he never got in trouble. How many people have gotten in bar fights? Probably hundreds of thousands, how many of those people lose their jobs? If the officers involved did instigate the fight shouldn’t they be in more trouble than McCoy? as much as I feel professional athletes should be held to higher standards, public servants and law enforcement officers should be held to an even higher standard.

  9. Why is everybody in such a hurry here, except the DA? Everybody’s so sure they have the story straight one way or the other, but let the chips fall where they may. Carucci may end up being 100% right … later. He may also be dead wrong, with EVERYBODY in the incident facing charges. Let’s see what the police union and mayor say then if that goes down.

  10. DIdn’t the Philly DA take a payoff from Marvin Harrison to cover up the attempted murder case he had going on?

    Oh, I think so. Harrison “retired” that offseason after injuring a child with his Belgian made cop killing pistol and he injured another person as he tried to kill him.

    It all sort of just disappeared.


  11. Well if the statement was utterly wrong, then there had better be some charges on their way or a defamation of character law suit will probably be filed.

    Why can’t people simply state that they have no statement to make at that time rather than play this game of one upmanship!

  12. I think the strategy of the Philly DA is to sit on this case for a few months until everyone forgets about it, then quietly drop it.

  13. They’ll charge him with something to appease the cops. It will likely be a misdemeanor, because they likely don’t have enough to make felony charges stick…and once again there’s a good chance the cops started it and no one wants to deal with that tidbit.

    Like I’ve said repeatedly, Shady has a real lawyer, and he will not hesitate to turn over all stones to exonerate his client, and I don’t think the DA’s office REALLY wants that to happen.

  14. Why is the IDIOT Fraternal Order of Police DOLT Making such a big deal of the fact that they were “off duty” police?!?!?!?!

    So Freaking What!!!!?!!!!

    Off duty means they were not opperating in their Official Capacity when they got Their A $$ Kicked!!!!!!
    So, no need to emphasize their emploment, AT ALL!!! IDIOTIC

    They forgot they didn’t have their uniforms on when they were “Confiscating” McCoy’s champagne!!!….ooooops!!!!!

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