Report: No charges for LeSean McCoy


The investigation into the alleged assault involving Bills running back LeSean McCoy is likely to result in no charges against McCoy, a source told Vic Carucci of the Buffalo News Thursday.

Carucci tweeted that someone with McCoy that night could be charged, but McCoy won’t be.

McCoy was involved in an early-morning Philadelphia nightclub fight on Super Bowl Sunday that ended with off-duty police officers being hospitalized.

There have been varying reports on whether charges would be filed, and the district attorney’s office has said there’s no hurry to make a decision. The Fraternal Order of Police accused the district attorney of providing McCoy special treatment.

The NFL began investigating the incident immediately after news of it emerged. The Bills have said nothing beyond a standard team statement that they’re aware of the incident.

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  1. Having dealt with off duty cops as a bouncer in my 20s, this does not surprise me. It wasn’t uncommon for off duty cops to start fights, then claim to be the party that was attacked once we called the cops and their buddies showed up.

  2. I’d wait until it’s official, but it doesn’t shock me.

    Drunk witnesses, allegations of the plaintiff’s (who the cops said in advance would not be charged) drunkenly brandishing a gun, and putting someone in a choke hold and possibly driving drunk meeting a high priced lawyer over a misdemeanor charge…

  3. we knew this was going to happen. Now charge the cops for starting the fight and check their bank accounts. How can they buy multiple 1k bottles.

  4. Everyone ready to throw Shady under the bus. In the court of public opinion he was guilty. Looks like a whole lot more to the story and maybe the off duty officers actually started the whole thing. No I don’t hate the boys in blue, but I do hate crooked and bully cops. Sounds like they got the beat down they may have deserved/asked for. Although he may get off, he will still have to sit out a few games IMO.

  5. floratiotime says:
    Feb 25, 2016 12:00 PM

    Thank goodness he’s rich and famous.

    Or he is not guilty. One punch doesn’t make it assault when he could have been defending himself. No one really knows what went down that night but the people involved. Too many stories from both sides

  6. @whitewalkerinphilly

    It doesn’t shock you? Really? Because I vaguely remember reading a comment where you were sure he was only meeting with the DA to plea bargain, believing you offended everyone by saying so.

    I will say I’m not shocked, and I hadn’t been all along, even after the video. It was a bar fight, if one party is charged, both parties are charged. The only reason there are no charges is because of the backlash that would have been the true story and how it would have shown the cops in an even more negative light than McCoy, I mean, we all already know McCoy is a block head.

  7. godfatherd says:
    Feb 25, 2016 11:59 AM

    Having dealt with off duty cops as a bouncer in my 20s, this does not surprise me.

    Having socialized with off duty police in my 20s, this does not surprise me.

  8. Cops are a tight knit group they will lie for each other even if they are the guilty party the D.A. Sees through the bravado in this case.

  9. 1. If it was not off-duty cops, and instead just some average people, would this be an issue?

    2. If it wasn’t an NFL player, and just an average person, would this be an issue.

    3. Did McCoys party start the altercation? Did the off duty cops start the altercation?

    Is there a video that shows the entire incident, including what happened before?

    LeSean may be a bad guy, but proof is needed.

  10. RE: rabidbillsfan

    I said that’s what I thought the DA was holding the meeting for. I still think odds are good a deal was offered at that time.

    Hell, I even phrased it around the argument I thought that he would use: that it would likely cost less than a trial, shield Shady from the chance for the attorney general getting involved (double jeopardy), the cops get a civil suit lined up (which I fully expect to happen anyway) and don’t have to worry about possibly admitting to a crime on the stand.

    I also would not be shocked that the decision to reshuffle the meeting changed the perception of the bargaining position. It went from “Shady is going to see the DA” to “the DA is choosing to come to Shady’s lawyer’s office”.

  11. truthfactory says:
    Feb 25, 2016 11:56 AM

    I’m sure Archie Manning “swept this under the rug” too…

    Unless McCoy paid damages to the cops, more than once, I’m going to say “its unlikely”.

  12. 3 cops bought 4 bottles of thousand-dollar champagne–it wasn’t even just one bottle per guy. Since I know very few guys who like champagne that much my guess would be they were spraying the stuff around and that was the start of the fight. Has anybody reported on what they were celebrating and how they could afford $4,000 worth of champagne?

  13. no surprise here, he shows the DA the money, and he walks away. A DA isn’t going to go against Mr Money

  14. Seems like the cops were in the wrong to and they don’t want to make it look bad for anyone so they’ll act like nothing happened sounds like McCoy and his buddy laid it on them though.

  15. Looks like he had a “fall guy” just like Chris Carter suggested. Sort of like Haslem did with Flying J.

  16. Nesby is so upset about all of this that he’s only going to eat ONE dozen of donuts every day this coming week instead of his usual three.

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