Rick Smith: We won’t cut Arian Foster because of salary

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A report in January indicated that the Texans were likely to release veteran running back Arian Foster this offseason.

It wasn’t a hard one to believe as Foster is set to make $6.5 million in salary, more than half of which the Texans would get back if they cut him, and is coming back from a torn Achilles tendon with his 30th birthday approaching. The Achilles tear is the latest in a series of injuries that have kept Foster off the field in recent seasons, which only adds more reason to speculate about his future.

If the Texans do move on from Foster, General Manager Rick Smith says it won’t be because of the salary.

“As it relates to all the free agent conversations, I’m never really going to tell you one way or the other what we are doing, but I will tell you this: his salary is not a reason why we would cut Arian,” Smith said from the Scouting Combine in Indianapolis.

That would leave injury or ineffectiveness related to past injuries as reasons why the Texans would move on. Smith said that he believes Foster will “bounce back” and “be fine,” which would seem to make his spot on the team look more secure than it did earlier this offseason.

17 responses to “Rick Smith: We won’t cut Arian Foster because of salary

  1. Of course we would not cut him because of his salary…but we will cut him because of his compensation.. wait, what?

  2. Which means the reason for cuts will be his inability to stay healthy. I like foster and still think when healthy can be a dominant running back I would keep him this year and see what happens you aren’t going to be a worse football team because of him and if he is healthy you might’ve scored a point in your playoff game.

  3. I say Rick Smith “might be on drugs” or “not a good General Manager” if that’s what he thinks.

    Go draft a running back to take his place for the future alongside Alfred Blue. Sign somebody if you feel you need to.

    Then throw money at whichever QB you decide. Hopefully that will be good enough for you to not get shut out in a playoff game this season.

  4. Their run game without him was just abysmal and they aren’t in a position to compensate for that with the passing game because they’re weak at qb. That’s forcing them to consider keeping him. Hopkins is a monster but one receiver will never be good enough to carry the offense on his own.

    Texans are at a crossroads. They backed into the playoffs but got annihilated. Expectations for next year will be high but I just don’t see enough legitimate offensive skill position players to do any better next year unless something magical happens at quarterback.

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