Some weirdo team asks a player if he thought his mom was hot

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It was shameful when an NFL team asked tight end Nick Kasa at the Scouting Combine if he liked girls.

It was moronic when Jeff Ireland once asked Dez Bryant if his mother was a prostitute.

But they’ve now been topped, by the mother of all ridiculous combine questions.

According to Dane Brugler of, one team asked a prospect if he found his mother attractive.

First off, gross.

Second of all, it’s hard to imagine what the right answer to this question would be.

Third, what in the name of Oedipus Rex Ryan (who’s always been more of a foot man) could possibly be gleaned from this kind of information, once harvested?

During their interviews with players, teams want to put players in uncomfortable spots to see how they think on their feet, to gauge reactions rather than canned answers prepared weeks or months in advance. But sometimes, in their effort to be clever, teams cross the line.

And whichever team did this one, crossed the line in a major way.

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  1. At age 21 or 22, I would be stunned by that question and knowing what may be at stake, I probably say the wrong thing, take a swing or walk out. Maybe even say, I’m not sure what you mean, please expound.

    As a mature man, I’d answer by saying, yes she’s attractive as a parent, as my mother, she’s very attractive. Then I would pivot to ask him the same question.

  2. No they didn’t it’s funny. Anybody who has played football would of had things much worse said to them. Whoever gets upset or angry with these questions are exactly the people that team doesn’t want.

    I totally get why these questions are asked and I like that they ask them. Better then asking them what super power they would want, what animal they would be, or there favorite color. Like modern interviewers do to normal people.

  3. Not a weird question at all. I’m sure teams ask all kind of random questions to see if the player being asked runs out and tells what he was asked.

    Loose lips sink ships. This is just a method of finding potential leaks.

  4. I hate to laugh at this, but it reminds me of a Wayne’s World sketch from back in the ’90s. Wayne calls Garth’s mom (Candice Bergin) a “fox”:

    Garth: Hey, Wayne, that’s my mom you’re talking about!

    Wayne: I’m sorry, Garth – sorry – but you got a babe for a mom! You’re such a lucky duck!

    Just replace “Garth” and “Wayne” with the player and team names.

  5. I’m sure whoever asked that question was only trying to put it out there that he was looking for action. You know, kind of like when you were a kid and you asked some dude if his sister is hot or asked a girl if she had any hot friends. The guy probably took look at some strapping young buck and thought I bet his mom is hot and I think I will find out if I’m right.

  6. As if the question isn’t bad enough, I just hope that the player’s mother is at least still alive. If she is deceased, then that team has *really* crossed a line.

  7. If the goal is to see if a guy gets flustered or not then yeah, I get it. Lot of trash talk out on that field and the guys that can’t take it wind up suspended OBJ style. If they were truly interested in the answer however I think it’s time for that team to start shopping GMs. . .

  8. Jeff Ireland is now in New Orleans. He has a certain skill in asking questions that provoke a hostile reaction. Sounds like something Jeff would ask delicately with a warm smile.

  9. Who is the author to determine that a line has been crossed? It’s a question. Answer it, or don’t, and move on. Why must everything be an issue? What happened to this country that everyone is offended by everything?

  10. mjd08501 says:
    Feb 25, 2016 11:18 AM
    My gut tells me this question came from Chip Kelly
    Chip doesn’t talk to the players on his team. What makes you think he’d talk to prospective players? lol

  11. All these amateur psychologists should be ashamed of themselves. There should be an athlete advocate or at least a neutral third party in the room for every interview so the good ol’ boy club can’t get their sick little twisted kicks asking this nonsensical crap.

  12. ravensroostoftexas says:
    Feb 25, 2016 11:50 AM

    upperdecker19 says:
    Feb 25, 2016 11:32 AM

    In all fairness, was the player from a university in either the state of Kentucky or Arkansas?

    Ha ha…could be West Virginia as well. 🙂

    Don’t leave out Alabama and Mississippi

  13. There is a big difference between attractive, and being attracted to. I’m certainly not “attracted to” my mom, but I think she is an attractive woman. Am I supposed to go feel bad about myself now because I think my mom is attractive?

  14. jmac1013 says:
    Feb 25, 2016 11:40 AM

    Why must everything be an issue? What happened to this country that everyone is offended by everything?
    three things. 1) Reagan killed the Fairness Doctrine 2) Clinton signed the Telecommunications Act and 3) Social media. Put those together and you have your answer. Good and Bad.

  15. These guys are coached the generic answers before hand. Much like they train for the combine. These teams are trying to catch them off guard with random questions to see how they respond.

  16. “Who is the author to determine that a line has been crossed? It’s a question. Answer it, or don’t, and move on. Why must everything be an issue? What happened to this country that everyone is offended by everything?”

    I am offended with the font you used and the amount of questions you’ve asked in this one statement. I demand an apology!

  17. It is totally relevant. They just want to know if he is going to age gracefully. Genetic analysis on the cheap.

  18. Response needs to be on par with the seriousness of the question.

    Yes she is, I whisper it into her ear every night while we spoon.

    A question back is always good and demonstrates that you are engaged in the conversation.

    Were you guys talking to my therapist?

  19. I understand asking the question, believe it or not. Imagine the trash talk made on the field about the opponents mothers. This pales in comparison I am certain.

  20. I believe the proper response to the question is a quick, well targeted punch to the interviewer’s mouth. The NFL is really never ceasing to amaze.

  21. “Whoever gets upset or angry with these questions are exactly the people that team doesn’t want.”

    That logic would hold if they had absolutely nothing outside these interviews to make judgments on. But since they know basically everything about the guy, including if he’d had discipline problems in college and high school what exactly is the point beyond coming across a total d-bags?

    And then when things get contentious come contract time they’ll sit around the front office wondering why the guy doesn’t show any appreciation towards them.

  22. It is a typically “pull off script” type of question. If a player is just giving canned answers you need to shake up the questions and ask something that you know he has not prepared for. All things considered it was a polite question asking to confirm a positive about the players mother while just off base enough to get him to have to think about his response very carefully. Getting angry about it would be the worse response possible.

  23. It was Mark Davis… I can picture Tommy boy with his bowl cut giggling to himself as he asked that question … Could be Tressman he looks like a creep … Or it could be Rex dressed like Rob with the wig , lots of options.

  24. jerseyshoregiant says:
    Feb 25, 2016 11:49 AM
    My answer would have been. If you are looking for a date, she is out of your league.

    You sir, have won best comment of the day!

  25. These questions can tap into the mental makeup of players, or even the reactions to them can tell something.

    I can’t believe all this time later Jeff Ireland is still getting run of the coals. Once again he repeated back what DB had offered up on his own. I believe the original question he asked was what line of work is your father in.

  26. That’s crosses the line but he will probably hear that and much worse in the locker room and on the football field.

    Many years ago on a solstice and a friend showed me the balance an egg on the tip… I went to Google to ask why…. so I typed “why does” and the autofill of common searches kicked in and the 3rd or 4th one was “does my mom turn me on”

  27. Wait, wasn’t it true that Bryant’s mom had um, an interesting past? Wasn’t sure if it was drugs or something else. Cowboy fans, help us out here.

  28. Yeah, ok to all you “tough guys” responses. “Uppercut” this and “punch in the face” that. You losers haven’t been in a fight in your lives and we’re talking about a job interview, not fight club.

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