T.O. says Jason Garrett leaked negative information about him


Late in the 2008 season, ESPN reported that Cowboys receiver Terrell Owens was jealous of the relationship that quarterback Tony Romo had with tight end Jason Witten, and Owens was angry at what he perceived as Romo phasing Owens out of the offense to get the ball to Witten more often. That report came after a meeting Owens called with offensive coordinator Jason Garrett, wide receivers coach Ray Sherman and fellow receivers Patrick Crayton and Roy Williams.

That ESPN report struck enough of a nerve with Owens that he’s still upset with Garrett, who is now the Cowboys’ head coach and whom Owens fingered as ESPN’s source. Owens said last weekend that he is sure it’s Garrett who spilled the beans about Owens’ comments in what was supposed to be a private meeting.

“There were some things that were leaked out that were supposed to be in house from meetings that myself, Roy Williams and Patrick Crayton had with Jason Garrett,” Owens said, via the Dallas Morning News. “It just so happened, of the four of us — and maybe five of us with coach [Ray] Sherman — knowing about that meeting, things got leaked. That’s a shame because, of those four guys, outside of Garrett, I’ll put my life on it that none of them said anything.”

It’s certainly possible that Garrett was a source for ESPN. Garrett never made it much of a secret that he didn’t want to coach Owens, who was sent packing after that 2008 season.

But Garrett was far from the only coach who thought Owens was more trouble than he was worth. Just ask Steve Mariucci and Andy Reid. The reality is, Owens wore out his welcome everywhere. Maybe Owens should have worried less about who was saying bad things about him, and more about why there were so many bad things to say.

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  1. Perhaps we can all just agree that Garrett leaked information

    If it was negative, T.O. needs to accept responsibility for that

    And with an owner who views Greg Hardy as an NFL leader and Tom Brady as a cancer (maybe if he teabagged someone like Peyton he’d be more liked?) you can’t blame Garrett for leaking info in an effort to jettison players who are locker room problems

  2. So the OC decided to “leak” Owens unhappiness to the media because that would help him and the team how?

  3. He is right on one point … Romo is way too dialed in on Witten, and it’s held them back. The better teams lock him down … and then the offense sputters.

  4. T.O. revealed negative info about himself to Jason Garrett….what goes around comes around. T.O. the NFL is in your rear view mirror…please move on to the rest of your life.

  5. Every one’s fault but his. This guy is in complete denial and just needs to go away. Never knew Jason Garrett was such a bad person looks like he would be a great neighbor to me.

  6. Say what you want about Garrett, but he does not give off the vibe of someone who “leaks” information…. Say what you want about him as a coach, but he seems to be a very classy guy….

    Maybe it was T.O. who leaked the info. about T.O. because T.O. is so enamored with what T.O. says, and how everyone feels about T.O…….

  7. “But Garrett was far from the only coach who thought Owens was more trouble than he was worth. Just ask Steve Mariucci and Andy Reid.”

    I don’t know about Mariucci, but I saw Andy interviewed a few weeks ago and this was not his resonant theme. I would say he say TO as the one guy who sacrificed the most for the team to win the Super Bowl. I don’t he sugar coats the issue that in the end, TO believes too many of his team mates coasted. I think in fact Reid agrees with him, but as head coach his job was to get ready for the next season.

  8. Once more, it is fairly certain, as it always has been, that TO was hard to deal with/had issues. Personally, I probably would not want to be his friend, but he always showed up on game day and wanted to win.

  9. Hey, T.O. Every time you open your pie hole you take another step away from Canton, no matter how good your stats.

  10. Right, got it. It’s all Garrett’s fault Owens wasn’t voted into the HOF. If Owens just shut up, his reputation as a disruptive teammate might be forgotten long enough for his numbers to speak for him. Continued actions like this, simply perpetuate his crappy reputation.

  11. I was sure he had finally found a home in Dallas and would retire a Cowboy. Locker room problems or not, the guy just clicked with Romo and was productive every year they spent together. I was shocked when they actually released him. Just goes to show you, when it comes to Jerry Jones, you can beat up your girlfriend… just don’t say bad things about Tony Romo or Jason Witten.

  12. If you don’t have any negative information about you, it becomes impossible for someone else to leak it.

  13. kurdishpats1 says:
    Feb 25, 2016 10:30 AM
    1) Randy Moss
    2)Terrell Owens
    3)Jerry Rice*


    Only someone new to football and never saw Rice play would think that. Oh wait, you’re one of those douchy Pats fans who have to ruin EVERY thread whining about, well, everything.

  14. Just more evidence of why this guy should never make the Hall of Fame. Being honored as one of the game’s immortals should signify more than just numbers. Owens was a cancer who wrecked the lockerrooms of multiple teams. A Hall of Famer leads by example, raises the play of his teammates and betters his team. Owens did none of these things. This abasement of the Hall to a mere collection of Madden video performers makes the Hall a joke. But, no matter. Once the Hall allowed cris carter in, it ceased to have any meaning whatsoever.

  15. Hmm, oddly enough, everyone at the “secret meeting” was black, with the exception of one person.

    “outside of Garrett, I’ll put my life on it that none of them said anything.”

    And he knows this because? Sherman would be high on my list of leakers. But, if you ask me, the only guy in the room with any real credibility was Garrett, based on what we’ve all seen in these guys. I would say Crayton wouldn’t be the leak either. Williams had his issues with the team now and then.

    You know, credibility is a funny thing, you cry wolf enough and……

    Something tells me that Owens himself leaked the info to ESPN.

  16. Never liked him when he was on the Cowboys… Just dealt with him like a brother in law who hopefull won’t be in the family for long. Overrated. I know his numbers were great but so were his ridiculous amount of dropped passes at crucial times.

  17. Reporters need to police their own and start ridiculing the idiots that cram a microphone into the face if whiny has-beens just so they have something to give their boss.

  18. As I’ve said before. Owens was/is a cancer.
    I’m glad he didn’t get into the HOF this year.
    Though he will eventually just because of his numbers.

  19. No matter that it has never worked well before T.O. still seems to believe he can get out of a hole by continuing to dig…smh

  20. So, T.O. called a meeting with a group of people he hand picked to complain about two other people who weren’t invited to the meeting? Rather than, maybe, calling a meeting with Romo and Garrett and addressing his concerns directly? I think I see the problem.

  21. I’m sure his time with the Eagles and Brad Childress generated zero negative information about him.

    He’d better be careful, or Garrett and others from the Cowboys organisation might actually start saying the thing Owens is accusing them of!

  22. I think Garrett was doing sit ups without his shirt on in his driveway when he “leaked” that info. A receiver talking about not getting the ball enough was “leaked”? Whoever heard of such a thing.

  23. “Of those four guys, outside of Garrett, I’ll put my life on it that none of them said anything.” Uh oh. Now if one of them steps forward and says he did it, I guess Owens will have to kill himself. Unless he was just blowing hot air for a change.

  24. Who gives a crap? It happened seven years ago and he was already a pain in the ass well before the information was allegedly “leaked”.

    If the media lets it go, maybe he will. And if he doesn’t, let him wallow in his own paranoia.

  25. Boy I’d love to see T.O., Percy Harvin, and Michael Irvin on a team.
    There would be more Cat Fights than in the Serengeti!
    Throw Me the Damn ball, No Me, NO ME!!! lol
    They would have to give them time outs..

  26. Won’t happen. TO was on Mike and Mike a week or so ago, and one of them asked if he regretted anything he had ever done (since there was always so much controversy around him), and his response was “no”. He always laid blame with someone else, and he still does today.

    Great as a player….mega-tool as a person.

  27. Here’s the dirty secret. Teams got rid of Owens because they couldn’t stand the publicity that his presence brought. Why else is the “winning” Tim Tebow out of the league.

    Besides, like Jerry Jones cares about winning?

    He retains a half assing Garrett who only tried when there’s a future contract to pursue anyways. Also, do we have to bring up Jimmy Johnson??

  28. there should be a special section of the HOF for players that were famous for being more trouble than they were worth, this section should be between the mop closet and the dumpster

  29. I would like to see the stats on how many important catchable balls (at the numbers, or slightly above or below) T.O. dropped, vs the ones that were important that he grabbed. ie, red zone, 3rd down, and game-on-the-line?

  30. It doesn’t matter if the information is right and TO is a big baby. None of that changes the fact that Garrett leaked information from a private meeting and he shouldn’t have. Don’t make this about TO. This is about Garrett.

  31. There has been a problem with teammates and coaches at every stop Owens made in the NFL. The funny thing is it’s a bunch of teammates and coaches with no history of other problems. Owens, on the other hand, couldn’t seem to get along with anybody. Could you imagine this guy up on the podium giving a HOF speech? Wow. I’d vote against him if I had a vote. This guy is just a train wreck. Keep him out of the HOF.

  32. Romo had his best season ( at that point in his career) the year after Owens left.
    by the way. Romo i tied for 7th all time { with big Ben and Kurt Warner} in yards per pass attempt. Now seeing how Witten is no burner, its kinda hard to believe Romo was not hitting his WR’s often. Owens had hands of stone and dropped 27 passes in two years in Dallas. Does he want to discuss that?

  33. There’s a reason Patrick Crayton, Jesse Holley, and Wade Phillips all despise Garrett.

    It doesn’t matter if Owens went to Garrett’s office and said every player on the team is the worst player in history and deserves to die. Garrett broke the code by blabbing what was said in a private meeting after telling players he had an “open door policy” and whatever was said to him would stay between them. There’s a video on a certain video website everyone is familiar with that shows Garrett talking about his open door policy, saying if a player ever has any concerns, see him…and he can say whatever he wants and it will stay behind closed doors.

    And no, Mariucci and Andy Reid didn’t decide he was more trouble than he was worth. Quite the opposite. Mariucci personally flew out to Atlanta in 2001 to patch things up with Owens after their fallout from the star celebrations the year before. Mariucci was fired after the 2002 season, while Owens remained.

    Andy Reid gave Owens the chance to stay on the team if he apologized publicly to the organization and publicly and privately to McNabb. It was only when he didn’t do the McNabb part that he was forced by the front office to deactivate him.

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