As expected, Ravens use franchise tag on kicker Justin Tucker


And we have our first official usage of the franchise tag, in advance of next Tuesday’s deadline.

The agent for Ravens kicker Justin Tucker just tweeted out word that his client had been tagged by the team.

This was expected, but indicates that after the two sides talked contract numbers, they realized they weren’t close to a deal for the kicker. He’ll now make around $4.5 million for the year, though specific values for the tags haven’t been set.

The Ravens are also trying to retain guard Kelechi Osemele, and the fact they can’t threaten him with the tag any more might not make things any easier on that front, as his playing tackle this season may have inflated his expectations for the market.

28 responses to “As expected, Ravens use franchise tag on kicker Justin Tucker

  1. The Ravens didn’t have anyone else they were going to use the tag on. Ko wasn’t getting it. So you might as well tag tucker now. They can still negotiate and hopefully sign him long term. But it gives the Ravens a little leverage.

  2. ravens2014,

    I am not really sure how this gives the Ravens a little leverage… Basically it assures him pay far beyond most of his peers for 2016. He is in a position where a major injure is extremely unlikely. So basically he gets paid at the top for next season, and then can still go get a long-term contract. Thus likely increasing his average per season.

    This is not like a running back, rush rusher, or QB, where injury waits at EVERY turn.

  3. Hate hate hate…so tagging arguably the best kicker in the league is a stupid move? He’s a bad GM for doing it? He’s the same GM who signed the best kicker in the league as an UFA…

    Yall are silly.

  4. Wrlegrand

    It puts off his free agency another year. Time value of money when you are talking about millions of dollars is huge. It’s much better to get the big contract now than a year from now. So the Ravens have that leverage. And paying him the average of the top 5 kickers is probably cheaper than what he will get when he signs long term.

  5. I’m a Steeler fan, I would relish any excuse to find fault with the Ravens. This is not such an occasion. Tucker deserves every penny he can get. The guy is money. Anytime he kicks, I usually head for the fridge or the bathroom, because I know his field goals will be good and his kickoffs will sail through the end zone. You can maybe make a good argument that there are a couple of kickers as good as Tucker, but you can’t convince me that he isn’t worth being paid like the best kicker in the league.

  6. Ravens and Pariots seem to be the only teams that realize kickers are now a critical component on offense. Ravens also lost mostly very close games last year. Vikings, however, probably have a draft board with no kicker to be seen anywhere.

  7. Ravens2014

    I’m not saying it’s a bad move, but if I were in his shoes I would’ve ok with receiving the tag. It’s not like the salary cap goes down every year. I highly doubt the Ravens or another team are going to get a discount next year if it gets that far. If they believe he is that guy, which no doubt they do, it would make the most sense to meet him in the middle and get a deal done. No reason to potentially make this a sticky situation…

    That’s all I’m saying

  8. This is brilliant. Sign an elite player at a low paying position. So instead of doing it for a lineman and paying 20 mil, you do it for a kicker and pay 4.5.

    Plus it is a weak roster, not really anybody else you need to tag.

  9. I can’t remember. Did the Steelers lose any games last year because they failed to sign a good kicker? Did any of those losses lead to them having to play Denver on the road? LOL

  10. Ravens had no choice but to tag Tucker. He is the team MVP. I have no doubt they will work out a long term deal, but they couldn’t rick losing him. this team has a lot of holes and no position has been better then Tucker.

    Steelers kickers in 2015:
    Suisham-IR in preseason
    Hartley-did he even kick?
    Scobee-cost the Steelers at least 2 games
    Boswell-gold star for his peformace, but 1 season doesn’t make a career.

  11. Arm chair GMs criticize the tag, they’d criticize a contract, and would criticize letting him walk. It not even entertaining anymore.

  12. Belichick tagged Gostkowski one year. Not unheard of, and those 2 and Vinatieri are probably the top 3 kickers in the league.

  13. Hey tebow I can’t remember if the Ravens made the playoffs and if so who did they play?5wins 11 losses don’t get you nowhere but looking up in the standings at the steelers and bengals .carry on

  14. I think the question to Tebow should be, “Hey Tebow, why did you knock us out out the post season never to return with a single legitimate playoff win?” LOL.

  15. Since being bradyed out of the playoffs theta end have o playoff wins ZERO winning seasons and many years of last place finishes flacco 117 passing yds, manning 175 passing yds now that’s something to really be afraid of! NOT!!

  16. I’m starting to think the Fins should go after Osemele. Their line has been a mess going back about 8 years running. Osemele could play RT Douglas can more over to guard. Then pick up one more guard. Osemele would replace Albert eventually.

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