Colts are fully aware of what they need to fix things


The Colts went through a strange season, and perhaps a stranger beginning to the offseason, after losing quarterback Andrew Luck and then not firing coach Chuck Pagano and General Manager Ryan Grigson.

So now that they’re all on the same page, they have a common view of the reality that confronts them.

There was no disguising the truth when Pagano and Grigson met the media at the Scouting Combine, as they know they have to protect Luck better and they have to find pass-rushers if they want to keep pace with the teams they’ll see if they get back to the playoffs.

The interior of that offensive line, the center and two guard spots, is the focal point,” Pagano said, via Stephen Holder of the Indianapolis Star.

“Obviously the bulk of our winning has been from our superb quarterback play,” Grigson admitted. ” So yeah, that’s the common sense approach [to protect him].”

They didn’t last year, as injuries forced Luck to miss nine games, torpedoing their chances to maintain their hold on the AFC South.

But the Colts can’t just identify their problems, they have to address them. They’ve spent free agent money and high picks in recent years, with some notable misses in both areas. Now, they’re going to have less money to fix the problems, as they’ve squandered the cheap years of Luck and are about to enter the time in which he chews up a bigger portion of their salary cap.

“I would say this year is a little different than in years past just because of some of the financials we have on the horizon,” Grigson said. “Somewhat like 2012 where we tightened our belt. We had to scout our rear ends off.”

And this time, they have to be right.

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  1. “Back in 2012 when we scouted our ass off”… and 2013, 2014, 2015 were just cruise control years for scouting I guess? This guy Grigson is something else.

    Congrats on realizing you should have decent blockers in front of your franchise QB ……after 3 years of watching him get beat senseless….a true visionary.

  2. There are 28 teams in this league that would bend over backwards to have Andrew Luck running their offense.

    Yet the Colts, the team that actually has him, have chose for whatever reason to not build an offensive line for the guy.

  3. .
    C’mon, you really didn’t think that Irsay was going to fire Pagano weeks before the framegate appeal?

    Don’t forget……. Pagano’s contract had expired. Irsay had no financial leverage on him. He could have gone to every major network and told the truth about Goodell and his posse of gangsters.

  4. Wait, so now Grigson realizes the interior of the offensive line is vital?
    Here’s a thought: stop throwing cap space at washed-up free agents (i.e. Herremans, Johnson, etc.) and find some viable young talent.
    Groundbreaking idea, I’m aware.

  5. They need a new owner, AND a new GM. The problem starts at the top. Force that drug-addicted, hooker-chasing owner to sell the team. Day 1 hire a new GM. There, problem solved.

  6. Sadly, the Colts are going to waste Luck’s good years surrounding him with mediocre talent. Same thing they did with Manning.

  7. Methinks the Colts felt “entitled” to win the AFC South (which is an extremely weak division like the AFC East was in the mid-2000s) and Grigson and Irsay are the main culprits (Pagano is a good coach IHMO)…and the worst thing is I guess they didn’t see Ryan Tannehill get clobbered on almost every play under HC Philbin, who refused to fix their OL (hopefully Gase will…I hate to see my Aggie homeboy get clobbered all the time)–so they hire this cluelss dude to fix their OL? Again, methinks the Colts are “entitled”.

  8. This guy has some nerve claiming his 2012 draft was incredible and he is going to scout his but off and do it again…

    1. Andrew Luck was the biggest slam dunk #1 pick… not even Grigson could have screwed that one up.

    2. His next 2 picks were spent on replacement level TE’s… they have less than 3,000 yards in their combined 8 years worth of playing time.

    3. His only true successful draft pick is TY Hilton.

    4. His other 6 picks from the 2012 draft were after round 3; none of those players are still on the Colts.

    Outside of Luck; he drafted 1.5 starters with 3 top 100 picks… bravo!

  9. 12coltsfan12 says:
    Feb 26, 2016 9:09 AM
    what we need:
    1. Fire grigson
    2. New coach
    3. An offensive line
    4. A defense
    5. At least a little bit of pride, self-respect & heart…
    You ‘still’ playing this game, Patsie* Boy?

  10. Colt’s problems go a lot deeper than the O line. While they were sleeping, the Titans, Jags and Texans got better. They even lost to a team with Weeden at QB! Gonna be a long 2016 season for Indy!

  11. I hope they realize their ability to pipe in crowd noise appears to be deficient

    And as evidenced by their 2015 championship game results and the last season, they don’t play well with fully inflated footballs

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