Jags want fewer interceptions, but no fear from Blake Bortles

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The Jaguars are heading into Year Four under coach Gus Bradley and Bradley feels the team has found the player they need at one key spot as they try to move their record to the right side of .500 for the first time in his tenure.

Bradley said during a visit to PFT Live in Indianapolis that quarterback Blake Bortles has “really grown” in his first two NFL seasons and that the team knows they have “the right guy” to build their offense around as a result. Bortles threw for 4,428 yards and 35 touchdowns in 2015, numbers that Bradley would like to see more of in the future.

He’d like to see fewer interceptions than the 18 Bortles threw, although he says the team needs to work on cutting those down without bringing the fear of making mistakes into Bortles’ game.

“He plays with no fear, so we don’t want to bring that into his game,” Bradley said. “I think it’s just going to come with another year into our system, the receivers getting a better idea for how he operates and then they just continue to grow in our system.”

On top of those things, more balance on offense should help lead to fewer interceptions. The Jags ended the year with 607 pass attempts and 51 sacks of Bortles against 354 rushing attempts, which were the second-fewest in the league.

It’s not just a matter of handing the ball off more often, of course. A better defense will keep scores closer and make running a more appealing offensive option while better blocking would help open up holes on the ground as well as keep Bortles from making throws under pressure that can lead to interceptions. Both areas are expected to get a lot of focus from the Jags this offseason.

8 responses to “Jags want fewer interceptions, but no fear from Blake Bortles

  1. Never seen a coach, GM, or player smile and laugh as much as Bradley does while owning a .250 winning percentage. Another top 10 pick come April 2017, yeah!

  2. Blake Bortles….with a team with a lot of problems,while being sacked a NFL high 51 times!!
    (55 in 2014)
    Still managed
    4428 yards passing…7th in the NFL…Names behind him..

    Russel Wilson
    Kirk Cousins
    Matthew Stafford
    Ben Roethlisberger
    Cam Newton
    Aaron Rogers

    35 Tds….3rd in the NFL…only two ahead of him…

    Cam Newton
    Tom Brady

    I will admit that his pass% is not that good..well…horrible(58.6% 31 first), INT’S(18 most in NFL,Only because Peyton was benched) and fumbles(14, worst in the NFL).A lot of these can be attributed to the
    lack of support.Here is the kicker…Im not a Jacksonville fan!!I hate the owner(hes all about greed,not football)but you have to be impressed from a guy that week in and week out is getting pounded and still putting up these numbers with no help.

  3. More than any other qb i’ve ever seen this guy reminds me of young Brett Favre For the good of the league, I hope Bortles becomes a top eight type star and the Jags become truly relevant again.
    They’re not going to do it with Devon House starting at CB.

  4. Wastintimesite everything sounded accurate when talking about bortles but you hate the owner ? He’s all about greed ? How? He’s the best thing that has happened to the city of Jacksonville. He’s making more changes to the city since he’s been apart of the Jaguars than city has seen in 20 years.

  5. mojsmmy,i will admit i dont know a whole lot about the owner,just what i see him do threw the news(i live no where near Jacksonville)but just watching how it seems he is reluctant to spend money on players.Jaqs always have a ton of cap money(not that thats bad when your rebuilding,but its been years)and when the NFL was asking teams to play in London he was the only owner to actually go after not one but two games in consecutive years.Thats alot of road wear on your players.Its great to hear that he has done so much for the community.Hopefully his plan for the team will turn it around soon.Just really hate to see them waste a talent like Bortles.

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