McAfee was shocked when Pagano got extension


Colts punter Pat McAfee joined Friday’s PFT Live on NBC Sports Radio and NBCSN, on the set at Lucas Oil Stadium. The headline to this blurb focuses on the football aspect of the visit, but we covered a lot more than football.

As to the football, McAfee explained that he was shocked (and very happy) that coach Chuck Pagano got an extension after the season, given that all signs were pointing to a parting of the ways upon the completion of Pagano’s contract. McAfee also talked about whether he wants kicker Adam Vinatieri to retire or otherwise leave so that McAfee can try to be both the punter and kicker (McAfee nevertheless hopes Vinatieri stays, at least until he becomes the NFL’s all-time leading scorer).

McAfee spent plenty of time talking about his standup comedy hobby/career, along with some of his memories of Morgantown, where he kicked and punted for the flagship university of my home state.

We’ll defer any lengthy or specific quotes to his full interview. Not because of some newfound commitment to accuracy, but because it’s Friday afternoon and you can get away with popping in the headphones or quietly turning on the speakers to listen and watch about 10 minutes of PFT Live video.