Mike McCarthy: We didn’t ask Eddie Lacy to lose 30 pounds

Getty Images

Packers coach Mike McCarthy kicked off the offseason by saying that running back Eddie Lacy can’t play at the same weight in 2016 that he played at in 2015, so there’s no doubt that the Packers asked Lacy to drop some pounds this offseason.

McCarthy disputes just how much fat they wanted Lacy to trim, however. There have been reports that the team wanted Lacy to lose 30 pounds, but McCarthy said that wasn’t the case while speaking from the Scouting Combine in Indianapolis on Thursday.

“The numbers that have been out there about his weight are inaccurate,” McCarthy said, via ESPN.com. “The Green Bay Packers have never, ever asked him to lose 30 pounds. That’s totally out of the realm of what we’re talking about. That’s the facts there. He’ll learn from this.”

McCarthy also confirmed that Lacy has spoken with Tony Horton, who created the P90X workout program, about a workout plan for the offseason to get to whatever weight it is that the Packers have prescribed for the back. McCarthy said he’s confident that Lacy will reach that goal and that the Packers will “see definitely a different guy in April, and more importantly in July.”