Plenty of guards poised to get paid


As a premium is placed on pass rush and teams are looking to get more push up the middle (thanks to what Malik Jackson has done in Denver), it will become even more important to protect quarterbacks, especially up the middle.

As free agency approaches, several guards are poised to get paid.

With the Ravens using the franchise tag on kicker Justin Tucker, Osemele will land on the market, absent a new deal before then. Which means that the market will determine his value. The Ravens could end up being the ones to pay him, and maybe he’ll take less than he could get elsewhere to stay put. But it’s clear that Osemele will be cashing in, soon.

Others on the PFT Hot 100 stand to land potentially big money, including  49ers guard Alex Boone, Texans guard Brandon Brooks, Bills guard Richie Incognito, Chiefs guard Jeff Allen, Broncos guard Evan Mathis, and Seahawks guard J.R. Sweezy. (The Saints previously cut guard Jahri Evans, making him a free agent now.)

Also potentially cashing in will be a guy who didn’t make the Hot 100: Steelers guard Ramon Foster (pictured). Though he didn’t make the cut, a demand for his services will exist, in a significant way. It’s unknown whether the Steelers will make a big push to keep him; others could be making a big push to land him.

So once the market open and teams realize that there aren’t enough pass rushers to go around, maybe that money will go to the guys entrusted to secure the middle of the pocket.

11 responses to “Plenty of guards poised to get paid

  1. Probably will set the market in price for FA guards. His number will be higher due to he can also play the LT position. Just the same, best of luck to all of them.

  2. No one wants to do the “come to the Pats and play for free so you can get a Superbowl ring” routine? Where are you guys?

  3. WOW. I know we are just fans but reading the few posts. Atlanta, Miami,Minn, SF,Raiders. LOL if that many teams truly need good guards then yes, these guys are going to get nice contracts. Good for them. Its about time that without a good offensive line it does not matter how many glitzy players you have on offense because without the big boys no team is going no place fast

  4. @mongo, explain how the Pats were able to get to the AFC East championship game again, and to be within 2 pts. Their offensive line the whole season was a mish mash of players.

    Get a competent QB, and you can get to at least the Championship where fast? Not so much.

  5. Name another QB like Brady that gets rid of the ball in less then 2 seconds. That goes beyond competent but he is good, no one denies that. Just one thing, once he retires please be prepared to lay your head down drunk in any local pub you wish on the south side. Brady is good but nothing is forever. I am not jealous of Brady nor am I a NE fan, could care less if you guys have 40 SB trophys.

    Just enjoy it while you can because as I said, nothing is forever and as sure as God made green apples, NE will again be an also ran like they were for decades prior to brady and Belichek, Just facts

  6. Oh, and Denver pretty much showed ya what happens when you have a QB with a super fast release and no offensive line. Brady was beaten like a cheap rug that day. Southside sold a lot of beer and Irish Mist that day

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