Report: Anthony Davis will apply for reinstatement

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When 49ers General Manager Trent Baalke met the media at the Scouting Combine in Indianapolis this week, he fielded a question about tackle Anthony Davis.

Davis retired last offseason, citing multiple injuries as the reason and saying that he would be “back in a year or so” in hopes of continuing a career that saw him start 71 games at right tackle in five years with the 49ers. Davis has reiterated that intent at other points since walking away. Baalke said he’s spoken to Davis, but had no idea about his plans for 2016.

It appears Davis’ plan is to follow through with the plan to resume his football career. Adam Schefter of ESPN reports that Davis will apply for reinstatement from the reserve/retired list with eyes on getting back on the field next season.

The 49ers hold Davis’ rights for 2016 and he would play the year under the 2015 terms of his deal if he winds up playing for them next season.

16 responses to “Report: Anthony Davis will apply for reinstatement

  1. A year off probably added 3 years to his career. Dude has been in the trenches for 15 years… hard to imagine the toll that’s taken on him. Every player should take a year off to let their body heal.

  2. I really doubt he took a year off because of injuries. It’s pretty obvious no one wanted to play for tomsula and he did the right thing and just stepped away.

  3. Collectordude

    Is he the same because he took a year off? I would venture to say better. Look at Buffalo. They took a guy that did not play for a year and a half and all he did was turn into the best LG in the NFL So I for one, are on the side that Davis will not only be better but gladly welcomed back

  4. Under the Heading Goes without Saying: we can use all the positive help we can get. Period!

  5. Wise move for Davis. Tomsula underprepared his players by not practicing and giving them 15 minute breaks every hour and the result was an unprecedented number of injuries. Now Davis can come in and play about 30 seconds per possession in Kelly’s offense.

  6. So the looming year ban for roids has passed and now he can test clean? Guy quits on team and wants to come back? Only in Santa Clara!

  7. Sorry, Don’t, but you need to check your facts. AD was drafted in 2010, which means you must be counting his Pop Warner years.

  8. It’s comical to me that commenters actually think players’ would take a whole year off and lose millions of dollars just because they didn’t want to play for Tomsula.

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