Report: Broncos start restructuring talks with Ware, Clady

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Before the Super Bowl, tackle Ryan Clady said that he was “definitely willing to talk” about altering his contract after missing the entire 2015 season with a torn ACL.

The Broncos can use all the money they can gather under the cap as they try to figure out a way to hold onto linebacker Von Miller, quarterback Brock Osweiler, defensive end Malik Jackson and others from their Super Bowl winning roster, so it’s no surprise that Mike Klis of KUSA reports that they have started those talks.

The team met with agent Pat Dye Jr. on Friday at the Combine about Clady’s deal, which is set to pay him $9.5 million. The meeting was a chance to get the ball rolling on talks with linebacker DeMarcus Ware as well. Ware, who is set to make $10 million, has the same agent as Clady and recent reports have had the Broncos looking to cut down his number as they get their cap in order.

Per Klis, numbers have not been exchanged at this point so there may not be an immediate resolution on either front. Clady has missed two of the last three seasons with injuries, which could make negotiations about his deal the smoother of the two.

14 responses to “Report: Broncos start restructuring talks with Ware, Clady

  1. This is what happens when you go all in… while it certainly payed off… Everyone knows after a SB win its hard to keep everone happy… just look at the Ravens and how the younger guys got their rings so they want to get paid, so they went else where.

    Luckily for the Broncos they have a lot older players that have all ready made their money so asking them to pay cuts may not be as damaging to them, but the younger players will be looking for thiers. The other thing is those older players could be retiring any time like Ware, Mathis, Daniels, and Manning.

    While some will be missed more than others, having 10% of your roster retire isn’t easy to recover from. Just look at the 9ers off-season last year.

  2. I figure Clady is worth no more than 5 million, maybe even as low as 4 mil from The Super Bowl Champions, due to his age, injuries and whether another team would sign and pay him much more.
    He loves living in Colorado and has made a ton of money there and now is the time to take a little bit less to play with the team and town he loves.

  3. Elway is very familiar with how deferred compensation works, they’ll work it out.

  4. Someone should double check Elway’s accounting. He gets too creative with it based on past experience.

  5. LMAO….all the cap cheating comments never get old…Know what else doesn’t get old? Basking in the glory of our trophies (at any cost) and the beauty of the hundreds of thousands of people at our parades. This last one will probably kill Al Davis and make Chief players kill themselves in their stadium parking lot….Oh Wait….Sorry

  6. Cut Clady outright, and either cut, or greatly reduce DT’s contract. He was non-existent in the playoffs (did he even suit up?), and Sanders became the number one. Denver won SB 50 without Clady, with an aging almost immobile QB, and with a suspect offensive line. They won it on defense, and the focus should be to keep that whole defense together. Miller, and Ware tore up the best passing attacks in the NFL because Jackson, and Wolfe built a wall that no team could run through. No run, no pass. That’s how it works. We need to keep Brock as well.

  7. All the teams “not selling out” for a superbowl enjoy the warmth of their dumpster fire franchises.

  8. Pats fans trolling again. You have nothing else in your life. I feel sorry for you. People restructure in Colorado because it’s a great place to live and raise a family and the Denver Bronco organization is the best in the NFL.

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