Report: Ravens making push to re-sign Kelechi Osemele


Baltimore Ravens guard Kelechi Osemele will be one of the top offensive linemen on the market if he reaches free agency next month. PFT’s top-rated guard in our Hot 100, Osemele could be a highly sought after commodity with so many teams struggling to put together strong fronts.

But the Ravens are hoping it never gets to that point. According to Ian Rapoport of the NFL Network, Baltimore is being “aggressive” in their push to re-sign Osemele before the start of free agency on March 9. Per Rapoport, the Ravens are looking to make Osemele their second highest paid offensive player behind quarterback Joe Flacco.

In order to accomplish that task, the Ravens would need to offer Osemele close to $8 million a year to bring his contract in line with those of fellow offensive linemen Marshal Yanda and Eugene Monroe.

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  1. I like it, but I’m surprised…this almost makes it certain that if they pull this off they will need to restructure Flacco and it being someone who will protect him hopefully he’ll concede. Osemele has out played Monroe the last 2 years simply by being on the field. It helps having a versatile O-Linemen.

  2. Osemele is the best FA lineman period. How is Andre Smith who had an awful season and plays RT ahead of him?

    And how is Marvin Jones who just had a great year ranked behind Sanu, the Bengals backup?

    A lot of this doesn’t make any sense.

  3. If they do make him the second-highest paid player on offense, then that means they are going to put him at LT, which I am more than okay with since he was pretty good there at the end of the season. This would also mean Monroe is gone, which I am also okay with.

  4. Probably the most underrated FA right now. Nasty run blocker and solid in pass protection. He’s played LG, RT, and LT at a high level.

  5. Keeping Flacco upright has more to do with the lack of offensive weapons they have than the strength of their o-line.

    No running game and no legit receiving options means Flacco has to hold the ball longer than he should.

  6. And lots of fans & media didn’t think Ravens could afford Osemele, because of Joe’s contract. As I said, that’s not true. If The Ravens want to keep you bad enough they will. Every player The Ravens let walk, is because they didn’t want them bad enough. It’s not about other players contracts.

  7. please resign everyone on that sieve of a o-line.

    – all 13 teams on their 2016 schedule

  8. pittsburghdamned says:
    Feb 26, 2016 2:08 AM
    The Ravens have actually reached the point of being completely irrelevant.

    They are now in the Lions, Browns, Jags category for probably the next decade & more.
    Yet they still swept the Steelers last season…

  9. With Osemele at LT, the Steelers got one whole sack. I bet he probably even blocked some of the Pittsburgh coaches from coming out on the field to pick fights.

  10. The Ravens have actually reached the point of being completely irrelevant.

    They are now in the Lions, Browns, Jags category for probably the next decade & more.


    One losing season doesn’t take away two super bowl championships, little buddy.

    Lions, Browns, and Jags have MILES to walk


    I respect the Pittsburgh organization, it’s a shame some of your fans are classless. Nothing like Ravens Steelers grudge match

  11. They can’t let him walk. I was ecstatic when they drafted him in the 2nd round. Right again. I said he would make the pro bowl. He was snubbed by stupid fans of other teams. He was the 2nd rated LG I believe and a damn good LT which I know they will move him there and draft an OL at some point. How big was drafting Maxx Williams now. I think he’s going to be a stud in Trestman’s offense this year.

  12. I hope the Ravens draft Myles Jack or Ramsey if they’re still there. This draft is deep at DL and Ozzie has shown he can get a decent one in later rounds. I do wonder about Jack’s injury. It wasn’t an ACL tear which is common and healable.

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