Josh Norman dodges a bullet, waits for “business” to commence


Panthers cornerback Josh Norman understands what’s happening the next few days is just business.

But if he was being a smart businessman, he would have definitely done things differently last night.

Norman hosted a charity basketball game last night, promoting himself as one of the coaches along with teammate Thomas Davis. But he got in the action and played as well, with video of him jumping up to block a shot from WSOC.

Which is all well and good for the kids, but Norman should consider himself fortunate he didn’t hurt himself. Anything can happen to us at any time (I’ve still got streets to cross before I leave Indy, and you never know when a piano is going to fall out of the sky on top of you). But if he had torn an ACL or broken an ankle playing basketball, it could have been a very big charitable donation indeed.

The Panthers are working on a long-term extension, but barring a breakthrough, they’re more likely to use the franchise tag by Tuesday’s deadline, worth $13.95 million for a year.

And if he’d have popped an Achilles playing basketball (that never happens, right?), that $14 million in guaranteed money would have disappeared. He’s also scheduled another basketball game next Saturday in his hometown of Greenwood, S.C., but by then he will have either gotten a contract or been tagged and presumably signed it immediately to guarantee the money.

But since he escaped last night intact, he has a few days to wait for the tag, knowing it’s just business.

“It’s a business at the end of the day, and nothing is ever personal,” Norman said, via David Newton of ESPN. “It’s not personal with them. It’s not personal with coach [Ron Rivera] or position coaches. Nothing is ever personal. . . .

“I really hope that I can be here, because I’ve been here my whole life. I don’t want to change that. But hey, you never know how things will go.”

And that’s true of contract negotiations, and charity basketball games as well.

18 responses to “Josh Norman dodges a bullet, waits for “business” to commence

  1. Dodged a bullet? I thought something may have actually happened to him but apparently it’s just “Sky is falling, wrap yourself in bubble-wrap” Gant again…

  2. Hey the dude has to stay in shape somehow. Training injuries happen from time to time but you can’t do absolutely nothing and still report to camp in shape. I’ve always felt trying to be too careful is more likely to get you hurt in the first place.

  3. The world has sure changed. Back in the day (30+ years ago), a lot of NFL teams had off-season basketball teams that played charity games at local high schools. After the games, the players would hang around, sign autographs and shoot the breeze with fans. Good times.

    Now, the standard player contract prohibits a player from engaging “in any activity…which may involve a significant risk of personal injury.” If a player gets hurt in an off-season basketball game, the team can void his contract. In baseball, that’s what happened to Aaron Boone, when he hurt his knee playing pick-up basketball after the ’03 season and the Yankees voided his contract.

  4. I thought he was riding in car with Stedman Bailey based on this stupid headline. No fears. The article was even dumber than that headline.

  5. In related news, according to sources, Norman has indicated his preference to play for a team that cares about winning and not self centered grandstanding theatrics.

  6. chazthespaz says:
    Feb 27, 2016 11:40 AM

    In related news, according to sources, Norman has indicated his preference to play for a team that cares about winning and not self centered grandstanding theatrics.


    Amazing that a team that doesn’t care about winning can go 15-1. Better hope the Panthers don’t suddenly start caring about winning otherwise they just might go 19-0 for the next decade!

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