Players break Combine huddle with “get money!”

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The players at the Scouting Combine don’t have a team. The team is themselves. And they know it.

So it was fitting that, as a group of players broke an impromptu huddle before a round of workouts on Saturday, they said, “One, two, three . . . get money!”

Getting money is something they haven’t been allowed to do throughout their college careers, even as the universities get millions for their efforts, risks, and sacrifices. Whatever they get by way of a free education doesn’t equal the value of what they provide.

Case in point: Alabama football generated a profit of $46 million in 2015.

NFL Network is making slightly less by televising the Scouting Combine. But the players who hope to “get money” as a result of the draft process are getting no money for one last time as they provide free content and, ultimately, revenue for someone else.

By September, that will change. And each one of them should get as much money as they can, and no one should ever call them greedy or selfish. The careers are too short, the risks are too great, and the effects of a lifetime of football may last much longer than the money does.

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  1. The players make the sport, not the owners, the league office, or the fancy stadiums. We watch the game for the game. Pay the men who do the work.

  2. Where is this spending money for college athletes supposed to come from? We already know that greedy universities are over paying their professors and staff and offering outrageous benefit packages to their employees then passing along countless millionc to tax payers and any students they can.

    We might pass it along to the evil billionaires, but there aren’t enough of them on the planet to get away with that for long.

  3. It is your money and my money that they want. The cost of going to an NFL game is becoming prohibitive.

    I don’t know if it will reach a breaking point but the expense of the season tickets has become a “talking point” in my house…first time in 24 years.

  4. Stop with your class warfare rhetoric straight out of the Communist Manifesto, Chapter 1. They get a free college education. Something the vast majority of people in their communities never have an opportunity to get.

  5. It may be a little crass for them to be so obvious about it, but isn’t that why everybody works? Stop paying them and see how many people show up at any workplace

  6. Hmmm. I have the best season tickets available. Free. Made by La- Z-Boy. It’s your money they want. They’ve gotten all of mine they’ll ever get. You see, it’s billionaires preying on millionaires, of every stripe.

  7. While it’s true, they go to work to get money, it makes them seem clueless that they are and have been making money for everyone, but themselves.

    It would be different, if they said it to help bring about a change for their fellow collegians, but they’re only parroting what Michael Irvin told them, which addresses their plight as NFL players, doing ZERO for the unrepresented college workers.

  8. I have more respect for the City & County lifeguards on Oahu’s north shore. They risk their lives in 50′ waves to rescue pro surfers and get paid peanuts, but they do it because they love it.

  9. Not every team gets $46 million. The revenue sports: football and basketball are the ones that are chiefly funding the other non-revenue sports. These sports give the full college experience rather than being one-dimensional. The problem is, many colleges are cutting some of the non-revenue sports because they’re running at a deficit. You start paying players and even more sports will have to be cut.

  10. Perhaps the kids ( you know, who could not afford to go to college )who against there will were drafted for Johnson war to go overseas and be killed for nothing would love to take there place at the combine. Let the football players Go to the wall in DC and ask them if they would love to be there at the combine. Bill

  11. College is their chance at an internship for one of the highest paying industries in the country – while they’re getting a free education that will afford them the opportunity to make a good salary for their working career if athletics don’t work out.

  12. Last time I checked, not one college football player was ever forced to play. You don’t want the free education, free room and board, free meal plan, and free books – no problem. Someone else will be happy to take it.

  13. “Case in point: Alabama football generated a profit of $46 million in 2015.”

    Sure. Lets use the biggest program in college football during a championship season as the example. What kind of profit did CMU generate? How about Florida International or Middle Tennessee?

    Also, what happens to other athletic programs once these football players start getting paid? It’s really not as simple and clear cut as some make it seem. There’s a lot to think about and a lot of bad things could happen if that door gets opened. I imagine a lot of schools will ditch their football programs, and many other college athletes won’t be able to pursue their dreams. But that’s all ok, right?

  14. Blah,blah,blah. Same ole sad poor college football players, getting national exposure (job interviews) every Saturday in the fall for a chance to make millions of dollars in an entertainment industry.
    If they are more than just a sham of an individual, they are also getting a paid for degree in a fall back field of endeavor.
    Nobody is making them play football, they do it by choice, their training table meals are better than most families ever eat at home, and they constantly get special treatment on campus the average student does not. Cut the diatribe.

    Also well pointed out by some of using the absolute extreme program (Bama) as your comparioson.
    Start paying football players in college and watch college football get whittled down to about 30 or so schools, and most big colleges will also drop all smaller sports, or women’s programs which offer that obviously worthless compensation of a free education to hundreds of kids who other wise wouldn’t be able to afford to go.
    Enough already.

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