49ers finally break silence on report of Kaepernick trade request


After the agents representing quarterback Colin Kaepernick began telling reporters that they have requested permission to seek a trade, the 49ers had no immediate comment. And they had no eventual comment.

They still have no direct comment on the matter. Instead, owner Jed York has provided a general comment to a hand-picked member of the Bay Area media expressing the team’s desire to keep Kaepernick around.

“All I can tell you is that the last conversation I had with Kap was a good conversation,” York told Mark Purdy of the San Jose Mercury News. “I asked how he was feeling. I hope he’s doing well. I care about his health and well-being because I think he can be a big piece of what we’re doing, going forward.”

That’s fine, Jed. But did Colin’s agents asked for permission to seek a trade? Will you be granting that request? Or are you merely feigning interest in keeping Kaepernick either to conceal whatever plan Chip Kelly has up his sleeve (e.g., a second annual unexpected acquisition of Sam Bradford) or to enhance leverage for trade talks, or both? (The 49ers would never answer that last question, but it’s fair to wonder whether that’s what’s occurring.)

As explained after Kaepernick’s agents decided to publicly upset the proverbial applecart, their move undermines the apparent effort to drive trade value for Kaepernick by reversing the perception that the team wants to move on from him. Failure to give Kaepernick’s agents permission to seek a trade is the only way to preserve the upper hand, with any interested team still required to make the first move by calling the 49ers and asking, “What will it take to get Kaepernick?”

Now with the report that the Browns and Texans are interested in trading for Kaepernick, our guess is that the team is leaking this in order to prime the pump for phone calls to be made. In this regard, the team to watch is the Broncos, who could have Kaepernick near the top of the fallback list if they decide not to pay Brock Osweiler as much as he can get elsewhere.

47 responses to “49ers finally break silence on report of Kaepernick trade request

  1. It is hard to imagine a QB more different from Peyton Manning than Kaepernick. Why would the Broncos want to go in a direction so far from what they have been doing? With a defense like they have, what they need is an Alex Smith or Joe Flacco; someone who can manage the game, pull out some great plays and seldom lose at the last minute.

  2. If a team is interested to trade for him, they will call the 49ers. They don’t need his agent to broker a deal.

    OBTW, just how effective will the agent be when he does not speak for the team on the return compensation? This is all posturing for a revised contract.

  3. I don’t get it, Kaepernick has fallen from the heights of being a playoff winning QB to being a clog in the wheel, the reason the 49ers lost some games can be directly attributed to his poor play.

    How does he or his agents get off demanding a trade? For what? A baloney sandwich?

  4. Here is what I don’t understand:
    People think Kap is a “running” QB based on past events when the read-option was quite effective in the league but defenses have effectively nixed the read-option in the bud which was Kap’s ace-up-the-sleeve.

    When you watch Kap he has zero quickness his first two steps which is due to his elongated gate. Juxtapose this to say someone like R. Wilson who has excellent quick-twitch reactions and it’s why he is so effective in eluding an oncoming rush. Contrast that with Kap who is horrible at eluding the rush and has an equally abysmal pocket presence. This makes no mention of his bad accuracy either.

    IF…and it’s a big if….if the 49ers can someone conjure up interest in Kap and create a trade it will truly be a big deal because nobody is “saving” Kap.

  5. Man, what a freaking disaster in SF these days. It’s as though Eddie DeBartolo sold his soul when he built all those great SB winning teams in the 80s and 90s and now the team and its fans are paying the price for it.

  6. I am wondering if the Broncos are going to make an offer to Case Keenum who played for Kubiak for a couple of years in Houston. Probably going to cost a second round pick as compensation to the Rams but the price tag should be about 3-4 million. That leaves a lot of money to pay those defensive players. If Osweiler overplays his hand, I could see this happening.

  7. Winning isn’t a priority for the 49ers so trying to guess why or what they’re up to could defy logic. They might be just trying to screw Kaepernick, and at the same time, screw themselves. Why would they cut off their nose to spite their face? Why do you think there has been a mass exodus of players recently. I mean, this is the franchise that got rid of Harbaugh and replaced him with Jim Tomsula. Try to find the logic in that one. It certainly doesn’t have anything to do with winning.

  8. People are mad at Kaep calling him a no brain. Well if he hadnt told a million lies his nose wouldnt be in the way of his vision. You guys can quit picking on Kaep now.

  9. Does he realise how much a disconnected Colin Kaepernick is going to suck? The 49ers are a mess, good luck finding a QB that wants to take hits running the option, the 49ers are a mess.

  10. The 49ers could find a better QB in the 7th round of the draft and pay a-lot less and better skills. Gabbert makes 2 million and is a better QB stats don’t lie. I’m tired of talking about a washed up QB lets move on and say good-bye

  11. Is it possible for two of the most disfunction teams in the league like the 49ers and Browns to make a trade where both teams lose? It’s seems impossible but if anyone can it would be these two. I say this as a longtime Browns fan.

  12. Santa Clara has gone from being a mere dumpster fire to being a full-on Mongolian clusterfarkle. Little Jed couldn’t run a lemonade stand in Death Valley in August.

  13. kap is a good fit for what the broncos would like to do now that manning is on his way out the door; play action and roll out so that kap only has to read half the field. for that matter so is rg3. but they can do better than either of those two qbs.

  14. He wants out before he proves he doesn’t have the intelligence to learn a sophisticated offense.

  15. as a 49ers fan I’ll tell you this; you’d have to be really dumb and gullible to believe ANYTHING that comes out of Jed York and Trent Baalke’s mouths! they spew complete diarrhea!!

  16. Most of this stuff is based on team philosophy. If Kap stays they need to build a team around him, that will support his skill set. He’s probably trying to leave, because Kelly is one of those my”My way, or the highway dudes.” Look at how he traded/cut the Eagles talent pool. “Don’t confuse me with facts, my minds made up!!!

    The real key in winning is to involve everyone in the process, and a lot of players don’t buy into Kelley’s quick cadence, or his college level attitude. One former successful coach observed that’s it’s difficult to coach a team of millionaires, who arrive to work in limos!

  17. Kap and his agent are messing with the team that dropped Harbaugh for Tomsula because their feelings were hurt. Now you think it would be wise to publicly announce your desire for a trade, which lowers your trade value and reduces the gain for the Niners to give you what you want. If I were the Niners, I would sit on his contract for a year. He is going to get his guarantee for this year due to his injury. Why let his whining and pouting get him what he wants? If he is not ready to compete, he either sits for a year or someone offers compensation that the Niners will agree to. If Kap and his agent would have just kept their mouths shut the Niners could have worked up his trade value and Kap would have got what he wanted, a new team.

  18. The charade parade is almost over. He will be out of the NFL in one year at current trajectory. Does not have the cpu required to pull himself out of it.

  19. I can’t see the 49’ers being able to trade this guy unless he
    agrees to rework his contract. Colin Kaepernick signed a 6 year, $114,000,000 contract with the San Francisco 49ers, including a $12,328,766 signing bonus, $61,000,000 guaranteed.

  20. jssebastian2014 says:
    Feb 28, 2016 9:58 AM
    Eddie D is looking at his sister’s kid thinking, “they left the umbilical cord around his neck too long.”

    I have to admit, I laughed a lot at this one.
    — Niners fan

  21. justintuckrule says:
    Feb 28, 2016 11:22 AM

    You way overestimate yorks intelligence.

    Any number greater than zero overestimates his intelligence.

  22. “In this regard, the team to watch is the Broncos, who could have Kaepernick near the top of the fallback list if they decide not to pay Brock Osweiler as much as he can get elsewhere.”

    You mean, like in Santa Clara?

    Hey, stranger things have happened…

  23. No way the Broncos go for Kap, Elway isn’t dumb. Not sure what Kap’s agents are thinking here, no other team will pay him close to what the 49ers will pay him for next season. He really needs to do a RGIII and keep quiet for a year, and try and beat out Gabbert. If he wants to quit because he can’t beat out Gabbert then he’ll be done in the NFL within a couple of years.

  24. The Niners Management needs to get in check.Their at fault for the team falling apart.I would keep kaep and draft jared goff under kaep so he can learn from for aleast 2 years.The niners need to draft a better o line.The quarter back needs to be protected.Trent baalke needs to do his job. Him and jet york need to stop messing up this team.Get it together it’s time to rebuild lets get it right.

  25. Jed York = Tool

    Zero credibility,……. if he’s not the worst owner in the NFL , he’s certainly in the discussion.

    York the Dork

  26. The ONLY reason Kaepernick did as well as he did it because of JIM HARBAUGH. Once York and Baalke booted him out the door, it was going to be all down hill for that guy. Chip Kelly going to spend most of next season trying to earn the trust of that team. They’re going nowhere.

  27. Chip’ll give somebody an extra 2nd round pick in the trade giving up Kap…for no good reason. Have fun with him.

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