Report: Browns not interested in Kaepernick “at this time”


It didn’t take long before a report from Ian Rapoport of NFL Media linking the Texans to a possible trade for 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick was rebutted by another report from Houston.

Now the same has happened in Cleveland, where the Browns were also listed as a possible suitor for Kaepernick should the 49ers start looking for trading partners for their quarterback. Mary Kay Cabot of reports that the Browns are not interested in trading for Kaepernick “at this time.”

Browns coach Hue Jackson told Peter King in 2013 that the Raiders considered trading up for Kaepernick when he was the head coach in Oakland during the 2011 draft and that they “wanted the kid in the worst way.” Many years have passed since then and Jackson may feel differently now, but the “at this time” part of the report suggests things could change at some point this offseason.

Kaepernick reportedly asked for a trade last week while 49ers General Manager Trent Baalke and coach Chip Kelly were saying that they wanted him back for the 2016 season during media sessions at the Combine in Indianapolis.

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  1. 1. Texans and Browns reportedly interested in Kaepernick
    2. Texans reportedly not interested in Kaepernick
    3. Browns reportedly not interested in Kaepernick

    Please keep us up to date on this rapidly evolving story!

  2. Kaepernick led the 49ers to the super bowl in 2012. Then in 2013 Hue Jackson supposedly told Peter King he “wanted the kid in the worst way”. That’s funny. Do you know how many GMs “wanted Tom Brady in the worst way”, even though he went in the 6th round? I also remember a lot of buzz around RG3 before his draft, yet I’m having a difficult time finding any of those people today. Funny how those things happen.

  3. Wouldn’t it be tampering if either team expressed any interest in Kaepernick? Of course they aren’t interested “at this time” because they are not permitted to be interested, until and unless the Niners offer him up for trade or cut him.

  4. I don’t think Kaepernick would want to go to the Browns nor the Texans, he wants to go to the Jets that’s where his girl(Nessa) is at.

  5. The teams could trade 1st round picks. Browns get the RB needed to make the fit. And 49ers get this years QB in the draft.

  6. The Raiders were incapable of trading up in the draft because Hue Jackson had step way out of bounds and gave up the future for Carson Palmer.

    Right now Hue is trying to figure out how to send two first round, a second round, and a conditional third round pick to Cincinnati for AJ McCarron.

  7. Both Goff and Wentz have the potential to be very good, the interviews will show whether or not they have the personality/leadership qualities to lead your offense.

    If the guy you want is available and you are on the clock, don’t overthink it… Draft him.

    Kaepernick? We went over this already.

  8. I don’t think any team wants Kaepernick.
    He’s an attitude problem looking for a locker room.
    The guy is a prima dona looking for his next victim.
    His quarterback skills are non existent. He’s a run first, pass if needed kind of guy.
    Not a recipe for NFL success.

  9. Hugh jackson is as over rated as kaepernick

    Let us know how O’Neill running the defense works out for you!

  10. 1. Texans and Browns reportedly interested in Kaepernick
    2. Texans reportedly not interested in Kaepernick
    3. Browns reportedly not interested in Kaepernick

    Please keep us up to date on this rapidly evolving story!
    You forgot:
    4. Peyton Manning retiring.
    5. Peyton Manning not retiring.

    Like all “journalists,” PFT always throws something against the wall to see if it will stick.

  11. BS – just “agent speak.”

    Why would the Browns trade for Crapperneck when they could just sign a stop-gap QB through FA?

    Their future QB is in the draft, whether it’s this year’s, or next year’s, or…. Let Hue develop “his” QB.

    The Browns need to concentrate on resigning their own FA’s, and thinking long term for their QB.

  12. The teams could trade 1st round picks. Browns get the RB needed to make the fit. And 49ers get this years QB in the draft.

    Browns could even find a suitor for the 49ers spot they just swapped for the pick needed for Kap. And still get RB Zek or Henry.

  13. The power of the printed…or typed word. To go from teams being interested to not along with the 49ers NOT wanting to trade shows how easy it is to manipulate with a pen or key stroke. How a franchise with a history of QB debacles suddenly have an interest in a regressing one. Cleveland and Houston are best served home-growing one instead of constantly picking up retreads.

  14. Of course, the Niners want to trade him before the contract date for 2016 but the other teams know this.

    Either the niners will waive him and he can sign for a low deal with another team with incentives OR they keep him and then try for a trade – either way, it eats up $13 M in cap space so other teams are happy to gouge the niners.

    And if they do no deal, the niners are hurt by having two QB’s of equal talent.

  15. York will attempt to drive up Kap’s value, and still only come away with a Kit-Kat® bar and a swap of 7th round draft positions in the 2029 draft. What this family has done to this once-proud franchise is a crime. It’s a disgrace to the city of San Francisco and to all the Niner fanbase for them to continue to use “San Francisco” in their name – they now HQ & play nowhere near the city, and only serve to embarrass them by using their name on the product. They should be called the “Santa Clara 49ers”, with a legacy that only started once they left Candlestick for their crappy new stadium in Silicon Valley. It’s a crying shame.

  16. Ok. .. Hue Jackson was a crackpot in Oakland. He thought he was going to run the team. Screwball.
    Now he’s in Cleveland. He’s still a backstabbing screwball. Maybe he thinks Kaepernick is the answer. I hope he does.
    Because I hope hue fails hard. And he will.
    On his own.
    He’s a megalomaniac. He’s nuts. He’s his own biggest fan

  17. Report: Browns not interested in Kaepernick “at this time”

    Is anyone really interested in this loser?

  18. Well, the Browns aren’t exactly known for being great evaluators of quarterback talent. So, there’s that. I hope Colin can get into a better situation one way or another; the way that he dismantled the Packers a couple of years back indicates a skill set worth taking a chance on.

  19. I love how the Browns always put a qualifier on every statement they make. Bunch of morons running the Browns from Haslam to his process & system expert Sashi Brown. What does a Harvard lawyer know about deciding and controlling the 53 man roster. He’s a typical lawyer that thinks he knows everything about everything

  20. I see the narrative of Colin Kaepernick evolving now…

    “Hey Houston…” “Uh, no thanks.”

    “Hey Cleveland…” “Uh, no thanks.”

    “Would you like fries…” “Uh, no thanks.”

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