Report: Browns, Texans interested in trading for Colin Kaepernick


The 49ers say they’re keeping quarterback Colin Kaepernick. But Kaepernick’s agents are making noises about getting him traded. And now there’s talk that at least two teams are interested in acquiring Kaepernick’s services.

According to Ian Rapoport of NFL Network, both the Browns and the Texans are interested in acquiring Kaepernick, if the 49ers are willing to trade him.

Any team that is willing to trade for Kaepernick has to be willing to take on the $11.9 million salary that will be guaranteed as of April 1 (or able to get Kaepernick to renegotiate his contract). An $11.9 million salary sounds like a lot for a quarterback who was benched for Blaine Gabbert last year, but in today’s NFL, that’s actually a mid-level contract: Kaepernick’s 2016 base salary currently ranks 15th in the NFL among quarterbacks.

The Browns and Texans are both in need of a quarterback, and if they don’t think they’ll get the franchise quarterback they need in the draft, Kaepernick could be the answer.

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  1. If Hue Jackson or Bill O’Brien can’t fix him, then he isn’t fixable at this point.

    Those guys are two of the best when it comes to working with QBs.

  2. Holy Hell Rick Smith needs to go. Texans will probably like this though, as long as the guy’s name isn’t Carr he’ll do ok in Houston will be their train of thought.

  3. .
    I don’t know what went on in in San Francisco, however Kaepernick is someone in need of a change of scenery.

  4. Both the Browns and the Texans have promised a private locker space with full length mirrors on all sides. Kaepernick said; “It appears someone finally understands me.”

  5. He’ll be out of the league in a couple years. Houston doesn’t want a ‘7torm’ coming, but Cleveland could be dumb enough to give him a shot. Kap for a ham sandwich should get it done

  6. Browns fans are thinking that only the league’s most dysfunctional organization (s) would do this. Oh, wait a minute…

  7. Honestly, if he could end up with Hue Jackson, Kap could be a special player again. It also would allow the Browns to focus on other positions at 7 (if they trade 2 to theb49Ers), and #32.

  8. Kaepernick’s problem is he is too arrogant. Playing for the most arrogant coach in the NFL this side of Rex Ryan (Jim Harbaugh) didn’t help him any.
    Kaepernick found out what every running QB including Cam Newton has learned — no matter how fast you are or how big you are, you have to be able to pass the ball accurately to play QB in the NFL.
    If Kaepernick gets with the right team, he can salvage what was once a promising career. If I were him, I’d stay as far away from the Browns as I can get.
    The Texans on the other hand, would be a good choice.
    Hopefully, Kaepernick has learned that there’s more to playing QB than running 50 yards for a score then kissing your puny biceps.
    Personally, I hope he fails, because I never liked his arrogant actions and mouth.

  9. If anybody can fix this guy it would be Hue Jackson of the Browns. He made serviceable QB’s out of Dalton and Flacco, no small miracle.

  10. Of course the Browns want him. The factory of sadness needs more material to crank out their product.

  11. The one thing nobody can argue about is that Kaepernick led the 49ers to the super bowl one season, and then right back to the NFC Championship the next season. The 49ers lost both games by just a whisker. When teams are looking to draft a young QB, they’re trying to gauge their potential as an NFL QB. They already know Kaepernick’s potential. He’s a proven commodity.

  12. I don’t care if a QB is arrogant. Did you ever watch Marino argue with Shula during a game? It was brutal. Men find a way to communicate and get the job done. Kaepernick has a good arm and leads the team well, on the filed. Kaepernick’s agents are trying to extricate him from a loser organization or at least get them off of their client’s back.

    The best thing for this QB is to vacate the premises before he gets hurt. Work with the 49ers to get them a good deal so they will agree to the trade and then flee the sinking ship. Texans, Jets or Cowboys would be my choices, but you have to go where they want you. Maybe the Browns is it? They are kind of the 49ers on a lake.

  13. Garbage. It well known Hue liked Kaep coming out of college. So now b/c Hue is Browns HC & still need a QB, know nothing weasels like Rappaport are linking Kaep to the Browns. With everything that’s already on Hue’s plate, while trying to “change the culture in CLE”, there is no way he’s trading for a selfish retread. Figure that he’d have to put in the extra time & effort to deprogram/reprogram Kaep and it’s just not worth it. The Browns are going to draft Goff at #2 and play him from day 1. It’s that simple.

  14. Everybody should run like hell, away from the Chipper. What a cluster of an organization these days. Too Bad, great historic old franchise.

  15. Makes way more sense for the Texans than the Browns. Houston has tried “traditional” style QBs for years and hasn’t gotten anywhere. May as well give “Option Colin” a shot.

    Cleveland is just a mess that seems allergic to learning from its mistakes.

  16. As a Steeler fan, I hope the Browns do trade for him.
    However, from the Browns perspective…why?! Cleveland has cleaned house with their front office and coaching staff (again), and is poised to get one of the top, if not the top, young QB’s in the draft. Why trade for a retread like Kaepernick, who would have to be untaught some bad habits, and attempt to rebuild him with a very hit-or-miss chance of success?
    A move like this would show that while some of the faces in Cleveland have changed, their cloudy way of thinking and flawed approach hasn’t.

  17. Houston is picking too low to have a chance at one of the big three QBs available. They can probably get Kapernick for a 3rd or 4th round pick. A good risk.

  18. If the Browns could get him on the cheap he could be the stop gap starter until whoever is taken at #2 or #32 has time to learn. Problem is there are no Marriota or Winstons in this years group for the slam dunk top 3 picks

  19. Didn’t the Texans say that they are tired of retread QB’s? Didn’t the Texans say they wanted to draft a franchise QB? Way to go Texans! You are who we thought you were.

  20. 3rd round pick is way too high for this guy. If the Texans are thinking about giving up a 3rd they should try to convince the Bucs to give up Mike Glennon who would be a much better choice.

  21. tonyzendejas says:
    Feb 28, 2016 9:26 AM

    Makes way more sense for the Texans than the Browns. Houston has tried “traditional” style QBs for years and hasn’t gotten anywhere. May as well give “Option Colin” a shot.

    Cleveland is just a mess that seems allergic to learning from its mistakes.

    Looking into it they do seem the better choice. If A. Foster can stay healthy he is a needed cog to be a threat in a system like that.

  22. @dolphincritic – Marino spent his entire career yelling at teammates. As a result, he has zero rings, and only one Super Bowl souvenir – a Dolphins white jersey with grass stains all over the back, from being buried by the Niner defense all day at Stanford Stadium. Kap’s trophy case will wind up looking exactly the same. He does have that Dolphin hat he wore once for a picture, so he’s got that going for him. Which isn’t so nice.

  23. Let’s please remember……all of this reporting is probably coming from Kaepernick’s agent……….who desperately needs someone to want him.

  24. Kap just requested to be traded from a team that said they were willing to pay him $12,000,000 to probably ride the bench…and he can’t read defenses or throw accurately…you can’t fix stupid

  25. I guess 2 highly respected offensive minds wanting Kaepernick dispels this talking point that 49er fans adopted about Kaepernick being their biggest problem (despite all of us predicting the train wreck months in advance) from their clueless management group that also told them that Jim Tomsula would be a better HC than Harbaugh, that cancer.

  26. As a Houston fan, he can’t be worse that what we have trotted out there the last few years. None of our qbs have ever had sucess that Kap has had. he got the niners to a Super Bowl. Give him credit for that. I’ll risk a 4th rd pick, maybe he flames out. Maybe we have a qb for the next 8 yrs. I’ll be your huckleberry.

  27. ballboy48 says:
    Feb 28, 2016 8:23 AM
    Honestly, if he could end up with Hue Jackson, Kap could be a special player again. It also would allow the Browns to focus on other positions at 7 (if they trade 2 to theb49Ers), and #32.

    So the Browns swap 1st round picks and give up their
    2nd round pick for Kaepernick?

    I’m guessing you’re either Ray Farmer or the homeless

  28. Kaep: “I want a trade.”

    49ers: “OK, the Browns or Texans want you.”

    Kaep: “I take it back. I TAKE IT BACK!”

  29. As a Raider fan, I still and always will have a soft spot for Hue, I think he’d be smart to trade for CK and then draft a QB with that high pick. But only if the price is right. Maybe if he can drag the trade out until the niners are desperate and get him for peanuts then go for it. 4th rounder and a box of cleets maybe? Hell, throw in an old Tim Couch jersey too.

  30. Anybody remember when Jaws said he thought this guy was going to be the best QB of all time?

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