Denver Post re-revises Peyton Manning retirement article


While preparing for Monday’s edition of PFT Live on NBC Sports Radio (that makes the process sound a lot more official and diligent than it is), I pulled up the revised Denver Post article from Saturday night regarding the reported retirement of Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning.

As you may recall, if you’re one of the few who reads non-work-related websites when not at work, Woody Paige of the Post reported on Saturday night that Manning will retire, citing multiple unnamed sources. Here’s the money line: “According to two sources, Manning will acknowledge his decision by the end of this week.”

Then, after the Broncos said that “Peyton has not made a decision on his future,” the Post removed the “according to two source” line and replaced it with this: “I’m told Manning will acknowledge his decision by the end of this week.”

But then, the story that the Post changed after the Broncos responded to the story changed again, with the Post adding the “two sources” line back into the story.

So what’s going on here? No one knows. The only thing that can be known with any reliability at this point is that, within the next eight days, the Broncos will remove Manning from the roster, either by playing him on the reserve/retired list or cutting him. Anything else would be an upset far, far bigger than the Broncos beating the Panthers.

14 responses to “Denver Post re-revises Peyton Manning retirement article

  1. Why is Manning drawing this out?

    1 – He wants to continue playing, and needs the Broncos to cut him. This would be a shame since he was pretty bad last year and will probably be worse, especially without the Broncos defense giving him good field position, and Emmanuel Sanders and Demarius Thomas (who despite having a down year, is still a good receiver).

    2 – He’s milking this for all it’s worth, and will retire on March 9th. But why? Is it to spite John Elway? Did he have a falling out, so he wants to stick a fork in him until the last minute? Make Brock Osweiller worry? Childish.

    3 – What other reason for not retiring already? It won’t detract from the other Broncos players limelight. Is he truly undecided? All he needs to do is watch lat season and see the shell of his former self.

    Please just retire already.

  2. Drug using, woman abusing sociopath. Archie’s little Frankenstein monster. The sooner we can stop hearing about him the better.

  3. We don’t need another Favre fiasco.

    This is Manning’s huge ego driving this thing.

    Take the chicken wing of an arm and retire. You can hang out with your two buddies, Polian and Dungy. Losers.

  4. Football is all he’s ever done or cared to do his whole life! As a retired psychiatrist I can tell you that he is going through an emotional whirlwind right now. I’m sure he knows he needs to retire but do you know how hard it is to purposely give up something you love with all your heart despite knowing that you don’t have to? That some team will let you do it for another year if you just say the word? It is an incredibly incredibly difficult thing to do. He is feeling the exact same emotions right now that you feel after the death of a loved one. For all of you blowhards who want to say he is selfish or dragging this out to “milk” the attention, you couldn’t possibly be more clueless. He is taking this long b/c most likely he is struggling mightily to bring himself to do it. I’m sure he is extremely emotional right now and will likely remain so for months and months after he finally announces.

  5. It’s all he has known since he was a kid. A tough decision to make, knowing you just aren’t what you once were. He will retire and go down as one of (if not) the best to ever play the position.

  6. Johnny Unitas. Joe Namath. Joe Montana. Kenny Stabler. Jim Kelly. Troy Aikman. Brett Favre. Y.A. Tittle.

    Great quarterbacks always play too long. They love to play and compete. That’s why they are great quarterbacks. If Manning does retire, he will have won the Superbowl in his final year. If not, he joins the above august group.

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