Flacco, Ravens still close, but not done yet


The Ravens and quarterback Joe Flacco continue to try to work out a new contract, one that will drop his cap number from $28.55 million for 2016 to something much lower.

Per a source with knowledge of the situation, the two sides remain close; they plan to meet again on Monday, after the Scouting Combine workouts. A deal isn’t done yet, but it possibly will happen soon.

And here’s where we win the #pulitzer. According to the source, the deal will happen within the next 2-4 days. Or it won’t.

Even if it doesn’t happen by the end of the week, the Ravens still have more time to make it happen. Or they could simply decide to carry a cap number that seemed prohibitive in 2013, but that isn’t nearly as big of a deal now. Indeed, the total cap for each team has gone up more than $32 million since Flacco’s deal signed — that’s more than enough to cover his entire cap number for 2016.

Let’s consider that for a moment. The salary cap has spiked by $10 million or more per year for each of the last three, but the high-water mark at quarterback hasn’t changed. Whether it’s measured by Flacco’s record high $20.1 million average on a brand-new deal of Aaron Rodgers’ record high $22 million average in “new money,” no one has surpassed either of those guys under the relevant metrics.

Eli Manning had the leverage to do it, but the Giants shamed him into not wanting more than $22 million per year in new money by leaking that he wanted to be the highest-paid player in the league. Still, someone needs to surpass Flacco’s average on a brand-new deal or Rodgers’ new-money average; the total spending allocation per team has increased by more than 25 percent since Flacco and Rodgers signed.

So don’t be surprised if Flacco pushes either or both numbers higher on a new deal. And don’t be surprised if the Ravens choose to keep him instead under the terms of his current deal. The Ravens have the cap space to make either scenario happen, thanks to more than $32 million per year that they didn’t have when Flacco signed his current contract.

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  1. Trade him to the Browns, start Mallet. Wouldnt see a huge drop off in production, and could use the cap space and draft picks to improve the overall quality of the team. Too many bad contracts on the books right now…Webb, Monroe, Suggs, etc…

  2. “…the total cap for each team has gone up more than $32 million since Flacco’s deal signed.”

    This, plus Flacco’s willingness to restructure a backloaded deal is what the economists on this site have failed to understand while blaming Flacco for everything wrong with the Ravens.

    The contracts of Suggs and Webb are much more out of line with their playing levels vs. market value.

  3. for all the flack he got for that huge deal immediately after winning the Super Bowl, compared to all the new deals for even mediocre qbs since, suddenly it seems like a bargain.

  4. If you say trade him or cut him then just stop making comments. You do not understand NFL cap math and are making a fool of yourself.

    When you move a player off of your books it matters not if you cut or trade. You still accelerate their cap number.

    Flacco, right now, counts $28,550,000 against the cap. If you cut/trade him he still counts $25,850,000. Are you really going to move him to save $2.7 million?

    The second Flacco would become a free agent a minimum of 15 teams would be willing to give him whatever he wanted. This, right now, is a QB driven league. You have a franchise QB or you do not.

    Flacco is 10th on the ALL TIME NFL list of QBs with playoff wins at 10-5. In 8 seasons he has 6 with a playoff win, a Super Bowl victory and a near perfect 4 game playoff run the year he won it. That pays a lot of money.

  5. I love the way the offseason is shaping up. Looking forward to another sweep. LOL.

  6. They should have tagged Osemele rather than their cute opera singing kicker….now they may have to replace their LG & LT….

  7. It’s almost as if the front office knew they were going to see some decent increases in the cap when they back loaded this deal!


  8. The Ravens will almost certainly not be able to afford Kelechi Osemele. They currently do have have the cap room, have too many other holes to fill, and realize that Osemeli wants LT money, a spot the Ravens are already taking a hit on with Eugene Monroe.

    Although a guard throughout his career Osemele played LT the last few games for the Ravens due to injuries. He did a good job (not great, not bad). He will now want LT money.

    The Ravens have reportedly made a competitive LT type offer, although the numbers are not known. I suspect this number is the most the Ravens can handle to keep him.

    If, as expected, some other team offer Osemele more money then the Ravens will be in line to get a 3rd or 4th round compensatory pick. Remembers, the picks are based on how much other teams pay the free agents you cannot retain.

    So, the Ravens have chosen to retain their top 5 kicker AND a 3-4 round pick instead of an unproven Left Tackle, no top 5 kicker and no compensatory pick.

  9. 87hollywoodhorn says:
    Feb 29, 2016 10:57 AM
    flacco’s not top 5, but he is top 10.

    ppl dont “get” flacco.

    deep ball, take hits, find checkdowns, win playoff games.


    exactly. as a pats fan i despise flacco because he is consistently more successful than ANY other qb besides Eli against us. its not even close. the ravens have always been the toughest out in the playoffs for us, and its because joe is great. he gets smashed so much and always gets back up. heck he even finished the game he tore his acl in with a winning drive.

  10. $30M per year? That works out to about $100 for every check down he throws. Soon to be to T Richardson.

  11. When was flacco successful?!! When BOLDIN, TORREY, and (during super bowl run) JACOBY… carried his ass.

    They decided to pay flacco instead of those three guys. And look what happened.

    Flacco isn’t the one who led all those playoff wins. It was the running game and defense with some occasional plays on the passing game.

    People say “if you let him walk there are 10-15 teams that would pay him whatever he wants?! Okay, and Those teams
    Would still suck with flacco. Maybe even be worse. The Ravens have tried their hardest to hide his weaknesses for the better part of a decade. His supporters act like he’s still a rookie and has time to learn. The dude has been around for 8 seasons! The improvements has been minimal.

    Ravens could get same or better production for far less money, which theoretically would help improve all the other holes… assuming they don’t make horrible draft picks and free agency decisions.

  12. My favorite play last year was Flacco to Gilmore for 21 yards. Within seconds, the stadium was practically empty as all the butt hurt fans dropped their soiled towels and headed for the exits.

  13. My favorite play last year when flacco threw to Gilmore for two yards so jump ball could finish with his whopping 117 passing yards and getting schooled by noodle arm manning!!!a joke of a franchise!!

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