Junior Galette fires agent, avoiding a conflict of interest


Another free agent who wasn’t hearing what he wanted to hear has fired his agent, this time eliminating a conflict of interest in the process.

According to Mike Jones of the Washington Post, linebacker Junior Galette has fired agent Peter Schaffer, putting any negotiations for a comeback on hold for at least five days. While these things happen reasonably often — Schaffer is Galette’s fourth agent — it’s interesting because the veteran agent also represents Washington General Manager Scot McCloughan.

“I just need to find an agent that’s on the same page as me,” Galette said.

He wants to return to Washington, and the team wants him back as well, as he comes back from a torn Achilles tendon.

But while that injury will depress the market, he didn’t want to sign the multi-year deal the team was offering which included low base salaries and incentives, preferring a one-year contract which would allow him to hit the market again in 2017. Of course, locking in a potential pass-rusher would have been a good piece of business for McCloughan, who brought Galette in last year on a one-year deal after he was bounced by the Saints.

“I know I’m coming off of the Achilles, but I’m doing great, I’m 27 years old, and I’ve seen older players come back from this injury and have great years,” Galette said. “My body fat is down to 8 percent, I’m eating and sleeping better than I ever have, I’ve matured and I’m hungrier than I’ve ever been. I know I can dominate again this season. . . .

“I just want a one-year deal, and it has to be a fair deal. I’m not putting a number out there, but it has to be fair.”

And since defining fair is subjective, Galette has chosen to work with someone who will look out for his interests exclusively.

15 responses to “Junior Galette fires agent, avoiding a conflict of interest

  1. What I think would be fair is for Galette to give the Redskins a discount on a one year contract since they were the only team willing to take a chance on him with his off the field issues and they stuck with through an injury eliminated his 2015 season.

  2. I wouldn’t pay this guy in peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. He’ll be in legal trouble again before the offseason is over, guaranteed.

  3. Key2heat– that is the first time anybody had heard or said that. Ever. It’s great that Redskins are finally living down their reputation for overpaying free agency busts, but you seem to have switched polarities very quickly.

  4. Yall know Athlon Sports ranked this guy the Second Best 4.3 D-End going into the 2015 season?

    He is coming off a serious injury, and he does have character concerns, but the talent and production are there. 10+ sack seasons in 2013 and 2014.

    I really wish he could come back to the Saints. On the field he produced and brought attitude. Redskins defense might’ve been so real if he hadn’t got hurt.

  5. @thirdistheword. In about 24 hours the redskins are going to pay cousins nearly 20 million bucks for ONE year. The guy has never beat a winning team. If that’s not overpaying then what is.

  6. Being fair, him wanting a 1 year deal is actual very fair of him. The Redskins only wanted a 1 year deal last year. He has everything to prove so a 1 year deal is in his best interests.

    That being stated, he should consider giving the Redskins a break as they paid him last year for not playing, it seems only right that the year he is out there tearing it up trying to earn a contract should be here.

    Then again he will look really funny with that Redskins tattoo on another team.

  7. It’s funny to hear all of the people defending him or wanting him back “at the right price”.

    I guess none of “yall” have learned from the Greg Hardy fiasco, who, by the way, is available for pretty much the veteran minimum.

  8. Key2heat, you clearly do not understand the quarterback market in todays NFL.
    Lets face it there are more than just a few teams that will ” over pay ” for a starting quarterback.

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