Tom Condon says Peyton hasn’t told him his plans yet


The weekend brought a report from the Denver Post regarding Peyton Manning that has been edited a couple of times, but still delivers the message that the quarterback has decided to retire from the NFL and that he’ll make a public announcement of the decision in the coming days.

The Broncos responded by saying that Manning “has not made a decision on his future” and that there were plans for team and player to talk again this week, which is significant for the Broncos as they would need to release Manning before his salary for next season becomes guaranteed. Manning’s agent Tom Condon didn’t say during an appearance on Sirius XM NFL Radio when that conversation might take place and added that Manning hasn’t told him if he plans to drop the curtain on his career.

“Basically, I don’t ask him,” Condon said. “I know that he’s going to tell me when he’s made a decision. The closest he’s got to disclosing any of his intentions was that he said he just wanted to take his time and make sure and he said ‘I really like to play.’ I said ‘I know the feeling.'”

Whatever Manning’s decision, it shouldn’t be too much longer before it becomes public with the new league year starting a week from Wednesday.

42 responses to “Tom Condon says Peyton hasn’t told him his plans yet

  1. this is wreaking of something that will drag on, because mentally he doesnt want to retire. He’s going to force the broncos hand to cut him

  2. Why do they even bother asking Peyton? Archie does all the thinking for Peyton and Eli. In fact it wouldn’t surprise me if Archie was the one who sent “Peyton’s Wife” to the Guyer Institute!

  3. If he was made to sit down and watch his physical performance when he was on the field this year, he would have no question it was time to hang up the cleats. It was painful to watch at times.

  4. Dear Peyton, you missed your golden opportunity to announce your retirement while hoisting the Lombardi Trophy and have a magical, fairytale, Disney-like ending, but you didn’t do it so that you could milk more media coverage.

    Now, it has blown up in your face! Your mask has been ripped off and your untarnished reputation has UGLY zits all over it.

    Don’t make the Broncos cut you~and stop holding them and the media hostage like your best playing days are ahead of you. It’s over!

    Many thought you should have retired or got cut back in week 8! But after Brock Osweiler got injured, you got one last chance.

    Give up the ghost, Dude! It’s been a great run. The future is your friend. Embrace it.

    BTW, Father Time is STILL the undisputed champion of the sports world!~ UNDEFEATED!!!

  5. And after this charade is done we will get “is Peyton going to sign with (QB-needy team in playoff hunt)” for at least the next 2 seasons.

  6. Go away and take your endorsement money with you. Sick of the Peyton Manning show that the NFL has been over the last five years.

  7. I’m sure Archie is the source of all leaks from Peyton’s camp. Archie contributed to the creation (nurture and nature) of two of the best QBs in the NFL but that’s as far as it goes. He doesn’t know when to told his tongue, which makes and his sons look bad.

  8. Peyton will fail his physical in a couple days so it doesn’t matter.

    Forget him. And Osweiler too. Drew Brees should refuse to take s cut only to spend his last couple years on a rebuild. Make NO cut him, come to Denver for reasonable rate. We’ll fix the O-line and he can win back to back rings to close out his career, giving the Broncos the first 3-peat. With Brees, those receivers, Anderson, and that defense, who could stop them? Then Elway, Manning, and Brees could all ride off into the sunset after winning rings with Denver.

  9. If Pay-a-ton doesn’t announce it today he’ll do it next Monday, maximizes the attention.

  10. It’s incredible. He should have retired at the press conference right after the Super Bowl. He doesn’t want to let go, and now a bit of the magic is lost.

  11. Peyton should continue playing (for another team, preferable a crappy one).
    Then , when he has a truly dismal season, a lot worse than this, that see’s him benched for a bad back up QB, he’ll be forced to retire, because no one will take him.

    Then he can tarnish his legacy.

  12. Nobody has a clue as to what may be going on behind the scenes. For one thing I don’t blame Peyton for not making a media appearance after all the negative publicity during the last few weeks. It’s a joke for anyone to say “we’re going to give Peyton all the time he needs to enjoy this win”. I’m just a regular fan, and regular person. But I know people. I played high school sports and a little in college, and am now retired from a job I held for over 35 years. So I know a little bit..just a little bit about how he’s feeling, but then really don’t have a clue. Everyone should lay off Peyton and stop saying what Peyton should do.
    Give him a break. He was just pushed out of his job when John Elway fired Coach Fox and brought in Coach Kubiak and totally changed the offense that Peyton had played his entire career. This was done when he was injured and less mobile than ever. So Peyton knew it. I noticed it. Everyone who knows football knew it.
    All great players have egos. That goes with being a great playet, especially his position..qb. Elway should know that better than anyone.

  13. Since Peyton threw twice as many TDs as Brady in the 2nd biggest game of the year, the AFCC game, who are we to tell him to retire? Brady hadn’t lost that badly all year. The man has earned the right to continue if he wants to because I promise you Osweiller or any other QB Denver signs will not outscore Brady with all his weapons on the field.

  14. Um, Mr. Condon. Not sure if you are paying attention but Peyton is trying to save his Papa John’s franchises right now, along with his legacy.

  15. Not sure I believe this…

    Of all people, your agent should be the one person you do discuss your options……Without those discussions, you don’t know what avenue makes the best business sense for you to follow…..Retire with release, wait for waiver, retire outright, play another year, etc….

    Its like talking to a lawyer before you file for divorce…..kind of important to understand the options and cost of going specific route.

  16. I’m not a Donkey fan but what Manning is doing is BS… if they lose one of there FA due to his delaying on the decision that he is done…which @ 19mil he is then shame on all of them

  17. If they cut him, doesn’t he get paid?

    I wouldn’t retire either.

    That said…he looks pretty old out there…and yet…he is still better than most of the QBs in the league.

  18. What’s the rush twitterdorks? Plenty of older players wait til just before training camp to decide whether to retire or not and you guys are giving crap to a guy that wants to take more than a couple of weeks to see if he’ll miss it? waa.

    If he was smart, he’d also wait until training camp. By then, after the draft, FA and perhaps a freak injury to an established QB (what if Carson Palmer went down again??), he might have options perfectly suited to what he now is.

  19. … a NFL fan, my main concern is this, after Manning & Brady & Brees retire, who will take their place? I’m not sold on Luck , Newton, & Wilson. The NFL will have a HUGE VOID of super star QB’s.

  20. petedutcherjr says:
    Feb 29, 2016 4:21 PM

    If they cut him, doesn’t he get paid?

    I wouldn’t retire either.

    That said…he looks pretty old out there…and yet…he is still better than most of the QBs in the league.

    He was arguably the worst quarterback in the league last season.

    He was out for six weeks, and he still led the league in interceptions.

  21. It’s hard to believe that someone who thrives on routine, planning, etc., doesnt know what he’s doing. I don’t know what Manning has in mind, or what he’s planned, but he has to be trying to do something here. Otherwise, why delay it and let all this media fly around unchallenged? Maybe he knows a team who will make him QB for a few more years, than let him “mentor” someone…IDK…something is up though. Not as simple as retirement.

    Maybe he wants to be cut before he retires, so if he gets a call in December he can make it happen w/o dealing w/the broncos…hmm…

  22. veddermn8 says:
    Feb 29, 2016 4:47 PM

    Would the L.A. Rams offer him $24mil a year (or some other Godfather offer) to come back to sell more of those crazy seat licenses?


    He doesn’t have anything it takes to get a team to the playoffs, by himself.

    Look at his postseason record when he was in his prime. Not good.

  23. He has to know that the Broncos aren’t going to carry his salary another year and thus he’ll be released. Going to another team just wouldn’t make sense. When it’s time to go, it’s time to go; ask Johnny Unites and Joe Montana if playing another year is worth it!

  24. Peyton could have had a moment for the ages, retiring while hoisting the Lombardi at the conclusion of the Super Bowl.

    But Peyton decided it was more important to shill bad pizza and even worse beer.

    I’ll shed no tears for him if he’s unceremoniously cut for the second time in his career.

  25. Brett Favre 2.0. When he announces his retirement the discussion will immediately shift to what team he’s going to come out of retirement next year and play for.

  26. Is he in that much of a bubble that he thinks he played well last year?

    I can’t imagine a guy with his list of accomplishments (and I’d guess sizable bank account) thinking he should try and put another campaign together that would likely do nothing but tarnish his legacy. You won a SB with significantly diminished skills. Perfect time to hang them up.

    In the mean time, all he does is hold back the franchise who will want to avoid having no serviceable QB at all next year.

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