Adam Jones rules out no team, wants a “good chance of winning”


Tuesday’s interview of Bengals cornerback Adam Jones included a question about where the soon-to-be-free-agent wants to play in 2016. Here’s how he responded.

“I knew you were going to do that to me,” Jones said with a laugh. “I want to play for any team that wants me. I’m a guy that really wants to win. I love the game of football, I’m passionate about it. I study hard, I play hard. There’s not a guy that’s around that’s gonna tell you I don’t study hard, don’t practice hard, don’t play hard. I’m open, man, I don’t have one team that I have to go to this team. I’m pretty much open as long as we got a good chance of winning.”

Interest is high already; Jones admitted that tampering is happen as to him, just like it’s happening as to every other free agent.

“I know there’s a lot of other teams that have been contacting my agent saying that if I don’t get re-signed there is going to be other places I can go,” Jones said.

Per a league source, potentially interested teams include the Dolphins, Raiders, Cowboys, Browns, and Vikings. The Steelers likely aren’t interested in Jones, but he didn’t rule them out.

“I wouldn’t say I wouldn’t play for the Steelers,” Jones said. “I don’t have no problem with the Steelers but that would be hard for me to do that, though. I would prefer to play [for] a team that plays against the Steelers.”

One potential impediment to playing for the Steelers has been resolved. Jones said he has buried the hatchet with receiver Antonio Brown.

“I texted him the other day joking with him,” Jones said. “We’ve had several conversations since he had his little outburst at the Super Bowl, but there’s no hard feelings for A.B., man.”

During that outburst, Brown said he wouldn’t want Jones as a teammate. Maybe Brown has changed his mind. Regardless, it’s a long shot that Jones will end up roughly 80 miles up the road from where he played college football, at West Virginia University in Morgantown.

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  1. Lingsun54, the Steelers likely do not go to Denver without his buffoonery. The more accurate assessment is that Jones cost the Bengals an end to their playoff drought. And it was Burfict, not Jones who concussed Brown.

  2. I can’t see him ending up in Pittsburgh, even though he would help shore up that secondary that needs help. I wouldn’t be shocked to see him walk into a pretty good deal elsewhere, though. Baltimore and Cleveland both could use DBs, and he wants to stay in the AFC North.

  3. SMH at everyone talking trash about Jones. He’s the best return man in the game currently, and he’s a top cornerback as well. Literally any team in the NFL would be fortunate to have him. I just hope he stays in Cincinnati.

  4. Jones did nothing wrong. Joey Porter should be looking for a job after running out on the field picking fights. But, just like the Patriots, Steelers managed to cheat/squeak by just once only to get leveled by Peyton Manning. LOL.

  5. His initial and oh so humble proclamation:
    “..I want to play for any team that wants me…”

    ..comes with one very large condition attached:
    “ long as we got a good chance of winning…”


  6. if he wants to go to a team with a chance of winning, then he needs to call Carolina himself. if he wants to go to a team who’s in need of cornerback play and was a playoff team last year, Washington makes sense. i think he ends up in Miami though. Dallas to me doesnt make sense because they tried him out before and it failed

  7. Any teams chance of winning would be hurt by his boneheaded mistakes and me first attitude.

    I mean, the guy was too much of a problem for Jerry Jones to keep around.

  8. for starters, it was Burfict that knocked out Brown, Jones just helped to make the FG a chip shot. Second, Porter was talking to the refs/checking on Brown when he was pulled into a group of Bengals. Third, no way does his talent negate his character and composure on the field, even for a secondary that need help.

  9. If the Fins get him it could put them on the road to a “bad boy” team provided Vernon gets a contract which is in doubt now.

    I hope they get him just so Jamar Taylor can hit the skids once and for all.

  10. My guess is Zimmer stays away from him. I thought Jones had put his character issues behind him, at least until his actions in that playoff game.

    Some team will take a chance on him, but it won’t be the Vikings.

  11. Jones could agree to play for the league minimum and the Steelers still wouldn’t touch him.

    He’s a talented player, but his emotions get the best of him and the risk is not worth the reward with that guy. If the Bengals were smart they would move on too.

  12. Jones is a good CB/ returner, there is no doubting that. But, he is a hothead and it does get him in trouble somewhat frequently.

    Tebowed: the steelers were already if FG position thanks to burfect. Regardless if porter was on the field, jones still contacted an official, and made the FG a chip shot. He has no one to blame but himself! Coaches are on the field all the time, noneed for jones to get involved!

  13. samoanjungle says:
    Mar 1, 2016 3:41 PM
    Do some of you even watch football? They guy is one of the best CBs and returners in the game.
    According to who? I can’t argue about returning, but the PFF list I saw had him ranked in the high sixties league wide and 8th in his division at DB.

  14. “good chance of winning”

    How bout that? The Vikings were eliminated right in the title! That’s a shame, because he would fit right in with the rest of the criminals on that team.

  15. conormacleod says:
    Mar 1, 2016 3:12 PM
    Let’s see: 5’10”, 180, age 32, and low character.
    Nothing about that says Coach Zim.

    What are you talking about?
    He already employs a child abuser.
    You can’t find a lower character than that.

  16. Dont care for him obviously being a Steelers fan. But thats a good attitude to have. Cant hate on hard work and dedication.

  17. Character or not, I don’t think the Vikes will want him because they’ve got return guys, Zimmer prefers CBs with more height/length, and CB is less of a position of need in free agency than safety, OL and WR.

  18. The Vikings already have their fair share of criminals on that team, but hey, what’s another. The last big FA corner they signed was Fred Smoot so what could possibly go wrong?

  19. He would actually be a good fit for the Patriots but Belichick will give him one year deal like he did with Revis.

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