Bills frustrated with Incognito’s demands


Before the Bills signed guard Richie Incognito, he’d been exiled from the NFL. The Bills took a chance on him, and it paid off.

Now, a year later, it’s time for Incognito to get paid. And that’s creating more than a little friction between player and team.

Per a league source with knowledge of the situation, the Bills think Incognito should give the team that gave him a second chance a break, accepting less than perhaps what he could get elsewhere. The Bills are getting frustrated, we’re told, with Incognito’s refusal to take what they’ll give him.

Frankly, that’s part of the risk the Bills took when signing Incognito. While many were focused on whether Incognito would change his ways, few believed he’d put together a Pro Bowl season and set himself up for a big payday on the open market.

The Bills could have guarded against that by doing a multi-year deal. They didn’t. Now that Incognito has resurrected his career and rehabilitated his image, there’s nothing wrong with the player getting every last penny that he can on the open market.

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  1. Players don’t have many chances to get paid. NFL teams are worth billions. They have no qualms soaking the taxpayers for stadiums, raising ticket prices, or charging $9 for a beer. Why should the players take less?

  2. .
    The Patriots never give a second chance without a second year at the team’s option. It’s standard operating procedure.

    However, you can’t blame Incognito. This is his final payday.

  3. Incognito got a bad wrap in Miami. He was not to blame for a kid who was spoiled and soft.

    He’s a good O-lineman and he’s trying to recoup the monies he lost. I can’t blame him for that.

  4. The greatest thing to make heads explode would be if he signed with Miami. Then they could sign Martin and make heads totally explode.

  5. Incognito: “I deserve to be paid what the open market will bear out.”

    Bills: “But, but, we helped resurrect your career and your image. Doesn’t that entitle us to a discount?”

    Incognito: “So let me get this straight, since I can make $7 mil with team X, you think I should play for $5 mil just because you gave me a second chance? See ya later bye.”

  6. Look, you all can argue that he’s not that great, and that he’s a turd (both true IMO), but the fact is he is coming off a very good year and doesn’t owe the Bills anything beyond verbal thanks.

  7. He isn’t great but he better than most on the current FA market.

    While, I typically side with the team when the players start talking about holding out as they are under contract, I firmly believe that they should get what they think is fair when it comes to signing a new contract because we all know that the team will hold them to that contract and bitch if the player feels that the team should give them a bump for their performance.

    You can’t have it both ways.

  8. The Bills took little risk. It was a 1 year, below market contract.
    They could have paid him a little more, and added an unguaranteed year or two in addition. They chose not it.
    Their decision, live with the consequences.

    1 year redemption / prove it deals are common.

  9. The guy probably doesn’t have a lot of years left so it’s hard to fault him for getting as much money as he can. It’s not like the Bills are going to the Super Bowl anyway. He could probably go to a team that has a chance to go somewhere. It’s hard to blame him for that.

  10. There’s nothing wrong with him wanting to get paid until the slimy media rats decide what he should get then they turn on him and demonize him for being greedy.

  11. You need to pay the man or let him go. He has expenses….and sports cars to batter

  12. ……….The Bills gave him a 1 year deal and he played WAY ABOVE the value they got. It was a win-win deal. End of story. It’s now a new NFL year and if they want to keep him they have to offer fair market value . Is this really that hard for the Bills to understand this?

  13. Good for Richie.

    If he played like a dog last year, they would have cut his butt. But he played well, and business is business.

    The market is what it is. The Bills got a discount last year because they took a chance. Hey, good for them. But that time has passed.

    Time to pay for services rendered.

  14. If your Incognito you also have to think about life after football, maybe taking a little less now and enduring yourself to a blue collar city that appreciate the type of attitude and style of play Ritchie brings could get him involved in the community ,beloved by the fans and set himself up for paydays to return to Buffalo as an Alumni. As of right now, none of his previous NFL stops will be inviting him back when his career is over. But that might not matter to him ,so go get paid by the highest bidder for your services.

  15. I’m a Bills fan mind you, Whaley/Brandon…… Delusional!!!! This is the last big contract Richie can get. So he’s just going to take less money because we gave him a chance? Nobody would do that if you know more money is somewhere else. We’ve heard former general managers and coaches laugh at the notion of a hometown discount. But our management team actually believed we were going to get one! LOL!!!!!!!

  16. Yes. Because the Bills did so good with that worthless sack on the team.

    That he was EVEN on the team suggests the BiLL’s are throwing darts at the board…

  17. The Bills lack of foresight and poor cap management are not Incognito’s problem. Hate to see him go but he deserves to get paid what he’s worth.

  18. Knowing his history, I wouldn’t pay him big money to potentially show his true colors again and destroy the locker room. Guaranteed dollars will make this guy comfortable enough to be himself again.

  19. I have no problem with him trying to get paid. He played the game their way and won it. Now it’s time to cash in.

  20. As a general rule, I tend to side with the team on matters concerning contracts. However, there is absolutely nothing wrong with Ritchie wanting to get paid. He played out the contract that he signed, they could have signed him to multi-year contract, if they want to keep him, pay him more than another team will.

  21. Just to make sure I understand this, the Bills brought in Incognito because they needed a mauler at guard and he came cheap because he’s an idiot, not because they felt that he deserved a second chance for being such a great guy. Now that the Bills have taken full advantage of that idiot discount and the NFL was reminded that despite being an idiot Incognito can also play the position well, Buffalo thinks that they should be given an additional discount.

    The salary cap is $155 million, gentleman. If you won’t pay him, someone else will.

  22. I don’t remember watching the Bills in the playoffs last year, so Richie doesn’t really play a key position. The Bills might want to spend the money more wisely, plus this guy isn’t just all of the sudden going to turn into a good dude. He can only keep the lid on it so long. Obviously he knows that, and that’s why he’s anxious to get all the money he can right now. A big payday is probably all that’s necessary to bring out the worst in him.

  23. Wasn’t that good with the Rams, wasn’t that good with the Fins, not that good with the Bills. What few fans remember Incognito in ten years will remember the bullying and the personal fouls and nothing else.

  24. Vikings should take him on a three year deal and reunite him with Tony Sparano. He’ll keep him in line as the offensive line coach.

  25. Bills “fans” cant be bothered posting comments on Bills related stories, they are too busy posting whiney comments on the Patriots stories…

  26. Never thot I’d be in agreement with this guy on anything – but Alas. A whole yr without an NFL check, he should get paid as much as the market will bear. ————————————————————————————————————-
    Not to mention, but at this point it’s safe to say Ted Wells certainly embellished (not the Richie was innocent) the questionable behavior.

  27. Incognito isn’t a saint, but he was almost thrown out of the NFL thanks to a Wells Report. We know how credible those are. He was always a mauler, just kind of a looney. The bills took a risk signing him to a one year deal and it worked for them, he doesn’t owe them anything though for taking a chance on him. He shouldn’t have ever been in the situation in the first place, I am sure he’s grateful to Buffalo for this but that doesn’t mean he needs to forgo future earnings on a contract because he was put in a place he never should have been in the first place. If the Bills want to be mad at someone it’s Goodell, Martin and Wells…

  28. ( . Y . ) says:
    Mar 1, 2016 10:53 AM

    Bills “fans” cant be bothered posting comments on Bills related stories, they are too busy posting whiney comments on the Patriots stories…
    The pot calling the kettle black

  29. Since everybody is so well versed in structuring contracts, can you all tell me where the hang-up is? Is it money, or is it term, the 2 most important things in a players contract. I’m going to say it’s term, and if Richie thinks the Bills owe him more than a 3 year deal, he’s off his rocker.

  30. Since the Bills don’t like Incognito’s legit salary demands, they can sign that lying sack of crap, eye liner-pantyhose wearing Jonathan Martin who defamed Incognito.

  31. corporatemediaprostitute says:
    Mar 1, 2016 10:28 AM

    If there’s any NFL city likely to give Incognito the Bigot’s Discount, it’s Buffalo.
    Let me educate you on that: In the lockerroom banter, no holds were barred. Soft, drug-addled and allegedly suicidal mama’s boy Martin, his family and his lawyer release a single text and started playing the race card –

    They were not thinking that in exasperation, Incog would release all the texts on his phone, which certainly didn’t serve him well, but demonstrated that this was an isolated text and in fact, Martin was more abusive, sicker and threatening than he was. Team Martin sure didn’t expect that. LOL

    Incog was the scapegoat for a crybaby who could give it out but not take the normal rough culture of an NFL locker room.

  32. kissmytaintpatriotswinagain says:
    Mar 1, 2016 10:29 AM
    He played at well below market value last year. The Bills already got their break, now PAY the man

    This guy just said it all.

  33. The only time I would side with the Bills on this is if their offer was the same as another team’s. Then yes…show some gratitude and stay in Buffalo. But since they likely won’t come close, then get what you can Richie.

  34. Sure the Bills gave him a chance to play but Richie held up his end of the bargain when he performed at a high level last year.

  35. The Bills took the flyer on Incognito for one year “prove it” and it worked out….He played better than was expected and showed he has value. The “flyer” was not to get a home town discount, but rather that they now have the right to negotiate, franchise, etc…….while other teams have to wait for FA. That’s what they got when they signed him.

    Once the season was well underway, why not negotiate a long term deal? Frustration is self inflicted.

  36. The scariest thing about Incognito to me were all the texts that came out that showed what he thinks of women. Pretty terrible stuff. It wouldn’t be that much of a loss for the Bills. Better to let him go.

  37. Sorry, I can’t feel sorry for teams in situations like this. These are the same front office guys who ask players if their mom is hot during the combine and then will cut him the instant it’s in their best interests to do so. They treat guys like cogs in the machine because it’s a business. Well, paying guys is part of a business, too.

  38. Buffalo paid Incognito $1.1M, not much over the veteran minimum, when they had the leverage and got a pro bowl caliber year out of him. Now he has the leverage and they are ‘frustrated’ and feel he should give them a break? No doubt from where he sits they already got one.

    Can’t see where getting this out there to frame the dialogue in the media is going to help them any in negotiations with Incognito, in fact probably the opposite. The media, league office and general public rode him hard and put him away wet once already. It is doubtful he gives a rat’s azz how he gets portrayed at this point and if that’s the case no one should blame him

  39. Wait until he gets paid, he will be back to his old tricks. Leopard can’t change its spots.

  40. I agree with what everyone said, well done.
    However, he still needs to fix his Ferrari that he took a bat to, so pay the man! 🙂

  41. dawsonleery says:
    Mar 1, 2016 10:24 AM
    Bills can’t even afford a happy meal. Horrible cap management in Buffalo.
    Exactly, they’re cap strapped and have no QB.

    What a mess.

  42. You snooze you lose.

    If he had even the smallest issue last year they would have cut him. If he had a career ending injury they would not have thought twice about giving him a contract for $1.

    Bad GM. Should have signed him for one year, with one or two “team friendly” team options. He probably would have taken it to get back in the league. At that point hardly anyone wanted anything to do with him.

    But today is a new day.

  43. Yeah, you’re really tied into the Bills.

    You’ve been wrong on everything else.

  44. The point is Richie incognito would still be sitting without the Buffalo Bills bringing him back so he does owe them. Hey Richie don’t bite the hand that feed you

  45. This is hilarious. What other team in the NFL is going to pay this man more than what Buffalo is offering? While I will admit o do not know what is offered, I do know what to expect. Richie will be 33 in July. While he had a stellar year, he was DOMINATED by Fletcher Cox, he even admitted as such. He has a reputation for losing his cool. Great, he had a pro-bowl year, so did Tyrod Taylor, but the same people screaming “pay the man” are the same saying Tyrod sucks. Also, please give me some example of other teams in the same situation, since you chastised the Bills for not offering a multi-year deal. If I recall, atleast 30 other teams had no interest in Incognito, so instead of collecting nothing, he was given a shot. Does he deserve a raise? Sure. But as far as I’m concerned, if it’s not team friendly, then don’t let the door hit ya where the good lord split ya.

  46. At this guy’s age, you can’t “resurrect” a career. You can only play well enough to get another little payday. If he’s expecting more than a couple years with little guaranteed money then he doesn’t know how the league works.

  47. 6ball says:
    Mar 1, 2016 10:12 AM
    The Patriots never give a second chance without a second year at the team’s option. It’s standard operating procedure.

    However, you can’t blame Incognito. This is his final payday.
    What does this have to do with the Patriots? I’m a Patriots fan and don’t see it.

    Incognito worked on the cheap to restore his reputation and has every right now to ask for fair market value. It’s not a big deal. Either he reaches an agreement with the team or decides to move on. It’s a business deal.

  48. Monies paid for services rendered ! He played above and beyond the old contract and now he deserves a better one! Pretty simple! Supply and demand in a capitalist system!

  49. First off Incognito, should have never been exiled, “black balled” from the NFL. The Bills did the right thing by signing him, at “very modest” one year contract, Incognito did the right thing by keeping himself out of trouble with the media and regaining his Pro Bowl caliber status as one of the best Guards in the NFL. Now it’s time for Incognito to be paid what he deserves. He will never recover the money lost in Miami, or the season out of football, but does deserve to be paid at the level he performed going forward. Perhaps a 2 year contract with an option to renew for another, at the going rate for a PFF #2 ranked LG. The BILLS already got the “Home Town” discount last season and never should have let him get away in the past, don’t let him get away again. Sign the man. LET’S GO BUFFALO!!!

  50. I don’t blame him, that was a load of rubbish in Miami with Jonathon Martin, a complete looser and no longer in the NFL because he’s a wimp. Give Richie the money, or send him back to Miami, where he never should have left.

  51. His true colors are showing we got rid of Williams now we got to get rid of this ungrateful bastard good riddance not that good anyways overrated

  52. Let’s all see what changed on the bills Oline from 2014 when they were horrible. LT. Same. Center same RG Miller who is as bad as the 2014 RG. RT same. Only difference ? LG. Incognito. 6.5 yards per carry running behind him. Highest ypc since the NFL has been keeping track for that position. # 1 rushing team in the NFL.

    Pay the man because without this one link the rest of the old rusty chain remaining is going to break.

  53. Of the 6 pro bowl guards voted in (not replacements) the average cap hit for their contracts was 5.5 million dollars. That includes 2 guys still playing under rookie contracts. They still made over 2 million.

    Incognito made 1.5 million including his incentives and performance bonuses.

    I’d say Buffalo got their discount up front.

  54. This is like when Seahawks fans whined that Russell Wilson wasn’t going to sign a 5 year / $25M deal to be their QB.

  55. Rexy gonna be looking for a new job this time next year…maybe he can be a D coordinator in Canada. Least it’ll cut down on his moving expenses.

  56. Name a team since high school that Incognito was on good terms with.

    He is high maintenance.

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