Bradford getting healthy signing bonus, guarantees


Quarterback Sam Bradford is staying with the Eagles, and he’s getting paid handsomely to do so.

The two-year deal Bradford signed Tuesday is worth $35 million, $26 million guaranteed.

Initial reports about Bradford’s new contract didn’t include many salary details, but Andrew Brandt of ESPN and Tom Pelissero of USA Today have since reported some big numbers from Bradford’s new contract. Per Brandt, Bradford gets $22 million fully guaranteed upon signing. With his signing bonus, he’ll make $18 million this year and could make as much as $20 million in 2016 with playoff wins.

Per their tweets, Bradford gets a signing bonus of $11 million, has a $7 million base salary for 2016 and has a $4 million roster bonus due in March 2017. His base salary for 2017 is $13 million.

Bradford is guaranteed $4 million in 2017, even if the Eagles don’t pay the roster bonus. Cutting him before 2017 would leave the Eagles with $9.5 million in dead money on their 2017 salary cap.

Bradford will carry a $12.5 million cap number for the Eagles in 2016.

73 responses to “Bradford getting healthy signing bonus, guarantees

  1. This kid is to quarterbacks what Jeff Fisher is to Coaches. They both keep getting chances and contract extensions and nobody is sure why.

  2. He is mediocre as it gets.

    Meanwhile New England has set the standard and shattered the mold with Tom Brady going for his fifth ring next year.

    Thank god I’m a Patriots fan.

    We play with integrity and everyone wants to take pay cuts to play with us.

    We should have won the ring last year but Roger cheated us out of one.

    The deflategate tour continues.


  4. This deal is a no-brainer for the Eagles. Yes, they had to guarantee a lot, but that’s always going to be the deal when you get a starting QB on a two year deal. His cap hit now 12.5 mil instead of say, 20 million. They now have the flexibility to draft and develop a QB for the future while having a mid-term starter in place for two. These Cowboys trolls are just scared out here.

  5. $26 million guaranteed for an injury prone QB, with a career record of 25-37-1 and a TD/fumble ratio of 2/1…?

    Wow. Guess you don’t have to be talented to make the big $$$ these days in the NFL. Apparently all you have to do is show up.

  6. Sheeezam! I am impressed! For a guy that has done nothing, he is a human ATM machine! Wasn’t his rookie contract guaranteed for $50M? Wow! Typical Eagles move. Won’t you ever learn?

  7. Good for him. He and his teammates will be on the couch watching the playoffs every year. But good for him.

  8. who’s worse?

    bradford – no winning season
    manziel – no winning season; off field issues
    griffin – no winning season as starting qb


  9. I’m loving the “Bradford and healthy?! Never!” type comments. This was one of his healthier seasons and started 14 games. If the second game he missed wasn’t the thanksgiving game then he probably would’ve started 15 games (since having 4 days after a game isn’t a good rest period).

    He finished the year strong and had many teammates campaigning for his return. I’m not thrilled with the money given but he can certainly build on his late season success and chemistry.

  10. a1b24312 says:
    Mar 1, 2016 8:28 PM
    who’s worse?

    bradford – no winning season
    manziel – no winning season; off field issues
    griffin – no winning season as starting qb



    I believe RG3 had a winning season & won the division his 1st or 2nd year. Remember the RGKnee game in the playoffs?

    And I don’t like the skins, but I hate misinformation even more.

  11. If Romo is healthy the boys should win the east; the skins will be at least as good as they were last year and the giants cant help but be better assuming they add a couple of average defenders. Basically, the eagles are throwing their money away on bradford.

  12. You mean to tell me the Eagles couldn’t have waited until free agency started to see what other BETTER QB’s were available? Bradford wouldn’t have been picked by ANY OTHER team as their starter.

    As I keep hearing from Adam Schein, Bradford is bigfoot. You hear a lot about him, but never really see him.

  13. It’s a win-win for both parties. The guy set franchise records in both completions(346) and completion percentage(65%) in his first year with the organization. He got exponentially better as the season progressed. What he was able to do with Ertz was nothing short of incredible. His teammates speak extremely high of him as their leader. At only a 12.5 mil cap hit, I’d say that’s pretty cheap. I’m glad we got the deal done. We will own this division once again…

  14. Tebow has literally had more success and they could have got him for the minimum.

  15. 2 year stop gap till lynch is up to speed. Could be worse it could be butt fumble Sanchez.

  16. Good signing. All of his teammates wanted him back. They know more than most of the lemmings commenting on this article.

  17. Insane. Do the same thing over and over expecting a different result.

    They pay Bradford as if he had the most badass nfl qb resume ever. Such as 6x sb rings, pro bowl every frigging year, passing records shattered weekly, yet this dude can’t even get a smell of the playoffs. Is this desperation or just pure insanity.

    One thing is for sure bradfords agent should get in the nfl hof. This k is unbelievable!

  18. To all those mocking/complaining about this deal, what the hell else were the Eagles supposed to do? Go into the season with Sanchez as the starter, or Chase freaking Daniel, or a rookie to be named later?

    As a fan, I’m okay with this. Of course they won’t go to the Stupor Bowl this season, but they should be competitive in the division with a chance to play meaningful games late in the year. To me, that’s worth $12.5 million dollars against the cap.

    Again, what else were they supposed to do?

  19. Is everyone who comments on this site dumb or just trolls? This is a fair deal for both parties. Cousins is making 20M this year for a mediocre season. I’ll take 7M less on the cap this year

  20. These are the kind of guys who have stolen so much money in their career that you want them to just get the eff out of the league and open up an opportunity for a young QB who can actually play. Except that there aren’t enough young QBs who can do any better, so guys like Bradford keep hanging around.

  21. What’s worse? This new Bradford deal or the $10 mil Josh McCown signed for in Tampa.

    These salaries are getting ignorant.

  22. to all the eagles haters out there…

    who else was the eagles qb option ? unfortunately Bradford is the best option, like it or not.

  23. I’m perfectly content with Cousins and the tag if this was the other option. Cousins is playing better now than any other in the East. He can only get better with an offseason as a starter.

  24. I would say Bradford has had a worse career than RG3 yet teams throw money at Sam. This ensures the Eagles don’t make the playoffs

  25. I don’t get the negativity here. The fact is there are not better options available. The best of the rookie QB class played at a division one AA school. There are no good free agents available. Unless you’re going to bring in Peyton Manning, this is a no-brainer. That is, unless you want to flush at least 2 to 3 years down the toilet. Bradford’s upside warrants this deal.

  26. Super smart especially to do a 2 year contract. The team was going to have a worse qb situation this year without him.

  27. He beat Brady at home. That carries a lot of weight in QB contract negotiations.

  28. Sometimes I hate being an Eagles fan. I don’t know what’s worse, the move or the fact that people like this move?

    Bradford is crap, period.
    Injury prone- guy gets hurt if you look at him funny.
    Not accurate- I don’t care what the comp % says, watch the games rarely hits guys in stride. How many times did he throw that stupid wheel route behind his RB?
    Doesn’t throw downfield- one of the lowest YPA in the history of the NFL. Alex Smith throws downfield more.
    Losing record- guy has never won more than 7 games. He’s been on crap teams but good QBs elevate their team, Bradford’s never done that.
    Crap deal- if he didn’t become a FA it’s because the market wasn’t there. The Eagles negotiated against themselves.

    Add it up and the Eagles just overpaid for an inaccurate, dink & dunk, injury-prone, loser of a QB.

    And if I hear one more fan talk about “potential”, I may lose it. The guy is what he is, he’s been in the league 6 years, if he hasn’t reached his potential by now, he never will.

  29. Six year career, $100 million earned, 63 games played. That’s serious cheese for 14,000 yards and 80 TDs. Supreme being bless him!

  30. This is gotta be the dumbest organization I have ever seen.. bradford isn’t a proven QB at all.. He is hurt every year..I would of gave him a contract based on production if he threw this many tds you get $$$ If you get to the playoffs you get $$$ if you play this many games you get $$$ and so on.. big mistake by the eagles..this guy has never even got his team to the playoffs in his whole career.. make him earn the money.. he just worked the Eagles over I’m sorry…

  31. Remember when all the eagle fan trolls were crying about how much Romo got paid??? I think Romo should ask for a raise after seeing this average (at best) QB make bank!!!

  32. Never has someone who has done so little received so much. The Eagles are nuts.

  33. Think about this………….

    With Jeff Fisher, the Rams had one of the worse offensive lines for the last 6 years; And no running game. So how was Bradford going to flourish with those two things going on??


    He goes to gimmick coach Chip Kelly who ran an offense that wasn’t a right fit for Bradford from the start. Bradford is a drop back passer period. Not an option running QB.

    With those two things in mind, how can actually evaluate Bradford when he hasn’t had a legit team or /and offense around him? Exactly.

    This will be the first time that Bradford will have a “normal” situation offense and a decent offensive line in his career. I think he’s going to be alright.

  34. If Bradford is as good as some of you think and was building an amazing rapport with the team and was setting all of these franchise records then why on earth did they fire the coach? He set those records in a system that’s no longer employed.

    Now he’s gotta learn a new system which means a building year. After this season if he doesn’t get it or (more likely) doesn’t stay healthy then they’ve got to cut bait and find someone else. All while carrying 10 million in dead money. There’s a reason you weren’t successful with Howie Roseman and it had nothing to do with Chip.

    Philly fans are quietly becoming Cubs fans. “There’s always next year!!!!”

  35. Its probably a reasonable stop gap move for teh Eagles, as thats the going rate for a Tier 2 QB.

    Are there any QBs worth drafting this year that will still be on the board when the Eagles pick? IS it worth trading up? If the Eagles draft another Kevin Kolb they will have 2 years to find out before Bradfords contract is up, then they have to draft another QB again.

  36. @Pftsliberalagenda says:
    Mar 1, 2016 8:13 PM

    Haha and the cousins deal all of a sudden sounds a whole lot better
    2016 Cap hit for Bradford is $7MM < than cap hit for Cousins. The jury is still out Captain Kirk. Remember when RGIII won the NFC East…as Yogi would say…deja vu all over again for Washington.

  37. Let me put this min terms Philly can understand.

    Bradford=Igudola. Here comes 7-9 and 8-8. OK team that wins nothing and middle of the road draft picks that don’t help you get better.

    Bradford had some decent numbers in chip’s inflated offense. now he has to go back to a real offense and he has already proven that he stinks in reading defenses and making real time football decisions. His yr will no doubt be worse without the wide open dink and dunk yards after the catch Kelly offense. Plus he is a huge injury risk.

    Contract looks like 1 yr for 26 million and then he gets cuts or two yrs at 18 million. either way lot of coin for a mediocre player.

  38. jonwill57 says:
    Mar 2, 2016 9:05 AM

    2016 Cap hit for Bradford is $7MM < than cap hit for Cousins. The jury is still out Captain Kirk. Remember when RGIII won the NFC East…as Yogi would say…deja vu all over again for Washington.


    Bradford has a 12.5 mill cap hit for 2016, 22.5 mill cap hit for 2017. 9.5 mill in dead money if they cut him after this year.

    It is still less than Cousins this year but he'll count more than Cousins next year.

  39. I take it back, Washington fans. If oft injured Sam Bradford is worth $18 mil a year, $13 mil avg guaranteed, then I’m okay with Cousins getting $20 mil.

  40. Funny to use healthy in title. I heard today that among his peer QB that came in the league together.
    He ranks over 20 in everything but INT ratio.

  41. Well folks, here’s how you can look at it. For all those of you that survive off of or support social programs, this guys taxes picks up a lot of those bills.

    Also, think of it this way, Leo DeCaprio got paid twice as much to crawl around in the snow and growl for a couple months. Oh, and the bear wasn’t real.

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