Marshawn Lynch is riding a camel because Marshawn Lynch

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Marshawn Lynch is taking Beast Mode to a new, and more literal meaning.

The Seahawks posted a video of the retired running back riding a camel in Egypt this week, because I went to journalism school for four years and change to write that sentence.

“We ghost-riding the camel right now, you feel me?” Lynch said, because what else would he say, really?

Lynch is in Cairo for the American Football Without Barriers camp, which he participated in when it went to Turkey last year. So it appears he’s having a good time with himself, while the camel looks like he’s just there so he doesn’t get fined.

Lynch’s retirement leaves Adrian Peterson as the only remaining camel-riding running back in the NFL, after Peterson got the hump out of his back at his own birthday party last year.

9 responses to “Marshawn Lynch is riding a camel because Marshawn Lynch

  1. You went to journalism school? Four years? There is actually such a thing as journalism school? The header makes no sense. Proof read it. Also, auto correct will not place the proper word for you and spell check will not correct or notice it. Proof read.

  2. One of the things to look forward to for most of us for this next upcoming season was no more stories about a guy that hasn’t been worth talking about for close to a couple of years now. And the. You go a ruin it

  3. lol looks like he is having a good time. Also, please don’t link the seahawks page, I feel dirty now. #GoNiners

  4. Seattle fans are disappointed in him. They’d rather see him riding a goat.

  5. Darin Gantt, your professor(s), if you really had any, have got to be cringing while reading your poor example of writing.
    This looks like a last minute paper handed in by a junior high student.

  6. “Seattle fans are disappointed in him. They’d rather see him riding a goat.”

    Nah, they’d rather see him riding a Bronco or a Panther or a Ram into the end zone.

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