NFL expects no changes to catch rule this year


If you were hoping the confusion over what constitutes a catch would see some clarity this offseason, your hopes are likely to be dashed.

NFL V.P. of Officiating Dean Blandino said he thinks this offseason will be about further explaining to players, coaches, officials, reporters and fans what the current rules are, and not changing those rules.

“Nothing has been finalized, but my sense is that there will be no change to the rule or tweak of the language,” Blandino said in an email to NFL Media. “We will certainly continue to use video to educate in this area.”

The NFL put together a catch rule committee to explore the rule and propose changes, but it appears that no significant changes are coming. If you didn’t know what a catch was last season, you probably won’t know this season, either.

35 responses to “NFL expects no changes to catch rule this year

  1. Great. Another season of games decided by vague interpretations of “rules” by people who have never played in OR officiated a game. The slide down the slippery slope continues. Please fire Blandino.

  2. NFL is a joke. Just make things up as they go along. They wanted Detroit to lose so they make up rules. When Detroit plays by the rules then they give the other team extra downs to perform as many hail marys as needed to score. NFL is a joke.

  3. Typical NFL!! Nobody really knows what is, or is not a catch, but that’s not important. Important thing is to give ol carrot top a huge raise, so everyone can continue this masquerade called NFL management. If nobody know the rules, nobody can challenge current incompetence.

  4. How hard can this be? NFL always tries to make things more difficult than it should be. How about this idea? Want more scoring and less controversy, how about do like college football and only need one foot in bounds?

  5. In order to change a rule, you need one to begin with, and I’m not sure they have.

  6. how can they not change the rule so it’s clear what is a catch or not. I still say that the Panthers was robbed in the SB.

  7. And this why the NFL needs to clean house, Goodell is making the owners tons of money now, but slowing killing the game. Mark Cuban was right.

  8. Preserving plenty of latitude for interpretation here seems to go against the grain of integrity.

  9. The fact that the refs can’t even consistently rule what is and isn’t a catch just highlights how this needs to be reviewed.

  10. Goody. Another year of waffling, wrong calls and unnecessary video review delays.

  11. It’s bad enough that the rule is bad. What’s far worse is the lack of consistency.

    Literally, from play to play, you have no clue what the refs will call. Never mind game to game. Ask any player, all they want is consistency.

    Mike Carey made himself look like a fool this year, not because he doesn’t know the rule (he does), but because he had no way of knowing how his fellow refs would call it.

    I swear, sometimes I think they go under the tent and spin a game show wheel. Is it a catch? Who knows, who cares! Let the Wheel of Random Catch Ruling decide!

  12. Sure, video instruction. The way things are you can show a play and explain why it is not a catch, and then show the same play and explain why it IS a catch.

  13. I have been able to recognize the non-catches before the official comes back and confirms my observations. Just because a handful of fans wish their guy had made a catch doesn’t mean the rule needs to be changed.

    Why not try learning the rule? Why not start there? You might enjoy the game more.

  14. mazenblue says:
    Mar 1, 2016 7:25 AM

    NFL is a joke. Just make things up as they go along. They wanted Detroit to lose so they make up rules. When Detroit plays by the rules then they give the other team extra downs to perform as many hail marys as needed to score. NFL is a joke.

    Detroit has been losing since the Fords bought thm in the 60s. Don’t blame the rules.

  15. Initially I thought it was ironic that Goodell would poat with the handle “stellar performance”. Then i realized it actually wasn’t Goodell, there wasn’t enough misspellings and poor grammar.

  16. Combine the randomness of the “catch rule” with the insanity of how PI is called I’d just tell my receivers to find someone to bump into on every play. You’ll more often than not get at least 5 yards and an automatic 1st down.

  17. truthinesshurts says:
    Mar 1, 2016 8:57 AM

    In November, Goodell said they were going to review the catch rule verbiage. Liar.

    No. They formed a committee and reviewed it and said “Yup, that’s vague enough.”

  18. This really isn’t as big of a problem as people like to make it out to be. Can the rule be tweaked a little? Maybe.. but there is no logical rule change you can make that ever makes that Dez play a catch. People are going to be unhappy no matter what they do.

  19. NFL shoots self in foot 25 times. Proceeds to move the other foot into line of fire.

  20. The current rule is easy to understand. When they review a catch, I know what the outcome is going to be each time. It’s not as difficult as everyone is making this out to be.

  21. Rule seems to work in my teams favor as much as it doesn’t.

    Simple answer Is the nfl cant admit fault bc they have no clue how to resolve it.

    Game is flawed and wont last forever

  22. Let the popularity of the player/team fill in the grey area of the ruling. Much like the NBA does with their star players.

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